The Voice 6 – Battle Rounds Pt 2 #3 – Live Blog and Performance Videos

It’s the final night of The Voice Battle Rounds Part 2. Join me while we live blog the Top 20 reveal!

Hey guys! We have an epic final night of battles ahead of us! Tonight, fan favorites like Bria Kelly, Madilyn Paige and Clarissa Serna will compete to see who will advance to the playoffs! Join me as we see who can rise to the occasion and who deserves a spot in the playoffs.

After a quick recap from coaches Adam, Usher, Blake and Shakira, Blake still has one steal left. Who will he use it on? We shall find out tonight. First pairing of the night is-

Clarissa Serna VS. Dani Moz from Team Shakira
First pairing of the night! Clarissa was a huge standout from the blind auditions, Dani needs to step it up if she wants to advance. After watching their battle rounds on video, the pair decide to battle on Perfect, by Pink. I would have gone with Edge of Glory or Catch My Breath, but the Pink song is still really epic. They both sound amazing in rehearsals, but I have a feeling in my gut we might have another Holly Henry like moment. Clarissa is Shakira’s best bet at winning the season, while Dani seems like fodder. Lets see how this battle goes…
WOW these ladies are singing their faces off! What an even pairing…. Dani is really surprising me with her confidence and is killing her parts, but so is Clarissa. I don’t know how this result will go down…. someone will be robbed either way.
Dani wins the battle and continues on Team Shakira. I can’t disagree with this outcome. I just wish Blake had stolen Clarissa, but we all know he wouldn’t use it so early in the show.
I guess this is our Holly Henry moment of the season.

Kat Perkins VS. Dawn and Hawkes from Team Adam.
D&H are another battle round standout and one of my favorites. Kat is also a favorite with a huge voice. I’m not sure about this pairing. Again someone will end up robbed regardless of the outcome. The three eventually decide on Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall I like this song, but I think it caters more to D&H who have two voices against Kat’s one. I don’t know. Lets see how this battle goes.
D&H are singing to each other and Kat is singing the heck out of this song.  Kat is out singing D&H. My eyes are drawn to her more than the duo, which says something. Personally, I’d go with D&H, but I think Kat won that.
Kat wins the battle and continues on Team Adam. I sadly agree with this result. I would tell Blake to use the steal, but I think he should save it for the inevitable Bria VS. Madilyn matchup coming up later.

Music Box VS. Melissa Jimenez from Team Usher.
This pairing could go a few ways. The pair decide on Girl on Fire, by Alicia Keys, which I think is the right decision of the possible song choices. This is gonna be a scream fest, lets see who will deliver…
Can’t lie, every time I hear this song my head keeps going GIRL ON FIYAH! Anyway, MB is getting a little shouty at times. Melissa is showing more finesse and power. They end up belting the high notes, but the ending bit was beautiful. I’d go with Melissa because she is easy on the eyes, and was able to go for the belty notes without seeming shouty. Also, she looks like a star and had more moments. MB was equally solid on her vocals. I don’t know how this is going to go to be honest.
Melissa wins the battle and continues on Team Usher. I agree, she has so much potential. Sadly, Music Box doesn’t get the steal.

Kaleigh Glanton VS. Ryan Maloney From Team Usher
Kaleigh was another audition standout and I think definitely has the edge in this pairing. The two decide on Easy, by Rascal Flats, which is a song outside of both of their genres. In rehearsals, both are showing a ton of emotion and strength in their vocals. Kaleigh shined a little more, in my opinion, but lets see how it all goes down.
I loved this battle! Both shove their everything into every nook and cranny of this song and the result is beautiful and tender. I love Kaleigh’s tone. I’d go with her.
Ryan wins the battle and continues on Team Blake. Am I the only one who thinks Kaleigh looks like Cassadee Pope? Regardless, she unfortunately doesn’t get a steal. I think she was robbed, honestly.

Jake Barker VS. Brittnee Camelle from Team Adam
They are doing Climax by Usher. I’m unfamiliar with this song, but Chris warns Jake about his confidence and Adam does the same with Brittnee. Not my favorite pairing of the night, I think they both are fodder, but lets see how this goes down…
Jake was rough on that opening falsetto and and even more so further into the song. Ouch, his notes actually hurt for a moment. Brittnee is singing circles around him. Brittnee’s glory note was money and Jake continued to struggle. This one seems pretty open and shut to me. Jake wins the battle and continues on Team Adam. Um…. no comment. I’m floored.

Bria Kelly VS. Madilyn Paige from Team Usher
Well there is one last pairing with one steal left still in play so…….
I love both of these girls! They are my personal favorites and they are doing I’ll Stand By You, by The Pretenders. I think this song favors Bria a little more, but I’m pulling for Madilyn. Bria is a super loud singer, while Madilyn is strongest on her quiet notes. I just noticed, this makes the third night that Bria has performed last in the show. Producer’s favorite maybe? Chris and Usher both help them relax. I agree with Usher when he said Madilyn has a great voice, it just hasn’t been unlocked yet, she needs to learn to relax when she performs. This performance is gonna be epic.
Both are sounding amazing! Bria is showing restraint that she hasn’t shown yet this season and Madilyn counters with her signature quiet yet strong vocals. Bria takes the song louder and Madilyn holds her own against her. Well, we all know how this is going to end at this point, but I think both won the battle and were a perfectly equal pairing.
Bria wins the battle and continues on Team Usher, but then Blake steals Madilyn!!!!!!!. YAY! Blake used his steal perfectly.
Madilyn could give Blake the win actually. She has tons of room to grow and is the typical girl next store with an amazing voice. I’m excited for the Blake and Madilyn pairing.

And with that, we are out! Thank you for joining me, and if you think I’m cool, you can follow me @adamhsamuel. Have a good night guys!


Team Adam

  • Christina Grimmie
  • Delvin Choice
  • Kat Perkins
  • Jake Barker
  • Morgan Wallen

Team Shakira

  • Dani Moz
  • Deja Hall
  • Kristen Merlin
  • Tess Boyer
  • Patrick Thomson

Team Usher

  • Bria Kelly
  • Melissa Jiménez
  • Stevie Jo
  • T.J. Wilkins
  • Josh Kaufman

Team Blake

  • Audra McLaughlin
  • Jake Worthington
  • Sisaundra Lewis
  • Ryan Maloney
  • Madilyn Paige
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