The Voice 22 Recap: Blind Auditions 6 Live Blog (Videos)

The Voice 22 Blind Audition Dia Malai
Pictured: Dia Malai — (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC)

The Voice season 22 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend. Pop star Camila Cabello joins the panel.  Carson Daly returns as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition performances right here.

By the end of the Blind Auditions, a top 56 will emerge.

The winner receives a cash prize and a recording contract with Republic Records, among other announced prizes.

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Austin Montgomery – 19 – I Can’t Help it (If I’m Still In Love With You) by Hank Williams Sr.

Austin’s video clip starts in black and white as he drives an old car on dirt roads and explains how he’s an “old soul” who loves old school country. But he modernizes it! He bought the old car at 15, and he rebuilt it himself. His grandfather inspired him to learn songs by Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. He works with his Dad at his screen printing business in Texas. Gwen turned first. She thinks he sounds like Elvis. Not quite. His voice is reedy and thin, and he sings with a fast vibrato. Camila turns. But when Blake hits his button, Austin points at him.

Gwen freaks out when she learns he’s 19. John can hear the LEGENDS in his voice. But he didn’t turn. Blake suggests that Austin ask who wrote and sang that song. OOPS. Of course, Gwen and Camila had no idea. I mean, why are they even trying. Blake calls him a gift and adds, “We can do this right.” Camila tries to appeal to him as a person who is around the same age. He doesn’t care, clearly. Gwen says “If you don’t pick me, don’t pick Camila.” Camila’s pitch is ridiculous. She’d be in over her head with this guy. “I’m going with Blake for sure,” says Austin. Of course he is. He should have been a 1 chair turn – Gwen, Camila and Blake turn, Austin picks Team Blake

Dia Malai – 26 – Real Love by Mary J. Blige

She’s the youngest of four from Queens, New York. Previous to The Voice, she played a bunch of local venues. The first time she heard her dad sing was a John Legend song. A couple of years ago, he caught COVID and died. She’s very emotional about that. She hopes that John turns.  John digs it. Nobody else needs to turn around now! Dia is energetic and fun. She’s got great rhythm–a real natural and a good performer. 

John  loves her energy and confidence and feels lucky that he doesn’t have to fight for her. Camila compliments her personality. Blake is feeling some regret. He believes Dia has star power. – Only John Turned

The Little Miss – 31 – You Were Meant for Me by Jewel

This Los Angeleno’s real name is Haley Johnson, which she calls “boring.” The stage name comes from her dad who called her “little miss.” She grew up listening to a bunch of genres. She moved to LA from San Diego, and she wound up getting a day job as a teacher. Her performance is edited down which means only one thing. NO TURN. Probably because she’s pitchy and has a weird tone. Gwen thinks about it for a minute, but doesn’t turn. Camila didn’t know this very famous Jewel song.Blake can’t believe it. He wishes he had hit his button. “You should come back,” says Camila – No Turns

Benny Weag – Shivers by Ed Sheeran

Benny, a pop singer, is montaged. Surprisingly, Blake turns for him, which Camila notes. “You tone’s great, great pocket,” Blake explains. Benny worked for the post office for a couple of years, but is now doing music full time.

Jillian Jordyn – 17 – Issues by Julia Michaels

John and Gwen hit their buttons fast. Jillian notices and grins. Her dad is backstage in tears. She’s got a very dramatic voice. She’s got some pitch issues, though. Still, she like a singer who could do Broadway. She sings with a passionate break in her voice. She needs a bit more refinement, but she’s good. She’s an emotional teen who can’t contain her emotions. 

John and Gwen compare her to Julia Michaels. Gwen throws out that they worked together. “I’m going to text her,” Gwen promised. She noticed that she lost control of the song a little when they turned. But Gwen chalks that up to age. Jillian, a little starstruck, picks Gwen – John and Gwen turn, Jillian picks Team Gwen

Hanny Ramadan – 23 – Round Here by Counting Crows

Hanny is first generation Lebanese and explains that his Muslim faith is very important to him. His video package shows him praying in a mosque in Voorhees, New Jersey, where he is from. He comes from a musical family. His dad bought him a guitar. Currently, he’s in an alternative band called Latchkey Kids. correction: the song is a cover of a counting crows song, not Blake Shelton. WHOOOPS. One difference between The Voice and both AGT and American Idol, is that the show tends to champion perfect vocals, which eliminates many rock vocalists, wich is too bad. If Manny had sung with more melody, he MIGHT have gotten a chair turn.

Gwen compliments his tone, but didn’t get the emotion because of the arrangement. Camila liked his rasp and grit, but didn’t discern anything else. If Blake spoke, the editors cut it out. He must have REALLY hated it.

Grace Bell0 – 21 – Ghosts by Justin Bieber

NBC dropped this audition earlier today. Her dad is Cuban and her mom is Sicilian. They exposed her to a wide array of music and supported her career. She’s hoping Camila turns for her. For a second, I thought she forgot her pants. The “no pants” look is a thing these days, apparenlty. But she’s actually wearing a short skirt. Heh. Anyway, she’s a pretty great vocalist. Her tone is sweet and pretty. Her head voice is lovely and she really knows how to phrase a song effortlessly. She gets 4 chairs to turn pretty fast. She keeps her cool, though!

John compares Grace to Maelyn Jarmon, the singer he won with a few years ago. I get that! Gwen compliments her runs. “There’s nobody like you on my team.” Camila compares her to Ariana Grande. Blake knows he doesn’t have a chance. But he tries. “Your voice is magical,” he says. He goes with the “pick the unexpected” angle. Camila holds up one of John’s jackets, where she wrote “Camila is a” above the word LEGEND. Hardy-har-har. And Grace picks Camila! The contest really seemed to be between Gwen and John! – 4-chair turn, Grace picks Team Camila

The Blind Auditions end on Monday, October 10, while the Battle Rounds premiere on Tuesday, October 11.


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