Dancing with the Stars – Season 16 – Week 6 Result Show

Welcome to the fifth live result show of the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars. Tonight, we have special guest performances by will.i.am and Olly Murs. We will also find out which team dance will get the encore thanks to the votes on twitter. We might also see a special Macy’s Stars Of Dance or AT&T Spotlight Performance. And when all is said and done, the fifth couple that had the lowest combined total of audience support and judge scores will be eliminated.

Our poll here at MJ’s suggest that the time is up for Victor & Lindsay. Also with a nice amount of votes are Andy & Sharna. Coming up with a few votes of their own are Ingo & Kym and Sean & Peta.

I think my continous prediction of a Victor & Lindsay exit will be on point tonight. Despite being really charming and endearing, Victor has remained in the bottom for many weeks and his dance last night was really boring and lackluster. I believe his time is up. Andy continues to be entertaining and I hope he stays. Ingo finally stepped up last night. Sean could also be in danger since he hasn’t improved and with the exception of being shirtless, was forgettable. Of course, don’t look for any issues with Kellie, Zenday, Aly, and Jacoby. All four did well last night, despite the judges critiques of Jacoby. I once again expect all four to be without question, safe.

Stevie Wonder night was awesome. It was great to see him perform. The dancing ranged from really good to really bad in some cases. But no denying that having Stevie perform lifted the night overall. The show is actually doing pretty decent this season with theme nights. So, will be in for a very predictable result show or could a shock be coming our way? I’ll go with the former. Regardless, here goes the segment by segment recap. Enjoy :D

Segment 1
Olly Murs is out first tonight to perform his platinum-selling hit, “Troublemaker.” Members of the troupe are out to dance. I think I also see some eliminated celebs, including Gleb. This is a really catchy song. I am not aware of this performer but this is really enjoyable. Emma Slater choreographed that routine.

We now get a quick look back at last night’s show. Time for some results…

Kellie & Derek are SAFE!
Aly & Mark are SAFE!

Segment 2
A package airs focusing on how Stevie Wonder felt having all the dancers dance to his music. And now, in another piece of filler, we get a package of all the stars and pros attempting to sing. Bruno is even involved!

Team Paso Doble won the twitter vote last night and will do the encore. INTERESTING. Can we assume that Zendaya + Jacoby fans are stronger than Kellie + Aly fans? HMM. There was a little issue with some of the capes during that but all in all, a replica of last night- meaning, a fun routine that was just okay technically.

Some more results up ahead as we see unseen footage last night for the performances of Zendaya & Val and Sean & Peta. LOLZ. Sean says he has to sleep with Bruno. Peta considers removing his pants. I say, just dance better!

Zendaya & Val are SAFE!
Sean & Peta are IN JEOPARDY!

Segment 3
Brooke is talking with Sean & Peta and Kellie & Derek. Sean thinks the judges critiques were justified because he messed up. Sean wants to work harder and hopes he gets the chance. Kellie gets flustered answering because other cast members are making faces. Derek helps her out by saying things will get tougher as we go along.

Ready for filler? A look at the tricky choreography going on behind the scenes with the DWTS crew. The celebrities discuss everything from the red room to the introduction to the judges to the band. Just in case you ever wanted to know the complete inner workings of the show, this is the package for you.

will.i.am is out to perform the television premiere of his single “That Power.” Is this supposed to be a collaboration with Justin Bieber? I guess because Bieber is on the video screens behind will.i.am. Not much to talk about here. No dancing from any pros or troupe members but the song is somewhat cool but very short.

Segment 4
Tom is talking to two couples and WILL give some results. Victor wasn’t surprised by his scores and guess what? Victor & Lindsay are IN JEOPARDY! We see footage of Ingo’s adorable son embracing all the couples as they exit the stage after dancing. He is too precious. Ingo & Kym are SAFE!

Brooke talks with Andy, who will have the rumba next week if he survives. And he will listen to his partner and do whatever she says. Sharna teases the performance. Jacoby says he will have faith and put it in the hands of the fans and God that he will return next week.

Time for the Macy’s Stars Of Dance Performance. This is a precise-driven dance where at the beginning, everyone walked out with lines drawn on the floor via special effects. It looked like a video game. Very cool. I think I see a few SYTYCD alumns but the camera shows them so fast that I can’t be sure. Cute routine and probably takes tons of practice.

Segment 5
A special preview of next week’s latin night is up next as some of the pros and troupe members perform a jungle-inspired routine. Latin night promises to be very hot next week with some steamy and rhythmic routines. This is a really good routine. Henry choreographed that.

Some more results up ahead as we see unseen footage last night for the performances of Jacoby & Karina and Andy & Sharna. Jacoby calls Len his light skinned Grandfather.

Jacoby & Karina are SAFE!
Andy & Sharna are IN JEOPARDY!

Segment 6
And now, time for the final results of the week.

The final couple safe is… Andy & Sharna.

Victor & Lyndsay and Sean & Peta are the LEGIT bottom two couples!

And the couple exiting the show in this sixth week is… Victor & Lindsay.

A very predictable and fitting exit and for some, I am sure a surprise that Sean hit the bottom instead of Andy. But like I said, at least Andy is entertaining.

Victor is extremely grateful for everything and even pokes some fun at himself. Aww. He really is pretty charming. I’ll miss his personality. Sean better do better and fast because at this rate, Andy could very well outlast him!

I’ll see you next week folks for latin night. I hope you enjoyed! :D