The Voice 21 Semi-Finals: Lana Scott Finds “Something in the Water”

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 8 Performances" Episode 2118A -- Pictured: Lana Scott -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
 Pictured: Lana Scott — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Lone Country Singer Lana Scott Washes Away The Voice Semifinals with Carrie Underwood’s “Something in the Water”

Team Blake Shelton’s Virginia country singer, Lana Scott has made it all the way to the semifinals of  The Voice Season 21 (Read our Recap). She has been the lone country singer since the Playoffs, which is why Blake saved her during the round. She has carved a path for herself and especially shined on last week’s performance of American Idol judge, Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away.”

Lana dedicated the song to her mom who encouraged the young singer to chase her dreams and was a big supporter of all her auditions. She also grew up singing in church, so the performance was very fitting for her.

I thought “Something in the Water” was going to be one of her best, as she started strong with her piercing pop-country tone. Carrie’s songs are very rangey, so this song choice was a big task. The transitions tripped Lana up a bit. Her belts were very strong, but after them, she was left out of breath, leaving her sounding a bit winded throughout. The production was excellent, however. Props to the backing singers who sounded incredible all night. She got a big choir as she transitioned to the “Amazing Grace” section of the song. Lana ended the performance smiling, seeming proud of her efforts.

John Legend noted her consistency, calling her “inspirational.” Blake Shelton called it her best performance of the season. He also mentioned the significance of the semi-final performance, calling it more important than the finale performance. Kelly Clarkson also noted this later in the show. Both veteran coaches are correct, as the semifinal round is the last opportunity for singers to fight for a spot and surprise fans.

Did Lana do enough to advance to the finals?

Lana’s best performances were ones where she showcased how light and pretty her tone can be. This happened on pop songs that she flipped, like last weeks performance that I mentioned above and on her Knockout of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams.”

Will tonight’s performance be enough for Lana to advance? Yes, country has been big on The Voice stage and the church aspect of her performance might come through with the core audience. But her vocals were somewhat lacking on a night full of star-studded performances. Her duet with Jim & Sasha Allen was fun, but vocally, it didn’t have impact when compared to Wendy Moten & Paris Winninham and Jershika Maple & Joshua Vacanti’s duets. Both of her performances were in the first hour as well which usually does performers no favors on semifinals night.

Lana has a place on stage and her tone is exceptionally unique and marketable, so if she makes it or not, she’ll be able to carve out a career for herself after the show.

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