The Voice 6 Top 3 Power Rankings

Whelp, here we are. In only a few weeks, we went from having 20 contestants, and now there are 3. Below are my final power rankings of the season. Please peruse and as always, share your own power rankings below. Hope you guys enjoyed my rankings this season!

3 – Jake Worthington (Blake)- Oh gosh, I hope this is where he ends up placing. Not much else to say about him here. I don’t know how in the seven hells his Heaven cover managed to beat Josh last week, but the finale is cumulative and I think (and pray), that this is the furthest he will go.

2 – Christina Grimmie (Adam)- It is going to come down to Christina and Josh and at the moment, I have to give it to Josh. Christina has done a remarkable job this season, but compared to Josh, his covers have sold much better and in the end, thats what will really matter. Since the finale is cumulative, Josh had more songs reach the top 10 for the bonus and I think has a ton more votes banked then Christina. Christina needs to have a Over You by Cassadee Pope moment that shoots to number one on itunes if she wants to win.

1- Josh Kaufman (Usher)- And now we get to Josh. Josh has been consistently great and has been leading the votes most of the time. His songs have usually been the best selling and has given some really incredible performances. For me, at the moment, the season is his to lose. Christina does have an unlikely chance of passing him but I don’t see it happening. Josh will be the well deserving winner of this season is my official prediction.

So thats everything then! Once again, thank you so much if at any point you took your time to read my rankings. Also, don’t forget to join me tonight at 8 to see how everything goes down! This is Adam signing off…

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