The Voice 4- Mac’s Top 6 Power List

Well, last week happened. Last week was also a true testament to a whirring combination of song choice mixed with performance order. Had Judith Hill not performed first with a song written for a rapper to use autotune on, she might have not gone home. So, my power list becomes increasingly more difficult to predict. 1/3rd of the remaining contestants will go home this week. That’s a really high percentage. Basically, this is the week to vote, because the highest percentage of contestants go home tonight.

6) Holly Tucker- I have to stand by my prediction that Holly is the weakest link. I feel like she skates by. She continuously performs at the front of the show, and Danielle Bradbury is a more popular female country singer. Amber Carrington has abandoned country (likely due to Danielle’s driving force). Danielle will knock out Holly, it is an inevitability. That’s why I continue to rank her so low, because I don’t see a Final 3 with her in it.

5) Sasha Allen- I don’t think Sasha has been doing what she needs to the past few weeks to really emerge as a frontrunner. She’s been doing “what is required” to get by each week (and even that is debatable). This could be a very bad week for Blake (if he lose Holly and Swon), but barring an unfortunate performance from the Brothers Swon, I think Sasha is in more danger this week.

4) The Swon Brothers- If you seek info out on the internet, you will find that the Swon Brothers have actually amassed a decent following for themselves, somewhat inexplicably. A lot of that probably has to do with them having something between their legs that no other contender has. Yes, I’m talking about their gender. Being the last dudes in the competition, and also not being as incredibly incompetent as the Idol boys were, should keep them around one more week. I’m not sure they can get their way into the finale, but hey, stranger things have happened. Hell, I’d say even Sasha could sneak into the finale with some great song choices, and if some other people falter.

3) Michelle Chamuel- She’s emerging as a little darkhorse that could for me. She’s proven the past couple weeks that if Usher steps aside, she can pick songs that are right for her as an artist, and perform them in a way that her fanbase will embrace and vote for her. I think Michelle is headed for the finale, but I’m not sure if she can take the whole thing away from Danielle.

2) Amber Carrington- She’s making a bit of a comeback, but she’s got to keep plugging away at it if she plans on beating Danielle. Her goal needs to be to crack the ITunes Top 10, so Danielle isn’t the only person guaranteed safety every week. If Amber can make the Top 10, she might have a shot at this thing. Right now, Danielle is winning the race by a few yards.

1) Danielle Bradbury- As the only contestant to consistently land singles in the Top 10, she seems unbeatable. Even if you don’t think she’ll win, you have to at least acknowledge that, mathematically, she’s safe until the finale (when I believe the Itunes sales aren’t multiplied anymore). Her sales keep her from being eliminated, which puts her immediately at the top because she’s the only one hitting those numbers.

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