The Voice 3 – Top 4 Semi-Finals – Results, Recap and Videos

I’ll be live blogging The Voice results right here! Juliet Simms, Raylynn and Chris Mann will also be performing tonight!

No big surprises tonight! Trevin Hunte went home tonight, as most of us expected.  While his fellow finalists songs entered the iTunes Top 10, making them eligible for bonus votes, Trevin’s cover of “Wind Beneath My Wings” only made it as far as the Top 30–surely and indication that he was not as popular as the rest. I am sure the folks at The Voice are happy they don’t have to deal with another throwback R&B singer as a potential winner.

Expect major pimping of Cassadee Pope next week. although, unless she really blows it, I expect her to win handily. The throwback stylings of Terry and Nicholas probably means they share somewhat the same fan base. Those votes will split. Cassadee will take it all, easily.

I thought Juliet Simm’s new song was the best of the three alum tunes presented tonight.  Raelynn is still a terrible singer and performer. I just don’t get it. And while Chris Mann has a fine set of pipes, I’m just not into that old fashioned balladry deal he’s got going. I’m old, but I am not dead yet.


First…it’s the obligatory recap! Adam is looking really sharp in his suit and tie. He’s generally proud and excited for the remaining four, although they are not on his team. Christina praise Blake and Cee Lo on the way they guided their team members on their song choices (I’d say YAY Blake and NEIGH Cee Lo, myself).

Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope join forces to sing “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men. This is a great song choice for the pair. Me likey. I like Terry singing contemporary music. Why did he rarely go there? Oh…the band is in the audience! The pride of Iceland. Wouldn’t that be sigur ros or Bjork? (Sorry! Every now and then I like to show that I know a thing or two about music.)

Juliet Simms takes the stage to sing her new song “Wild Child”. She’s like Gwen Stefani, only with EXTRA SCREAMING. Actually, this song isn’t bad. If you like the song, you can download it from iTunes here. Her mentor, Cee Lo, is managing her now.

Next, a clip from an interview Carson Daly conducted on his late late late late night show. Yes, he has one! They talk about what drew them to music and their earliest musical memories.

It’s time for some results!

Now, it’s Christina Millian speaking with Trevin and Nicholas. The duo say nice things (fake reality show blather) to each other.

Next, RaeLynn sings her new song “Boyfriend”. SHE STILL CAN’T SING. I do not get it. The words are fast and she’s all out of breath. Yikes. If you’d like to you can download the song from iTunes here. Raelynn co-wrote the song with two other The Voice alums. He is wearing just like  her, in solidarity.

Another “Who would I take with me to a desert island” video package. It’s bathroom break time!

Now, it’s Chris Mann singing the title track from his album, Roads. He enters the stage from the audience, touching audience members like he’s laying on hands. Eh. He might as well be singing “Danny Boy”. There is an audience for this sort of easy listening AC. I’m not it. Oh. He sang at “Christmas at the White House.” Maybe he did the “Gangnam Style” dance with Psy.

MORE RESULTS. The second finalist moving on to next week’s final is….Cassadee Pope!

Oh look. Tony Lucca is here. Adam and Tony talk about making a record together with Christina. She pimps the auditions Which means nothing, because the show scouts for their contestants.

After Terry and Cassadee’s super contemporary duet, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David get to sing…..”Hero” by Mariah Carey. REALLY?  Poor Nicholas is forced to sing in his lowest register, and it kinda sounds like ass. Trevin, on the other hand, performs his best chipmunk impression. They do not sound good together. #puttingitmildly.

FINALLY THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! Only one more will advance to the finals! Adam stresses that Trevin and Nicholas are both talented. He was wrong not to turn around for them. Christina reminds them the Jennifer Hudson didn’t win. Yes, she had to namecheck Idol, because The Voice has no successful alums. Hello. Cee Lo is sad to say goodbye to one of his team members.  Moving on to the finals is….Nicholas David! No surprises here.

SAFE and moving on to the Finals

  • Terry McDermott – Team Blake
  • Cassadee Pope – Team Blake
  • Nicholas David
Trevin Hunte is eliminated!
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