The Voice 4 – Battle Rounds Part 4 – Recap, Video

Live blogging The Voice 4 Battle Round right here. The Knockouts begin next week!

The Voice Battle Rounds have come to an end–done in two weeks! That has to be some sort of record.  Sarah Simmons is the big contender to come of tonight’s rounds. I can’t imagine her NOT making the live shows.  I wish we got more than a quick look at pop-nerd Michelle Chamuel. I am really intrigued by her!

Brandon Roush vs Shawna P. –  Team Shakira – “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin – Shawna has been a singer since before Brandon was born. The song choice seems tailor made for Shawna, and Brandon is very nervous. Shawna finds her place in the song right away while Brandon’s performance needs more work. Brandon is so young and pretty, it may not matter. Shakira advises Brandon not to SCREAM.  That’s good advice, because I remember a loud voice without much finesse from his audition.  Shakira is teaching him a lot, Brandon says.  She says Shawna needs to learn to express emotion. Forty-Five year old Shawna says she’ll be frustrated if she loses to a 19 year old.

Both singers are from the big, raspy voiced rocker tradition, but Shawna’s experience shines through her performance. Her tone is richer, and she sings with a ton of heart and emotion. Brandon is…loud, with a tone that doesn’t set him apart from your typical generic “rawker.” Adam thought the performance was “fun” and gives Brandon props for keeping up with Shawna. He ribs Blake, comparing Brandon’s long locks to Blake’s youthful style (Photo please?) Usher compares Shawna’s voice to fine wine, but feels they both provided great experiences.  Shakira calls the battle eagerness vs experience and in the end, she goes for the latter.  Shawna P wins the battle . Well, thank God. I was so expecting the young pretty boy to win. Nobody steals Brandon – Shawna P. Wins the Battle

Duncan Kamakana vs Sarah SimmonsTeam Adam –  “Wanted You More” by Lady Antebellum. – Duncan totally got the  cannon fodder edit during his audition, while Sarah got the pimp spot. We’ll see how this works out.  In rehearsal, Adam notes that Sarah has the tendency to fade off of her words. Duncan has to careful not to be swallowed up by Sarah.  Hillary Scott is the mentor, and it’s a little intimidating for both to be singing her song, which, as she explains, is very personal.  The two are having problems making a connection. Adam advises both to be more decisive about their phrasing.  And both have issues during the run through–pitchy pitchy!  Adam says they have to rehearse together more.

Duncan and Sarah have NO chemistry. You have Duncan on one hand, grinning from ear to ear, while Sarah is all angsty and emotional. Very weird. For a guitar strumming singer/songwriter type, Duncan is a solid performer, with an interesting  texture and phrasing. But he’s no match for the big-voiced Sarah, who is almost Sybil-like in her ability to change her voice to suit her phrasing and emotional delivery.  Duncan comes off like a lightweight, especially with the silly grinning. Blake loved the performance. Sarah is one of his favorites, he would totally pick her. Usher likes Duncan’s confidence, but Sarah “woke the entire room up” with her voice.  Adam is so proud of both. He loves Sarah’s effortlessness. And of course, Sarah is the winner. Duncan, thy name is CANNON FODDER. Pretty boy, edition. Sarah Simmons Wins the Battle

Quick Battles

Michelle Chamuel vs Chelsea M – Team Usher – “Titanium” –   Michelle Chamuel Wins the Battle

Amy Whitcomb vs Agina Alvarez – Team Adam – “Heartbreaker” –  Amy Whitcomb Wins the Battle

Justin Rivers vs The Morgan Twins – Team Blake – Justin Rivers Wins the Battle

Cathia Vs Mary Miranda – Team Shakira – Ante De Las Seis by Shakira –  She gives two young Latina singers one of her very own songs!. She wants to see who can deliver an emotional moment.  Cathia bitches that Mary isn’t learning her parts. Mary admits that she’s holding back because she doesn’t know the song. Cathia is doing the work and impressing Shakira and mentor Joel Madden.  At the run-through, Mary feels more comfortable with the song, but still not totally prepared.  But now, Cathia is suddenly pitchy. She blames her mistakes on Mary’s lack of preparation.  MEOW.

Cathia is easily dominating 17 year old Mary. She’s got a big, powerful, commanding voice and sings with a depth Mary just does not possess.  Adam  didn’t understand it, but he felt all of it, regardless. Both are amazing singers, he says. He would go with Mary. (Really?)  Blake admits he was totally out of his depth. He’s sure the song was written about him (joking!). He “loved every syllable.”  Cathia blew him away. Usher accuses Shakira of narcissism.  Why else would she pick her own song? Ha.  Shakira insists she tested them both to see if they could make HER song their own.  Kidding aside, Usher thinks they did incredible.  Shakira notes that Cathia has strength and power while Mary has  a sweet voice with a signature vibrato.  Shakira chooses  Mary. WHAT? This has GOT to be a setup for a steal.  As Cathia thanks Shakira tearfully, Usher STEALS her just as she begins stepping off the stage. Yep. That was a setup for a steal. Mary Miranda Wins The Battle – Usher Steals Cathia 

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