The Voice 21 Live Playoffs Top 20 Polls – Predict the Results!

Pictured: Gymani — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice season 21 is LIVE. On Monday, the Top 20 performed in real time for viewers votes (Read our Recap). Tomorrow night (Nov 9) Three artists from each team will advance to the Top 13 finals. And an instant vote will determine who takes the 13th spot.

The night went by in a blur, as these Live Playoffs usually do. Remember the days when two teams performed on Monday, two on Tuesday and then the results aired on Wednesday? That was back when The Voice garnered MASSIVE ratings. Now, they merely beat almost everything on the network, but sometimes not by much. Still, not too shabby!

But I digress. It’s hard to choose favorites right now. Nevertheless, with a handful of exceptions, the singing was strong.

The weakest link? Team Ariana. The three weakest performances were from her team members. Jim and Sasha Allen were 100% off their game, with plenty of off key singing. Sasha has laryngitis, but his dad wasn’t exactly keeping the act together. Raquel Trinidad chose a song that revealed all of her vocal weaknesses. She should have performed another uptempo number. And Bella DeNapoli, who has had some great performances, seemed to wilt under pressure. The live shows weed out the artists who can’t hang. Holly Forbes should consider herself lucky to have wound up on Ariana’s weak team. She will probably advance with no competition.

Kelly has Girl Named Tom, Gymani, and Hailey Mia as strong contenders. Jeremy Rosado and Katie Rae are also strong singers! Shadale, Jershika Maple and Samuel Harkness are front runners on Team Legend. But don’t NOT rule out that luxurious head of hair, David Vogel. (OK I grew up in Pennsylvania where I knew several Vogels who pronounced their name with a hard g. Just saying.)

As the only country music singer in the competition, Lana Scott could make it all the way to the finals on Team Blake. Wendy Moten is making it to the Top 13, because Blake will force the issue. But will The Voice fans actually vote for an older R&B singer? (They typically don’t).

Last Week’s Poll Results: Girl Named Tom (18.26%), Wendy Moten (10.18%), Samuel Harness (7.27%) and Bella DeNapoli (6.79%) were your Top 4 Top 20 contestants. Your favorite Teams: Team Kelly (41.46%), Team Blake (30.08%), Team Legend (16.26%), Team Ariana (12.20%) (See full results HERE).

So what do you think? Vote in our POLLS. Look for PREDICTIONS tomorrow afternoon.


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