The Voice 23 Recap: The Playoffs Live Blog (Videos)

The Voice 23 Knockouts Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, Chance the Rapper
THE VOICE — “Knockout Round” Episode 2312 — Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, Chance The Rapper — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

After last week’s final round of Knockouts left each team with only five remaining contestants on The Voice, it’s time for The Playoffs! Unlike previous seasons, Season 23’s Playoffs will not be live, which means no fan voting just yet.

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Tonight’s Playoffs will kick off with Team Blake battling Team Chance.

Team Blake – NOIVAS – “Come Together”

NOIVAS seems to have transformed into a rockstar since we last saw him, working the mic stand and being joined by a few backup singers by the chorus. Seems like the amount of production outweighs the amount of singing though.

Niall calls it insane and one of the best performances on the show. Chance says he turned it into his own concert. Kelly says she has no idea how he wouldn’t make it. Blake says there’s an overall eruption that happens when he takes the stage.

Team Chance – Kala Banham – “My Funny Valentine”

Kala has a beautiful falsetto to match that beautiful, red dress.

Blake calls it perfect and says Chance has to put her through. Niall says the song was made for her. Kelly says she made it Kala’s version. Chance says he’s proud and it was amazing.

Team Blake – Rachel Christine – “The Only Exception”

Such a good song, and Rachel’s got the voice for it. It fell flat during the chorus but she brought it back during the bridge. She nails high notes compared to the short and sweet lines.

Kelly gives her a standing o before Chance says she had great control of the stage despite a couple of pitchy moments. Kelly compliments her voice as “big and open.” Niall called it a theatrical rendition. Blake says she threw a monkey wrench into it all for him and she did an incredible job.

Team Chance – Jamar Langley – “The Thrill Is Gone”

Everything about this immediately feels like Jamar. The combination of the electric guitar with the laidback, groovy vibe. Jamar seems underrated compared to the other contestants, and always puts on enjoyable performances. The coolest thing Jamar does is appear so effortless as he performs.

Kelly calls him incredible and says she wants to be him. Blake says he nails it vocally. Niall says his voice sounds familiar in the best way possible. Chance says his favorite thing was his interaction with the band and he made a really strong case for being on Team Chance.

Team Blake – Grace West – “Love Is Alive”

Grace’s natural twang is so fitting for this gentle country song. The performance is flawless, just doesn’t feel like she’s fighting for this the way the other contestants very visibly were.

Niall says he’s been a massive fan since day one. Chance says she has great control and a strong sense of self. Kelly says she has a flawless way of singing country music but the song didn’t showcase the best of her. Blake says he’s been excited since the first time he heard her sing.

Team Chance – Manasseh Samone – “Speak The Name”

This whole performance sounded like a winning performance to me. Manasseh does some unique things with her voice that makes her stand out from the others.

Niall says he loved the passion she put in it, and Kelly agrees it was a passionate performance. Blake notes some shaky parts at the beginning but says she put it together near the end. Chance calls it the best performance.

Team Blake – Kylee Dayne – “Flowers”

Ready to have this song stuck in your head all night?? It’s a great song for Kylee though. I think I prefer her version over Miley’s LOL This girl has major Kelly Clarkson vibes when she performs, and she’s proved she can perform any genre, much like Kelly.

Chance says she shows every week why she’s here. Kelly says she has incredible runs and notes it was a solid performance despite her feeling bummed about it. Niall says she always brings something different. Blake says she did a great job.

Team Chance – Ray Uriel – “Essence”

Ray always comes out with the R&B. He has this effortless falsetto and a smooth, sultry tone every time he sings. Other than that nothing really stands out about the performance.

Kelly says his voice is like the angel she would want to sing to her. Blake says Chance has to put him through. Niall says he could watch him every week. Chance says he’s so proud of the performance.

Team Blake – Mary Kate Connor – “If I Die Young”

If you thought Rachel sounded like Team Blake, Mary Kate is Team Blake times 100. A beautiful voice, a young sound to it that makes her stand out from the other contestants whose more mature sounds naturally make them sound more seasoned. She ends the song a little shakier and teary-eyed compared to the start.

Kelly calls her a magical storyteller. Niall says the tears at the end show how much this meant to her. Chance says the pitch was a little off, yet it was his favorite because of how much emotion she showed. Blake says she delivered the message in a way that was authentic and real.

Team Chance – Sorelle – “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”

Sorelle just always come off as whining when they sing. Good song but Sorelle just isn’t enjoyable to watch or listen to.

Blake says they’re too perfect. Niall says their energy is insane. Kelly says what they do is unlike anyone else. Chance says every time they get on stage, it blows everyone away.

Moving onto the semi-finals from Team Blake are… NOIVAS and Grace West.

Moving onto the semi-finals from Team Chance are… Sorelle and Ray Uriel.

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