The Voice 21 Recap: Top 5 Finale Performances (Videos)

THE VOICE -- "Live Finale Performances" Episode 2119A -- Pictured: Wendy Moten -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
Pictured: Wendy Moten — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice Top 5 perform tonight (12/13)  for YOUR VOTES and a chance to be crowned the winner of Season 21 on  tomorrow’s (12/14) Grand Finale. 

Coaches Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson each have two artists in the final, while John Legend has one. Ariana Grande lost her remaining artist last week. But she’ll be on hand to cheer the artists on.  Carson Daly serves as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the performances here.

The Voice 21 Top 5 Song Spoilers: FINALE Song Choices! (Audio)
The Voice 21 Power List/Rankings – Live Finale Top 5

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Tonight, the Top 5 artists perform two cover songs each. One song is a ballad which will serve as a special dedication, the other an uptempo song prefaced by Carson sitting down with the artist and their coach to discuss their The Voice journey.

Carson begins the show mentioning the deadly tornadoes that tore through Kentucky over the weekend. Sending out thoughts and prayers.

Hailey Mia – Team Kelly

deja vu – by Olivia Rodrigo –  Kelly wasn’t expecting to steal Hailey, she tells Carson in their sit-down. She admires the way the 14 year old singer clawed her way through the finals. Kelly thinks the song choice shows ALL of Mia’s vocal capabilities. It’s true that Mia has become more and more confident throughout the competition. Kelly knows how to work with young female singers. She’s not going to win, but she probably won’t finish fifth either. This vocal is very assured, emotional, yet fierce. The performance shows off her head voice and ability to rap! She’s doing it all here. It’s one of her best performances yet. The dancers are pillow fighting behind her. Feathers are flying!

Ariana is so proud of her. “The energy of this was so appropriate. I am so honored you were on my team.” John admires her control and her demeanor. “You’re rising to every challenge.” Kelly loved the staging, her attitude, her angst. 

Paris Winningham – Team Blake

Me and Mrs Jones by Billy Paul – Paris chokes up as he reads a letter to his adoptive father, to whom he’s dedicating the performance. “I love you more than life itself,” he says.  Paris’s performance is beautifully delivered. His voice is powerful! But he’s also predictable. 20 or 30 years ago, he could have hit the charts and had the ladies swooning. He probably still is. But this stuff is pretty dated. He’s twirling around one of the background dancers like a player!

“I love you so much,” gushes Ariana. “I could watch that exact thing for hours.” John says, “You are such a classic soul vocalist.” Paris started on John’s team. “You are such a gifted artist.” Blake thinks he’ll be a hit on the concert circuit. He calls his style a “sneak attack.”

Girl Named Tom – Team Kelly

The Chain by Fleetwood Mac – Carson sits down with Kelly and GNT to look back at their time on The Voice. The trio confesses that they planned to choose Blake at first. River charted on iTunes at No. 1. Will they hit No. 1 tonight? Fans have been calling for this particular song all season. So here they are.  This family group is at their best when they harmonize. The female lead singer, Bekah, is very good, and should sing most of the solos. But they could eschew solos completely and still be incredible. It’s one of the group’s most energetic performances of the season. The end coda is thrilling. 

Blake insists the group is country, no matter what they say. “You always have an incredible game plan…you always sound perfect.” Kelly says they had the song in their back pocket, and it was the perfect time to pull it out. She thanks them for not picking Blake!

Jershika Maple – Team Legend

I’m Goin’ Down by Mary J. Blige – Jershika dedicates her ballad to a special group of people. “I am who I am today because of my church community,” she reads from a letter. They helped her embrace her gift. Once again Jershika hits the stage and leaves it ALL THERE. Jershika’s sturdy vocals never falter. It’s like the holy spirit takes over when she’s in the thick of it. She deserves her spot in the final. Standing ovation from the coaches. Carson cracks a joke about the background dancers, who were going for a nightclub vibe and ended up being a distraction. “I thought it was Dancing with the Stars back there!”

Kelly chides herself for giving up Jershika for John to steal. “I’m just such an idiot!” she says. “You are the one who got away from me.” John calls her powerful and soulful. He thanks Kelly profusely for giving her up. “You are such a gift,” he says. 

Next, it’s a video package promoting the upcoming Winter Olympics. Blake Shelton is curling! Team members join Blake in the studio. They gift him with a “stateside captain” shirt. He schticks about wanting to be a team member. The games begin on NBC Feb 3. 

Now, Kelly Clarkson takes the stage to sing “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You).” Take that Brandon Blackstock. It’s from her new Holiday album. Later tonight, she’ll perform again on the Tonight Show

Wendy Moten – Team Blake

How Will I Know? by Whitney Houston – Wendy auditioned for The Voice because she wanted to become a solo artist again. Also, for Nashville singer Wendy, choosing Blake as coach was a no-brainer. Despite breaking bones after a nasty slip, she had no doubt she’d finish the competition. The staging for these songs have been over the top, and kind of weird. Dancers on roller skates? Why? I’m not a big fan of this song choice. TIRED TIRED TIRED. It’s straight up Whitney karaoke. Like she usually does, she adds some of her own flavor at the end. “That sounded exactly like the record,” said Carson. Meaning it as a compliment. But that’s actually the problem with the performance. 

Ariana notes that she sings Whitney Houston with even more range. “That is one of the greatest live vocal performances that I’ve ever heard,” Blake declares hyperbolically. 

Hailey Mia – Team Kelly

idon’twannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish – Hailey dedicates her song to “all the little boys and all the little girls.” She urges young people to accept themselves the way they are. Kelly did a good job picking songs for Mia that show everything she can do. She’s a versatile singer who can sing with both power and tenderness. She’s the most marketable of all the finalists, a tween chanteuse. Kelly should get on Atlantic to sign her, like she did for season 14 winner Brynn Cartelli.

John calls it his favorite performance of hers. He loved her edge and tone. “Just beautiful.” Kelly says, “You were just dripping with amazing tone.” Kelly believes she’s grown the most out of everyone in the competition. 

Paris Winningham – Team Blake

Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan and Rufus – Carson thinks his performance of “Tennessee Whiskey” cemented his future. Afterwhich, Blake stole him from John. Paris thinks nobody will expect a guy to cover Chaka. It’s really not that surprising. Dudes flip female songs all the time! Especially on singing shows. But in this performance, Paris does step out of his comfort zone. He puts his own stamp on the song, accentuating the verses with intense growls and adlibs. On the last chorus, Paris does his trademark hat toss! Digging this performance more than his first. He’s in it to win it. 

Kelly calls his vocals “insane.” and “so talented.” Ariana grabbed his hat and puts it on her head. “I’m really winning tonight,” she jokes. Blake believes Paris deserves to win this show as well.

Girl Named Tom – Team Kelly

Baby Now That I’ve Found You by The Foundations (Alison Krauss) – Each of the siblings read letters to the other two. It’s very sweet. Bekah is crying. Joshua is crying. Everyone is crying! So, there actually is country in this finale. The trio performs the Alison Krauss cover of the 60s classic. There’s banjo and fiddle accompaniment. It’s lovely. Bekah is singing lead and she’s SO GOOD. Joshua is a decent solo singer. Caleb should stick to harmonies. He’s like, the Dennis Wilson of the trio. 

Ariana calls it stunning. She calls them “ethereal.” She loves the solo moments. Kelly calls the performance “crazy beautiful” and a “flawless performance.” A light or something went on the fritz and was noisey, until Carson stepped back and took care of it himself!

Jershika Maple – Team Legend

Rolling in the Deep by Adele – John considered Kelly giving up Jershika “a gift to me.” He calls her “truly one of the best vocalists I’ve worked with.” She was instantly saved twice! John advises she sing it like a preacher. She plans on bringing plenty of “stank face.” Whoever is styling Jershika? She looks beautiful tonight! And as far as that stank face is concerned, she’s bringing plenty of attitude, grit and excitement to the stage. Wow. That was a showstopper! 

John is hooting and hollering. “Oh my God! What a performance,” he gushes. “There is no one like you!” He calls her technically good, soulful and a fighter. 

Wendy Moten – Team Blake

Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland (Patti LaBelle) – Wendy dedicates the song to the two cities that shaped her–Memphis and Nashville. At 16 she won a talent contest singing “Over the Rainbow.” The song gives Wendy the opportunity to show off her massive, massive range. She hits that Patti Labelle high note at the end. It’s the perfect pimp spot song. Congratulations to her for finishing the competition, even with setbacks. She did her thing.

John calls her voice flawless and perfect. She makes it so easy, he says, it’s almost an insult to singers who work so hard. Blake says “we have never seen anyone like her in 21 seasons.” Blake makes sure to help her off the stage!

Tomorrow’s finale begins at 9 pm ET/PT.


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