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The Voice 23
Pictured: (l-r) Noivas, Ryley Tate Wilson, Ray Uriel, Holly Brand — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

After last week’s Playoffs left each team with only two members and some disappointing goodbyes, tonight is the first of very few live shows of Season 23!

The remaining contestants are D. Smooth and Holly Brand of Team Kelly, Ryley Tate Wilson and Gina Miles of Team Niall, Sorelle and Ray Uriel of Team Chance and NOIVAS and Grace West of Team Blake, who will all compete live for the first time!

Fan voting begins tonight! Vote on or The Voice app.

The Voice 2023: Full Season 23 Schedule
The Voice 23 Song Spoilers – What Will the Top 8 Sing?

Team Niall – Ryley Tate Wilson – “Vienna”

This is the first time I’m not loving a performance by Ryley. I do love the way he started at the piano and got up with the mic. He’s got a great voice but it just doesn’t sound fitting for this song. Absolutely love his baby blue suit though. Ryley actually brought this back by the end though with some unexpected growls and falsetto.

Kelly says that was a way to start the night and the beginning at the piano was her favorite part. Blake says the entire performance was great but he also loved the piano bit. Niall says he’s off the charts and tells everyone to get their votes in tonight.

Team Chance – Ray Uriel – “Can You Stand The Rain”

This is the perfect song for Ray’s voice, showcasing his inner pop balladeer. Feels like a Ray Uriel concert. The entirety of the performance feels a little anticlimactic for a live show but it’s super groovy.

Kelly says his voice is chill and smooth and he’s got a sensual vibe. Blake says he’s a fan and this performance was perfect timing. Chance says he’s extremely proud of the performance and he keeps getting more and more confidence.

Team Kelly – Holly Brand – “Rumor Has It”

Holly looks like a literal angel on stage beneath that spotlight and singing flawlessly. I’m a 1D girl but I think Team Kelly is going to take it home this season thanks to Holly. Absolutely beautiful voice paired with a twang throughout this entire country ballad.

Niall says it was impeccable and Reba would be very happy with it, and he heard more parts of her voice than he ever heard tonight. Chance says it was an awesome performance and compliments her breath control. Kelly says she’s so proud and that she’s so gifted.

Team Blake – NOIVAS – “Skyfall”

NOIVAS said this is the first ballad he’s doing on the show, and I think it’s my favorite performance from him. Ballads fit his voice really well, and he showed a different side of himself as an artist with this performance. I got John Legend vibes.

NOIVAS receives the first standing O of the night and accepts it with tears before Blake sums up the whole performance with saying that NOIVAS manages to do his performance differently every time and does it however he feels in the moment.

Team Niall – Gina Miles – “All I Want”

Every one of Gina’s performances feels the same. There’s really never anything different to them or to her voice. As gorgeous as her voice is, she doesn’t do enough to stand out from the crowd, especially for a live show one week before the finale.

Chance says it was breathtaking and one of his favorite performances from her. Niall compliments the confidence she’s gain and how she seems like a completely different person from who auditioned, then hints at having something incredible planned if she makes it to the finale.

Team Chance – Sorelle – “Fallin'”

Ok, I think this is the first time I’ve actually liked a performance by these girls. Great song for their harmonies, and verges on a bit more mature compared to their previous performances. Not sure if a thousand dancers appearing on the staircase behind them was necessary though.

Kelly says it was incredible and applauds the background dancers lol Chance says he’s blown away and they keep the same confidence whether live or in rehearsal.

When it comes back from commercial, Reba McEntire is in Blake’s chair and Carson announces that Reba will be taking Blake’s place next season!

Team Kelly – D. Smooth – “Thinking Out Loud”

I love the way they changed the arrangement of this song to sound a little more groovy and fit D. Smooth’s natural voice. I’m really loving this version as he enters the second verse, I’d love a D. Smooth recording of this!

Blake says he doesn’t know how you don’t vote him into the finale. Kelly says she’s such a fan and can’t believe he picked her as his coach, and his voice is straight from his soul.

Team Blake – Grace West – “Til I Can Make It On My Own”

Grace, similarly to Holly, has a flawless country voice as well, but Grace has hints of a big, theater sound to hers, like she could take on Broadway.

Niall says she’s one of his favorite voices and he’s always thought she needed to be in the finals. Blake says she did it just like in rehearsals and the reason no one’s done this song on the show is because no one can do it, but she just did it.

Voting begins now!

Niall performs his new song “Meltdown!”

Chance performs with former Team Chance members Jamar, Manasseh and Kala.

The Voice 23 Top 5

Grace West
D. Smooth
Gina Miles


Ryley Tate Wilson
Holly Brand
Ray Uriel

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