The Voice 22 Recap: Dramatic 3-Way Knockouts Begin!

Pictured: (l-r) Parijita Bastola, Peyton Aldridge, Valarie Harding — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

The Voice season 22 Knockouts begin tonight with a brand new format. Instead of TWO acts facing off against each other with a solo song for a spot on their coaches team, THREE will face off against each other. Only ONE moves on. One or Two of the eliminated acts CAN be stolen by another coach. Each coach gets ONE steal.

Coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend. Pop star Camila Cabello have big decisions to make as they whittle the field from 36 to a Top 16.  Carson Daly hosts.  We’ll be live blogging all the Knockout performances right here.

The show opens up with a Halloween bit. Happy Halloween.

Bodie – Kevin Hawkins – The Dryes – Team Blake Shelton

Bodie explains how he and the other two acts vying for a spot on Team Blake are all very good friends. They’ve even helped each other with their performances. Blake calls them his “big vocalists.” Blake saved The Dryes in the Battles. Bodie is married with three kids. Kevin feels like he’s going home for sure. Blake feels like Bodie hasn’t completely worked out his arrangement. Blake calls Kevin’s falsetto “exciting,” but believes he should sing in his chest voice in spots. Derrick from The Dryes decides set aside his guitar for this performance.  Blake loves the couple’s song choice and is pleased that Derrick stepped up to the plate. NBC previewed this Knockout last week.

Bodie – Better Now by Post Malone – Bodie is no virtuoso singer, But he’s expressive and musical. He’s got a clear tone that cuts through and navigates a difficult song with ease. He’s a great pop singer, ready for the radio now. 

Kevin Hawkins – This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush – He’s singing the Maxwell version, with tons of falsetto. He’s a better singer in his chest voice. He picked the song because of his grandmother, but it’s not a great choice. His falsetto is thin and grainy. 

The Dryes – Chasing After You by Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd – It’s a perfect song choice for the husband and wife duo. It gives them an opportunity to show off their chemistry, which they have in spades. Blake is right about Derrick. He delivers his best vocal performance to date. His wife is the real star here. Her range and tone are impressive! They end with a sexy smooch.

“Two of you were supposed to suck!” says Blake. Camila calls Kevin a star, but she wanted more from his body language. She’d pick Bodie. Gwen loves Bodie’s voice. She’s impressed with Kevin’s range. She thinks The Dryes delivered their best performance yet. John calls Kevin’s performance “disjointed.” Blake feels bad after advising Kevin to sing in his chest voice more. “I take responsibility,” he admits. Blake is amazed at the way Bodie can sing complicated music. Jokes about Blake quitting the show ensue. Remember, this round was taped over the summer!

Blake picks Bodie, Gwen and Camila steal Kevin, Kevin chooses Gwen. Because Gwen turned around first, Kevin picked her. Also, he didn’t say it, but she didn’t criticize his performance! The Dryes are eliminated.

Morgan Myles, Orlando Mendez, Chello – Team Camila Cabello

Morgan was a four chair turn. Camila calls her one of the best voices of the season. She’s a vet who’s been touring for years. Camila helps Morgan with stage presence. She’s very nervous. Chello, a versatile musician, will play the guitar. Camila urges the singer to “be Chello.” He doesn’t need to do long belting notes, she says. Orlando’s uncle died a few weeks before his Knockout, so the song resonates for him. Camila suggests he use his falsetto. 

Chello – Hold On by Justin Bieber – Chello is an interesting artist. He doesn’t have incredible vocal chops. But he’s an inventive musician and creative. His vocal ability will hold him back in this competition. A show that allowed him to sing his own songs (Like Idol) might be a better fit for him. Having said this, Chello delivered a smooth and engaging performance.

Morgan Myles – What the World Needs Now by Jackie DeShannon – Hoo boy, this gal can SANG. Her phrasing is beautiful and unique. And her range and power are incredible. She is hands down one of the best pure vocalists in the competition. 

Orlando Mendez – Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw – He’s Camila’s “Cuban Cowboy.” Bryce Leatherwood is the country artist of the season, but Orlando is right behind him. He’s kind of a sleeper. This isn’t his best vocal, however. Maybe not a great song for him, which he chose for sentimental reasons. He’s a bit pitchy this time. 

Gwen thought Chello had tuning problems, but she liked the song choice. Gwen warns Morgan not to be pageanty. John also likes Chello’s song choice. He feels Orlando was in his element, but it could have been more “singery” instead of shouty. Yes. Blake also thought Orlando pushed too hard. But he appreciated the emotion. Blake calls Morgan “incredible.” Camila admits that her advice to Morgan may have made her seem “pageanty.” Camila picks Morgan, Orlando and Chello are Eliminated  Camila says it was a close decision. But she thinks Morgan could win.

Parijita Bastola, Peyton Aldrich, Valarie Harding – Team John Legend

John put them together because they’re all at about the same level. Parijita is only a teen, but it’s a song her parents listened to. John pushes her to work on supporting her big notes. John gives Valarie some phrasing advice. He wants a few melody changes and a firmer ending from Peyton. He doesn’t have much advice for any of them.

Parijita Bastola – I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James – Parajita is another contestant who could win the show. She’s only 17, but has a preternaturally mature sound, like she’s began singing in another life. Her tone is very thick and rich and she sings with emotion and nuance beyond her years. 

Peyton Aldrich – Forever After All by Luke Combs – John can go on about how he enjoys coaching country artists, but he usually ditches them pretty quick. Peyton’s a little off this time. Although he’s got a strong tone and passion, he’s a bit out of pocket. 

Valarie Harding – Weak by SWV – Valarie is a solid traditional R&B singer, although her warbly vibrato is a little distracting. She’s also having some breath issues. This isn’t an easy song to sing. There are a ton of words sung fast. She improves on the second verse when she lets loose a little. 

Blake can’t believe Parijita is only 17. He’s blown away. He’s also impressed with Peyton’s vocal, but thought his body language was stiff. Camila also was impressed with Parijita. She’d choose her. Gwen also finds Parijita impressive. Gwen thinks he does too many “curls,” but otherwise great vocal from Peyton. She calls Valarie “incredible,” but felt she had issues in her lower tones. John noted her early problems, but loved her “wailing.” John also thought Peyton got off to a shaky start. John picks Parijita, Peyton and Valarie are eliminated. 

Kique Gomez, Rowan Grace, Destiny Leah – Team Gwen Stefani 

Gwen put them together because they’re all “super young.” Rowan and Kique are friends. Gwen is very impressed with Destiny in rehearsal. But feels she needs to emote more. “Be bold about it,” Gwen advises. Kique re-arranged Hey Ya “bringing it down” in the first verse. It’s really emotional, before speeding it up. Gwen suggests that he stick to the melody more in spots. Of course, Rowan’s dad, a musician, loves Billy Joel. Gwen suggests she play with the lyrics more, and be more physically expressive.

Kique – Hey Ya by Outkast – Kique’s arrangement of “Hey Ya” is inspired. The young singer hasn’t been a major standout until now. Generally, “Hey Ya” isn’t a great competition song, but his version is so emotional, fun and carefree that he makes it work. Also, his elastic vocals are a vibe.

Destiny Leah – Impossible by Christina Aguilera feat. Alicia Keys – Compared to Kique, Destiny’s performance comes off as rudimentary. She’s got some pipes, but she’s singing it close to the original. And she’s no Christina Aguilera. She sounded better in rehearsal. 

Rowan Grace – Vienna by Billy Joel – Rowan’s got a little rasp at the end of her lines that’s pleasing. Her tone is soft, but expressive. She sings like a classic singer-songwriter–she doesn’t wow with big notes, but makes the most of little moments. 

John calls Kique audacious. He thought Destiny connected to the song, even if she could have better vocals. He calls Rowan powerful. She’s one of Blake’s favorites. He calls Kique a star and would pick him. Camila believes all three artists have blossomed. She calls Kique “cutting edge.” Gwen loved the way Destiny worked the stage. She’s happy Rowan took her notes. Kique blew her away with a surprising song choice. Gwen picks Kique, Blake steals Rowan, Destiny is eliminated.

NBC is only uploading videos for the artists who advanced. Sorry! The three way knockout is A LOT. What was the thinking behind it? A shorter round? The coaches keep saying that ditching the celebrity mega-mentor allows them to spend more time with the artists. But it probably came down to money. It’s crazy that they expanded the Blind Auditions, but only 16 artists will go into the live shows. Also, cutting the field from 36 to 16 is BRUTAL. 


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    happy halloween to you lovely people with no plans and are instead watching a reality singing competition
    the real spook is BRUTAL format
    the real treat is that IT’S KO TIME BABYYYYY

  2. Hello! Time for the most fun and possibly stressful round of the season!

  3. how is this the first time when they did a threeway knockout back in season 8

  4. i know i’ve said brutral a lot but there’s really no other way to describe it, they really are just that.

  5. Well bodie is doomed, Blake ain’t picking a post Malone performance

  6. Lots of Voice Kids versions use the 3 way KO, so that no kid leaves by themselves.

  7. yes i realized that hahaha i’m tired as hell from schoolwork and my brain turned off DON’T JUDGE MEEEE

  8. i really don’t like how long this rehearsal might end up being

  9. It really just tells us that montages are basically guaranteed

  10. The female in the duo should sing ALL the leads she is so much better than he is

  11. fun fact: this ko was the first one taped
    yay for coincidental order consistency!

  12. Bodie is so talented. This song choice is ridiculous but he is pulling it off

  13. I love how they’re spinning the no mentor thing as the coaches working closely with their teams, when it’s obvious they don’t have $$.

  14. Bodie has so much texture in his voice. He can make the mundane interesting. Like others hate the song choice, but he is nailing it

  15. I thought he was excellent. He chose the wrong song but at least he made it somewhat interesting.

  16. I just didn’t like the arrangement, he should’ve stripped it down

    the last trio will have someone eliminated

  18. Agree. That would have been a better direction. Technically, he sang it very well.

  19. Agree not loving it and the back and forth with falsetto is irritating

  20. he should have just tried to sing the original Kate Bush arrangement because he is NOT Maxwell

  21. Hope so. He’s different than the others. I think Blake may stick with him, variety. He always pares down to just one country performer (well, often does.)

  22. well blake you could have used your EPIC SAVE on hilary but ok i guess
    this is boring

  23. Well for me Kevin and Bodie were tied for the performance but I think Bodie is more interesting in previous performances so I will go with him. Kevin has an incredible ability to do everything with his voice. but maybe it wasn’t fluid enough.

  24. All country acts get a bonus. You need to subtract about 10 points to get it to make sense.

  25. Only taking half an hour to get thru this, all so an annoying singer gets stolen

  26. It’s already half an hour and we only went through one KO lmao

  27. There’s 1 wasted steal (Kevin will probably be among the first voted out)

  28. morgan vs ORLANDO AND CHELLO?
    LOL if morgan loses this camila can piss off for all i care

  29. his battle was montaged and his audition was in the first week so he hasn’t been shown in a while

  30. Someone explain the Morgan hype to me. She’s got nothing unique or interesting about her.

  31. She’s been pimped a lot + huge voting potential + can sing a variety of genres

  32. She’s been pimped a lot + huge voting potential + can sing a variety of genres


  34. Oh yah. Camila had to keep her four chair turn, so we get to hear Orlando butcher another song. Poor Ava Lynn.

  35. and then pairs him against not only her other 4 chair turn but arguably her front runner :D

  36. one verse in and he’s done LMAO
    morgan’s gonna blow him out of the water, sorry dude
    should have played the chello smh

  37. Despite my criticism of Morgan’s performance, she’s about 5x better than either guy. Camila definitely set her up for the easy win.

  38. Well Morgan has this! I love country but his voice is NOT for that song!

  39. 2 EPIC Battles down. Also an hour of the show gone. Not a single good performance.

    i said <5% difference and that's more than double but COUNTRY BIAS IS EVIDENT YEEHAW BABY
    also i am cackling at chello with 6% LMAOOO

  41. Well I kinda hate this song but Orlanda sang it well. And as he should he conveyed the message.

  42. I actually got to watch the knockouts of season 20 live the coaches actually give lots of criticism they just dont show it

  43. I’m kind of shocked they aren’t editing out the critical comments.

    i’d pick morgan frame 1

  45. thank you camila for using your brain!
    saying it again, morgan’s gonna be in the finale. she might just win this thing.

  46. Wow, I listen to country music and they must have heard something different in that room than I did at home. It’s a fav song of mine, but his voice just did not do it for me, and I took that into consideration. It’s like Blake– he can’t sing just any song, all about the right song…

  47. john: “i think orlando gave the best performance during this round”
    john flopping AGAIN

  48. At this point I would expect Camilla to pick Chello because she seems so out of it for the show.

  49. Blake is funny we boxing to Love Sweet Love. God what a disastrous night so far.

  50. Those two losers had no chance against her. Glad they´re both gone, and they should stop singing for our sake.

  51. ooooh the chances of kim destroying the sisters has increased

  52. John with a very solid lie. He planned this perfectly for Parjiita

  53. john you say you love coaching country singers but you suck at doing it

  54. Something happened between rehearsal and now, because that is not it.

  55. Parejita is amazing – lovely voice, excellent phrasing, and conveys the song – she got my full attention and respect.

  56. My poor Kara was eliminated so we had to hear Peyton butcher another song

  57. She sounds flat too and phrasing is off. I like her tone but she is not in the pocket.

  58. Seems like I remember this girl being one of the best but she sounds WAY off tune.

  59. This is a sad night for knockout performances! They should be better than this! The battles were better overall!

  60. Don’t know how Blake is saying he “sang the hell out of it”.

  61. I do not understand this show. They should get as much material on youtube as they can.

  62. Too bad choosing none of them is not an option and letting the coach choose someone else who was let go. heh.

  63. I’m here but gotta wait until the videos are posted to form any opinion.

  64. Hopefully, there is one vocal I care about before the night is over

  65. i like all of them! and with the EPIC STEAL two of them are staying yay
    but one is leaving :(

  66. I know it won’t happen, but couldn’t John and Blake each steal one?

  67. I still haven’t forgiven Gwen for cutting Troy Ritchie for doing exactly this with the same song.

  68. Who would have thought the kids would be the best trio of the night.

  69. Yup.

    But she also said that Troy was disrespectful to the song, which was a nutty comment.

  70. He is too annoyed by the kids walking up and down the street lol. He does not like anyone intruding on his property ha.

  71. Move into my neighborhood, 2 kids at 530 and no more so more candy for me!

  72. His dancing was super entertaining and I thought he did the lyrics well, especially for that much dancing and he did throw in some somewhat funny entertaining stuff but definitely nothing disrespectful.

  73. They go here until 10 or 10:30. The last kids were taller than me (and I am tall), I would bet they were out of high school by a long shot and all were dressed as clowns. Kinda creepy really.

  74. Damn that lower register. I’ll be surprised if Gwen doesn’t pick him not even seeing the other two.

  75. hmm i wonder why they put kique first, the order of the performances in taping was based on alphabetical order

  76. I think Gwen gave her bad advice…not to concentrate on the singing.

  77. Desiree some beautiful counter tones there – but also a bit shaky in parts but I think it was a difficult song especially since she carried a heavy load in the way it was arrange.

  78. Such a shame too, because she has a killer voice. I think Kique’s performance rattled her.

  79. Kique could honestly be a contender after that if he keeps it up

  80. Agree, a noble effort but perhaps a different song would have allowed her to shine

  81. I have to relisten but I’m sure it was good just not as great as her past stuff

  82. Kique won this easily but rowan def deserves a steal

    Sorry destiny :(

  83. This is not doing it for me. Parts feel a bit rushed. She threw away too many notes. Some excellent moments but overall, meh. Nice ending.

  84. She has the Billy Joel vibes here. I really like her simple approach – no need for acrobatics to deliver a song that will connect.

  85. Rowan was solid, but I think she should have slowed the tempo down a bit more. Kique won this for me.
    Destiny deserves better :( I hope she’s proud of what she’s done

  86. Oh thought these were John’s lol Yeah Gwen then. (I have to keep answering the door, so missing some).

  87. Hi dude, and I will! Everyone seems to be going nuts about him. I trust the blog.

  88. Wow I thought it would be Camila or maybe John. Not Blake, but of course he wants to keep Gwen’s contestants if they are good.

  89. Erika was also robbed. Oh, to be a woman in a singing competition during those times…

  90. Have a gn all! Have a happy Halloween and will see you all tomorrow

    Blake got a good one, I think he can bring out a lot of good from Rowan

  92. Destiny I’m so sorry you got eliminated here – your performance was not perfect but you are a blessed soul who deserves great things

  93. huh?
    edit: nvm you’re talking about the president stuff i thought you were talking school stuff LISTEN I’VE BEEN WORKING NONSTOP FOR THE PAST COUPLE DAYS I’M TIRED

  94. That was an emergency, one trio only. This is the format for the whole round

  95. WHAT?
    I thought for sure that bodie was gonna be last place, that’s a pleasant surprise!

  96. I’m prob gonna sound awful but Orlando just cannot sing my god

  97. This format is a bit bizarre. I am not sure I like so much attention to rehearsals. As I would like to judge them solely on the stage performance. Also the threesome perhaps adds to the pressure – and makes it harder than even if we saw solo performances.

  98. and then pairs him against not only her other 4 chair turn but arguably her front runner :D

  99. I am with Amy Beth, she can sing but she is rather ordinary to my ear

  100. she should have pulled out the guitar and just went full acoustic this arrangement lags in spots IMO

  101. Camilla told her to make all these hand motions. Very distracting!

  102. Wish she approached the song differently. She ruined it for me with the arrangement

  103. The bombasticness of the singing conflicts with the message of the lyrics.

  104. imagine being orlando and having to perform after that with some bad country singing yeehaw

  105. She was singing “the world needs love, whether it wants it or not!”.

  106. That was like directing traffic – and I think she was so busy waving her arms it didn’t convey the heartfelt message she wanted. But she sang it well enough. Not a big fan of her tone even if she can do quite a bit with range and strength of her voice.

  107. Camila, you were wrong. Had Morgan walked out on that stage and quietly approached that song, with her depth of feeling, it would have been a showstopper. No matter how lovely her voice, that ended up being a bit of a mess. Almost an angry mess.

  108. Morgan Myles / Chello / Orlando Mendez. I’ll start with Orlando, who I thought came in third place in this grouping. He sounded fine earlier in the song, but I thought he totally messed up “eagle as it was flying.” Then it got worse from there. When he said, “C’mon,” I was done. Dude, are you not listening to the lyrics? Song is about what you’d do if you learned you were dying. Ypu’re not trying to pump up the audience. Chello came in second, in my view. He’s musical and acquitted himself pretty well. But Morgan Myles stole that trio of performances. I was skeptical about her song choice. But when she got to “Lord, we don’t need another meadow,” I knew she had it in the bag. She was totally connected and committed to the lyrics. I felt her, and I believed every word.

  109. Orlando lost his battle. At least when he loses tonight it is good riddance. This is horrible.

  110. how this guy made it this far is beyond me and he is a four chair turn my god today

  111. watch morgan win by <5% because country gets a plus just for country
    chello's gonna have single digit numbers i bet

  112. well, Bodie was my single performance that I liked most. And Morgan (tho too much gesturing)

  113. I can’t find videos of any more of the performances, so I guess I can only comment on those who won their knockouts?

  114. no problem they were never as mainstream as TLC, Destiny’s Child or, En Vogue

  115. She sounded nervous for the first time

    Still love her tone thou

  116. here is Camilla waving her arms all of out of beat like AI mosh pit. hahaha

  117. i think this is good! i guess i’m in the minority here

  118. 17? She looks in her mid to late 30’s, so a bit shocked she is only 17.

    edited to add…I am not trying to be unkind, I had no idea she was only 17 so really was shocked lol.

  119. I was even more impressed when I listened a second time. Bodie sounded great! I think it was a fine song choice.

  120. :-( That’s too bad. The show would be more interesting if they kept it in.

  121. Probably want to end with what they think is best vocal? Doubt it will top that tho

  122. Very neat. That was hard to maintain but start and end were perfect and fun.

  123. Heeey, how’s everyone? It’s been a minute :). Watching some of the KOs right now, really enjoyed Morgan and was slightly uninspired by Parijita. It was a little too polished for me I guess, I need a little more grit on that song.

  124. Question for Bostonred, if he sees this. With the caveat that I wasn’t able to watch all the vocals, it felt to me like the knockouts were set up for one of the three contestants to win. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the three-way knockouts on The Voice France seemed much closer, with some real pain about losing the contestants that didn’t move on. For the most part, the contestants who moved on seemed obvious choices. Not a lot of tension or excitement here.

  125. I don’t know why someone would choose Christina. She’s arguably tougher to sing than Adele and Whitney in my opinion…a little more distinctive

  126. Hi friend! Agreed!

    Dude you have got to see kiques performance

  127. I haven’t unfortunately. But I can’t wait to see that man on my screen. For me it would feel like Nick Jonas all over again but on steroids. That man is sexy as hell.

  128. Rowan is 100% the type of non-country contestant that Blake likes to work with.

  129. Thank you for being a fighter destiny, you were a great contestant overall

  130. Bodie / Kevin / The Dryes: That worked out pretty well. I thought Bodie won fair and square. I could have used a little more energy from him at the beginning of the song, but he did really well singing pop. Kevin is talented, but John nailed the problem: the transition from chest voice to falsetto seemed forced and unsmooth. That said, I’m not mad he was stolen (at least until someone more deserving of a steal comes along and there are no steals left, lol). That is the best I’ve heard The Dryes sound, but I just don’t think they bring anything special to the table.

    I usually don’t like to compare contestants’ performances with those who went before them, but I have always liked Michael Lynche’s (AI Season 9) version of this song. Here is an acoustic version:

  131. I agree about Morgan. I think that song is a total bore but I enjoyed and felt her rendition. I think that out of everyone I’ve seen so far she’s probably the one I’d most likely listen to post-show.

  132. Yeah the knockouts on TVF hurt a lot, I almost stopped watching because it felt like a slaughter house. My favorite performance of the entire season was in that round and didn’t make it through. So far here they feel extremely one-sided.

  133. There is zero surprise. I don’t understand why NBC wants the show to be so boring. The opposite of must-watch TV.

  134. Ok, now let’s hear the author sing. Or let me follow you in IG, this will be fun.

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