The Voice 4 – Blind Auditions – Part 5 – Recap and Videos

It’s the last week of the Blind Auditions! Join me while I live blog tonight’s episode. There are a FEW COVETED SPOTS LEFT.

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I wasn’t bowled over by the talent tonight.  It was a super foddery night, with quirky alt-country singer Grace Askew my favorite,  big voiced Shasha Allen coming in second and to a lesser degree, blues singer, Ryan Innes rounding out the best-of trio.  I was really only excited by Grace, because she felt completely original to me.

After tomorrow night’s episode, it’ll be interesting to compare the teams to see how they stack up, talent wise.  Adam and Blake both seem to have strong teams.  Next week, the battle rounds begin!

Jeff Lewis – “U Got it Bad” by Usher – He works at a golf course. Kind of a glorified caddy. Oh. He was once singed with Interscope. And then, after 2 1/2 years, he was dropped without the album ever being released. Usher perks up when Jeff begins performing. This is your typical acoustic guitar R&B flip. It’s nice, but it’s nothing special. The coaches aren’t jumping to push their buttons. Finally, Usher, Blake and Shakira spin their chairs. Blake detected a “hint” of country. NOT REALLY. Shakira says there are a few details to work on and she could help him. Ultimately, he chooses Team Usher. He grew up listening to Usher!

Shawna P – “She Talks to Angels” by The Black Crowes – She’s been performing all of her life. She moved to Nashville after college, eventually working with some heavy hitters. But nothing happened for her, while her cohorts shot to fame. She doesn’t reveal her age, but she’s at least in her mid forties. She’s got a super-gritty, Joplinesque voice. Shakira turns her chair first. Adam spins next. Blake asks if she’s been singing a long time. Sneaky way to ask about her age. “I’ve been singing longer than most of the auditioners have been alive,” she says. Adam wishes she had a little bit more control, but he loves her raw quality. Shawna wants Shakira to teach her how to dance. Shakira is the most enthusiastic. It’s not a surprise when Shawna goes with Team Shakira.

Caroline Glaser “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John – She’s an 18 year old singer songwriter. This St. Louis native has never been to Los Angeles. But she’s no bumpkin. Her father is a doctor, and there are a couple more on her mother’s side. She’s got one of those precious, “quirky” indie voices. Blake spins first. Because, you know, he likes that sort of thing. Shakira hits her button soon after. She’s OK, but shes interchangeable with so many other The Voice folkie types. Her timing is really off–sloppy. She’s a very raw talent at this stage. Blake likes that she didn’t do anything over the top. “So much artistry in you,” says Blake. Shakira calls her voice “diaphanous” and “angelic.” FANCY. Blake could TELL that she’s a songwriter. “I don’t think we’ve had a voice like her’s in the competition yet,” says Shakira. REALLY? Caroline chooses Team Blake, because he stuck a chord with the songwriting stuff.

Cameron – “As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Bieber – He works for a residential treatment center for adolescent kids. He wants to be a role model to them. One name? Really dude. He’s got dance moves. His voice has a super annoying goat vibrato. The dancing isn’t going to help you dude! The coaches can’t see it! He’s horrible. REALLY HORRIBLE. Like an Idol joke contestant. Nobody turns, of course. Shakira notes that he ran out of air at one point. Probably because of the dancing. That nobody could see.

Micheal Austin – “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban – He’s 43. And a cop. He’s wearing a cowboy hat and a silly outfit. Cover up your arms, dude. He’s got a regular gig with his band at a club in Vegas. “Let’s get some” he says as he approaches the stage. He takes himself super-seriously. He’s got a pleasant, bright tone. But he’s a little wobbly and generic. ADAM spins his chair. Shakira is next. Blake is laughing he does not turn around. Adam says he’s an artist who knows who he is. Shakira empathized with the way he embraced the song. He owns albums by all the coaches. But…he chooses…Team Adam. Blake refuses to reveal why he didn’t press his button. “Adam doesn’t know CRAP about country music!” he says. I might agree with Blake in this particular case.

Sasha Allen – “Not Ready To Make Nice” by Dixie Chicks – She’s put her career on hold to be a mom, but now it’s time to get back into it. Sasha has a new born and a 7 year old. Oh. She’s a classically trained pianist. She sang backgrounds for Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Christina Aguilera. She’s not really a country singer, she says, but she is a story teller. She’s hoping Shakira or Usher turn around for her. As soon as she hits a BIG note at the end of the second verse, the coaches begin spinning. All 4 turn their chairs. She’s a talented vocalist, lovely tone, she connects to what she sings. Adam calls her “magic” and really wants to be involved in developing her gift. Blake thinks they were meant to be. Shakira pulls the girl card. Only she will understand Sasha’s talent. The 4 judges bicker good naturedly for a little while longer. Sasha chooses Team Adam! Kind of a surprise! Oh. She also toured with a cast of Hair.

Matt Cermanski – “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry – Dude’s Uncle is the keyboard player with The Trammps, the 70’s disco outfit. “Burn Baby Burn” people! Not everybody goes up there and sings a girl song, he says. Uhm tons of guys do that. By now it’s practically a cliche. And has he heard the version by Darren Criss? Uhm. He’s kind of awful. Really super pitchy and the weirdest phrasing. NOT DIGGING THIS. Nobody turns around. “You are pretty without makeup!” jokes Blake. Adam says his voice filled the room, but there were issues. Usher noted that he sang out of his range. Yeah, he was REALLY off key and strained when he went for the high notes.

Jamila Thompson goes to Usher, Amy Whitcomb goes to Adam, Justin Rivers goes to Blake, Michelle Rietzen also goes to Blake.

Mary Miranda – “Como La Flor” – She’s only 17 and moved to America only 4 years ago. She had to learn to speak English. Shakira has inspired her. Oh. She’s got some daddy issues!  She says in her package that she learned lots of English songs, but she sings in Spanish here. She’s really beautiful, with a rich voice and it doesn’t take Shakira but a minute to spin her chair around. Blake and Usher are next! “I can’t understand anything you’re saying, but nobody can understand anything I say either!” says Blake. Blake and Usher try to sway her, but it’s kinda weak. “Let me talk to my girl, please!” says Shakira. The guys know they are screwed. And of course, Mary chooses Team Shakira.

Grace Askew – “These Boots Are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra – She calls her genre “Bluntry”–a mix of blues and country. She wanted out of Memphis TN, so she went on a 40 city tour and has been on the road ever since. But she’s come to a place where she needs help.  Blake turns around immediately. Shakira is next.  Grace is super alt country fabulous. She’s got a very odd phrasing, but it’s edgy and it works for her. She’s like old school country gone alternative. The chick’s got style. I love her Priscilla Presley realness! I could imagine Jack White producing her album. BLAKE IS VERY EXCITED.  He thinks they could make history together. Shakira wants to emphasize that she is ALSO really excited, but to no avail. Grace chooses Team Blake.

Jane Smith – “You’ve Got the Love” by Florence + the Machine – Her dad was diagnosed with brain cancer…and then her MOTHER WAS DIAGNOSED with breast cancer soon after.  Her dad passed away, but mom went into remission. Oh. Nobody turned around for her! She’s was actually kinda good. They’ve turned around for worse…like that Caroline Glaser, for instance, who wasn’t that great. Shakira didn’t feel that she connected to the song. Well…at least she had a good attitude about it. She can always go back.

Now, it’s time for a parade of singers who didn’t make the cut. La la la.

Ryan Innes – “Gravity” by John Mayer – His girlfriend broke up with him and his life crumbled. He was studying medicine at the time. It was a wake up call to follow his dreams. Ryan has a big powerful, soulful voice, but we’ve heard this before on The Voice. Adam and Blake turn around right away. Eventually Usher and Shakira turn around too.  “Ryan’s got soul!” says Blake. “Your voice is packed with soul and substance. You shook this entire room,” says Usher.  The song made Shakira feel all floaty! Adam is dying to be part of his career.  “I’m so blown away by you,” says Adam.  “Because I sing soul music,” says Ryan…he picks Team Usher.

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