The Voice 23 Recap: Battle Rounds 4 Live Blog (Videos)

Rachel Christine, JB Somers - The Voice 23 Battles
Pictured: (l-r) Rachel Christine, JB Somers — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Welcome back to another night of Battles on The Voice! Last night’s Battles said goodbye to some favorites while other memorable contestants moved on to the next round, and two coaches unexpectedly used their Playoff Passes while one used their steal.

After each Battle, the losing contestant will either be eliminated, be stolen by another coach with their one steal, or receive a Playoff Pass. New in Season 23, a Playoff Pass can be given to a contestant once per coach, and sends the contestant straight to the Playoffs without competing in the Knockouts.

All four coaches have already used their Playoff Passes, while Kelly, Niall and Chance have used their steals.

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Team Niall – Jerome Godwin III vs Talia Smith – “Like I Can”

Jerome’s voice fits the song so well while it doesn’t seem to be Talia’s style, but the two make a good duet that makes Niall give a standing ovation for his team members.

Kelly says it was well done and that Jerome had control over his runs and stuck out more to her, although she couldn’t take her eyes off of Talia. Chance says Jerome could sing anything and he heard pitch issues with Talia. Blake says Talia seemed more comfortable despite some loose ends, but Jerome took the battle. Niall says despite itch issues, it was phenomenal.

Niall chooses Jerome.

Team Kelly – JB Somers vs Rachel Christine – “Light On”

JB and Rachel share a hug before they begin. JB’s and Rachel’s equally strong voices pair beautifully in this pop ballad. They each have a moment where they belt out a unique high note.

Niall says he felt the nerves but the climax was phenomenal. Chance reminds them he turned for both of them, but he would hate to be the one who makes this decision and if he was, he would choose Rachel. Blake says the beginning of the song wasn’t on the rails but hen JB did cool stuff with his voice despite Rachel having the better performance. Kelly comments that the two should form a group, but one stood out more in this performance.

Kelly chooses Rachel.

Carson announces that Team Blake member Alex Whalen had to bow out of the competition, so his battle partner Neil Salsich will perform solo and automatically move on to the Knockouts.

Neil performs “I Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

Team Chance – NOIVAS vs Ray Uriel – “Jealous Guy”

Ray beautifully begins the song with his soulful tone, followed by NOIVAS’ strong, husky tone, and both continue throughout the duet.

Kelly says NOIVAS’ energy and incredible and infectious, and Ray’s runs are really cool and he shined more on the song. Blake compliments NOIVAS’ energy and says he would pick him. Niall says Ray’s tone is insane and he remembers NOIVAS’ audition fondly. Chance says it’s a difficult decision and NOIVAS has a passion while Ray held his own.

Chance chooses Ray, Blake steals NOIVAS.

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