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JB Somers - The Voice 23 Blind Auditions
THE VOICE — “Blind Auditions” Episode 2305 — Pictured: JB Somers — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

Happy Monday, and welcome to the final week of Blind Auditions on The Voice! Tonight’s episode kicks off the last of two Blind Auditions where coaches Blake Shelton, Niall Horan Chance the Rapper and Kelly Clarkson will complete their respective teams.

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Mariah Kalia – 17 – Jacksonville, FL – “idontwannabeyouanymore”

Mariah was only a few lines in when both Niall and Chance turned at the same time. Mariah offers some memorable notes throughout the song, but not enough for Kelly or Blake to turn.

Niall begins with “Wow, wow, wowie!” Chance says he’s blown away and that he wants to spend time learning her influences. Niall says it made him feel and he heard a younger Amy Winehouse and if she joins Team Niall people will be talking about her in the future. Kelly tells her to consider which coach will push her to be the best Mariah. Blake simply says, “You ever heard the phrase ‘luck of he Irish?'” Mariah chooses Team Chance.

Kylee Dayne – 19 – Texas – “Falling Water”

An unexpectedly killer voice comes out of Kylee, and Blake and Chance turn during the last note, then Niall turns at the last second.

Kelly says she did a good job. Chance says she’s the textbook definition of a star. Niall says she gave them everything with that song. Blake says when she hit the bigger stuff, he realized she could put on a killer performance. A big, red, foam finger drops from the ceiling above Blake that says “Pick Blake.” Kylee chooses Team Blake.

Joe With The Flow – 26 – Atlanta, GA – “Mystery of Love”

Joe has a soft, tender voice against his acoustic guitar. Despite ending on a great high note, no one turns their chairs.

Blake says the performance never got on track, yet there was a lot going on vocally. Niall says it was pitchy and he should give it another crack next year.

Joe tells them that he wrote a rap for them, then begins his rap and Chance says he loved it and it was dope and memorable.

Gina Miles – 18 – Paxton, IL – “The One That Got Away”

Gina mentions the contrast from her soft, high speaking voice and her unexpectedly deep singing voice. Kelly turns almost immediately, and Niall realizes, “Well actually, yeah,” as he turns his chair.

Niall comments on the way she grips the mic with two hands and how he used to do that. Kelly says although her beautiful eyes were closed, she turned way before Niall and that she had her in the beginning and then it exploded in the middle. Blake passes Niall a note that says, “Kelly can’t coach nerves, she admits it.” Niall says Kelly is one of the best singers of the last 10 generations and while she can do vocal stuff with her, Niall sings with feel and character and Gina has both of those things. Gina chooses Team Niall.

Kason Lester – 33 – Lebanon, TN – “It’s Not Over”

Kason has a really raspy but really good voice that makes Blake almost immediately turn, and no one else does.

Chance says he would have turned if it was more his land, but he definitely belongs in the competition. Blake says the gravelly tone of his voice is something he loves and he wanted a rock artist on his dream team. Kason joins Team Blake.

JB Somers – 31 – Nashville, TN – “A Case Of You”

JB’s voice flows so beautifully through this song and it makes Kelly turn almost instantly, followed by Chance.

Kelly says his tone is incredible and when she turned, it was even more beautiful to watch him perform it. Chance says it took him longer to turn because of how particular he is about hearing people cover Joni Mitchell, and he was waiting to hear his high register. Niall says he was an idiot and didn’t turn because his team is nearly full and he already has someone similar to him. JB chooses Kelly.

Alison Bailey – 17 – Winchester, CA – “Rescue”

Between her voice and her style, Alison seems like she has Team Blake written all over her, yet no one turns around.

Kelly says she could hear her youth and tells her to keep working on it. Niall apologizes for not turning and tells her to work on it and come back. Cance says it was a phenomenal performance and she should think of this experience as a huge step. Blake says she’s on the right path and he feels she’s about a year and a half away from the level of the other singers on the show.

Ray Uriel – 24 – Gary, IN – “Glimpse Of Us”

Ray has a beautiful falsetto and his gentle voice flows up and down through the song, and just when it seems like no one is going to turn, Chance turns at the very last second.

Chance says he reminds him of a recording artist and he has intricacies to his voice. Niall says the low moments of the song sounded Les Miz-esque, and Ray says he was in Les Miz once. Kelly says she was waiting for him to open up. Ray joins Team Chance.

Alyssa Lazar – “Maybe I’m Amazed”

They jump right into Alyssa’s audition and show her joining Team Chance.

Rachel Christine – 22 – Burlington, WI – “Uninvited”

Rachel’s voice sounds like what molasses looks like, and that’s a compliment. Chance is the first to turn, and a final high note makes Kelly turn just before the song ends.

Blake says the piano in the beginning sounded creepy, and then her singing was so aggressive. He then says Chance can hear something in her more than anybody else. Niall says there was so much power going on there that he wouldn’t know what to do with a voice that powerful and would end up holding him back. Kelly says when it came alive is when she decided to turn, and as her coach she would want her to attack certain parts stronger and more wild. Chance says he wants to win this whole show and he thinks she has an amazing tone and he can see her winning the whole competition. Rachel chooses Team Kelly.

Domenica Coka – 23 – Miami, FL – “When I Look At You”

Domenica throws her beautiful accent into the lyrics. Not every note is perfect, but Domenica’s voice soars through the song, yet no one turns their chairs.

Kelly says she has a powerful voice but felt like it was too pitchy. Chance says to keep going and keep working as an artist. Niall says she needs to give it another shot next year and has so much growing to do. Blake says next year he’s going to call Niall and ask him how Domenica did on his team.

Cait Martin – 32 – Atlanta, GA – “As It Was”

Kelly turns her chair at Cait’s very first note. Cait has a beautiful falsetto toward the middle that makes Niall turn his chair. Before the song ends, Chance and Blake turn their chairs at the same time.

Kelly says she hit her button lightyears before the guys. Blake says it’s his last season and he would love to go out with a win. Niall says he was blown away and he can tell she’s a storyteller. Chance says the texture and tone of her voice is reminiscent of Whitney and he would love to coach her. Niall says he’s got the tools to break hearts with her. Cait chooses Team Kelly.

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