The Voice 21: Joshua Vacanti Finds Footing with ‘You Will Be Found’ Video

The Voice Live Top 13 Performances - Joshua Vacanti
Pictured: Joshua Vacanti — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 21 Top 13: Joshua Vacanti Finds His Footing with “You Will Be Found”

Joshua Vacanti’s message came through strong; one about fitting in during his youth and high school years. He found himself in theater, and the message of his song choice was special to him as he dedicated it to his music and drama teacher. It’s a beautifully penned song from Ben Platt off the soundtrack of the Broadway musical that was recently adapted into a film, Dear Evan Hansen. This performance, featuring soaring vocals, was his biggest moment to date (Read our Recap).

Many fans on social media have suggested Joshua cover Ben Platt. The Broadway singer’s tone suits Joshua’s voice very well. His phrasing was one of his strong suits during this performance as he made the lyrics come alive. He let loose more than he did previously. It was a smart move on his part to go full-on theatrical as it allowed him to display his range and flat out sing. When the background vocals came in, his voice  truly soared. Even if I am not a huge fan, I respect Joshua and acknowledge this as one of the best performances of the night.

Ariana Grande won’t let John Legend forget that he blocked her

Ariana Grande has always been a big fan of Joshua and called the performance a “stunning” one. An ongoing theme this season is how Ariana is mad that John Legend blocked her from getting Joshua on her team. John calls his performance “beautiful” and notes how he showed his “full self.” 

Across socials. fans commented that they weren’t a Joshua fan, but felt this performance was a very strong effort. Even a few said they had never voted for him, but they will after this performance. However, it still seems like Joshua isn’t getting as much as support, based simply off social media reactions and views. But it is still early, so maybe that will change.

Joshua may have done enough to avoid the bottom 3

He’s a tough one to predict, as last week, he seemed to lack a fanbase, but then viewers voted him through. He is somewhat polarizing compared to the typical performer that we have seen on The Voice stage, so that is another reason he is tough to place.

Without team quotas, could both he and Shadale end up in the bottom? Fellow team member Jershika Maple (Watch her performance HERE) is probably safe. But Team Legend has had a tough time gaining votes in the past, so we will just have to see how popular his team members are this time around. If Joshua does end up singing for the instant save, he has a shot to win it as he has shown the ability to come through with strong vocals in a live setting. It is very possible that Team Ariana and Team John vocalists will make up the bottom 3, as Team Blake Shelton and Team Kelly Clarkson artists are the strongest overall.


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