The Voice 21: Jershika Maple Brings Kelly Clarkson to Tears (Video)

The Voice --Live Top 13 Performances - Jershika Maple
Pictured: Jershika Maple — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 21 Top 13: Jershika Maple Sings Massive Christian Hit “God Only Knows”

Tonight, was a fairly strong night, but it was highlighted by Team John Legend’s, Jershika Maple, a 25-year-old Texan security guard. She is slowly becoming one of the most exciting performers in the entire competition, showing new layers each week. With each moment, she may last longer than I originally thought. Last week, she tackled the Four Season’s “Beggin’” which was risky, but tonight she went to her Gospel roots. She has recorded Gospel music outside of the show. (Read our Recap)

In her video package, Jershika talked about being held back after 4th grade due to dyslexia. She dedicates her song to her teachers and talks to them over a facetime call.

Jershika’s song choice, “God Only Knows,” is a massive Christian hit from For King & Country. It won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song and it was the #2 Christian song of 2019 on Billboard’s charts as well as #1 for airplay. It was so big that it saw remixes from Timbaland and Dolly Parton respectively. This is a song choice that should resonate with the Christian audience which has historically proven to be a big audience. Often, singers move on after performing a Christian hit.

Jershika’s rendition further gospelified the song. The original is a bit more pop/rock centric. Her range is something that has, and will keep taking her far. To take advantage of  her powerful upper register, the singer raised the key and John raised it even further.

Her tone cut through the entire performance, as she wore her heart on her sleeve. It was almost as if she was preaching. Jershika’s performance was the so powerful that it gave me chills. The only singer to do that. It had me getting emotional. Kelly Clarkson became emotional too, crying midway through the number. Kelly has a tendency to be more emotional than some others that have served on the panel, but I felt everything that Kelly felt. 

Jershika received a Standing O from all 4 coaches

Kelly calls Jershika, “a beautiful, majestic messenger” which is exactly how I’d describe her. She exclaims, “I’m such an idiot” before noting that if she loses, she wants it to be because of her former team member, Jershika. John calls her “inspiring” for taking us on a spiritual mission.

I bet we see Jershika join the Top 11. Is she one of your favorite competitors?

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