The Voice 20 Recap: Semi-finals Top 9 Performances Live Blog (VIDEO)

Pictured: Cam Anthony — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

 The Voice season 20 LIVE shows continue with the Semi-finals.  Nine singers will perform solos and trios for your votes tonight. The Top 5 will be revealed tomorrow (May 18). 

Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Nick Jonas will be on hand to guide their team members. Carson Daly hosts.

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Also, The Voice 18 finalist Ian Flanigan joins his coach Blake Shelton to perform his new single, “Grow Up.”

Nick reveals that he cracked ribs after falling off a bike. TMZ reported he went to the hospital after an accident over the weekend. “I’ve been better,” Nick admitted.  The 

Victor Solomon – I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe – Team John Legend

He’s a celebrity now on the campus where he teaches. Victor chose his own song to honor his church background. His mom has been asking about gospel music week after week, and now he makes her happy. Showing such a powerful and moving side of himself should help Victor make it into the finale.  He’s got the full gospel choir backing him. This is certainly the right song at exactly the right time. Kelly calls it “so beautiful….you’re so moving, you have such a gift.” Nick says, “You brought me right back to church….Team Legend is showing up.” John appreciates his versatility and thinks he has it in him to be a minister if he wants. 

Jordan Matthew Young – Rose Colored Glasses by John Conlee – Team Blake Shelton

“I’m just a working class musician,” I wish he’d stop that. His parents own their own business. He may work with his hands, but he’s hardly working class. Having said that! Blake saved him last week instead of Anna Grace. Go figure. His dad grew up on a farm, and listened to country music, while Jordan has played lots of different genres. Blake feels that Jordan’s soulful sound is very marketable. This is actually a good song choice for Jordan, as far as being a match for his voice. However, Kenzie will probably soak up the country vote tonight. Kelly called the song “perfect.” She compares him to Travis Tritt. Blake compliments his “incredible” job.

Cam Anthony, Corey Ward and Kenzie Wheeler – Fooled Around and Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop

Well, this is an interesting trio, comprised of wildly different artists. Well actually, it’s Kenzie who is out of place. But the three make it work, more or less. Mostly because they’re all very good vocalists. Kelly is so excited, she’s throwing stuff on stage. 

Pia Renee – Turn Your Lights Down Low by Bob Marley- Team John Legend

I could not find her studio recording online anywhere today. Hopefully it will be available soon. John saved Pia last week, who considers reggae her roots, and wants to stay true to that.  But this is not the type of song that propels a contestant into a finale. “Pia doesn’t fit in, she stands out,” says John. This is a good arrangement, which allows her to deliver a little drama with the reggae. AND SHE’S RAPPING WOW. This week’s performance is way better than last week. However, NO WAY she beats John Solomon for a spot in the finale. “You do look like a star already,” gushes Kelly. She calls the rap amazing. Nick agrees, “It’s like watching an award show performance.” he compares her to Lauryn Hill. “I am so proud of you,” says John. 

Next, Season 18 3rd place finisher, Ian Flanigan takes the stage to perform his new single “Grow Up” with his former coach Blake Shelton playing guitar and singing backgrounds. Currently, Ian is signed to Reviver Records and is still traveling the country playing gigs in a glowed up camper with his family.

Rachel Mac – Human by Christina Perri – Team Nick Jonas

Rachel promises that although she’s a Blake stan, she loves having Nick as her coach. She may love Nick more than Blake at this point. Rachel confesses she endured depression so bad at one point, she considered suicide. Nick thinks the 16 year old has so much potential beyond the show. Rachel’s upper register is a little iffy tonight, but after a rocky start, she brings the song home. It’s a very bold and emotional performance. She didn’t hold back. She bares her soul on stage. “You gave us the full range of emotion on stage tonight,” says John. “Job well done,” says Kelly. Nick is proud of her bravery. “You nailed the vocal performance.”  

Corey Ward – Arcade by Duncan Laurence – Team Kelly Clarkson

Corey was “instantly saved” via the wildcard last week. A bad breakup inspired the song choice. Kelly helps him with the phrasing. In a less competitive season, Corey might get into the final. But probably not this season, unless he wins the Instant Save…again. But he’s a unique and emotional singer. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and that is appealing. Blake thinks he’s making some headway. “I think you have a shot,” he says. Kelly says it felt like he made the touchdown. She thinks he’s a “real man.” She loved the vocal execution. 

Dana Monique, Pia Renee and Victor Solomon – Shining Star by Earth Wind and Fire

This is a fantastic matchup. OMG John’s wearing a huge afro wig. And this performance is as fabulous as you expected it to be. CHOREOGRAPHY AND EVERYTHING. Sooooo Funky. DANA PIA AND JOHN WIN AT LIFE.

Gihanna Zoe  – Reflection (from Mulan) by Christina Aguilera – Team Kelly Clarkson

Gihanna’s mom joins her in the mentor session. She’s very enthusiastic! A senior in high school, Gihanna is trying to decide whether to go to college or not. Kelly calls her a musical baby of Beyonce and P!nk. Covering Christina is a very tall order, but Gihanna is having her star search moment here, ball gown and all. She’s a little pitchy here and there, however. The song may be a little bit too big for her. Nick calls her an “absolute star” and the performance “a moment for you.” Nick compliments her poise and control. “You delivered,” says Kelly. “You did such a great job.” Kelly calls her pitchiness “brokenness” and a good thing. Not sure about that.

Gihanna Zoe,  Jordan Matthew Young and Rachel Mac – Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Even Carson admits what a weird group it is. The grown up Jordan singing with the two teen female contestants. And it’s as awkward and mismatched as you’d expect. It’s objectively the weakest trio of the three. VERY WEIRD. Jordan plays guitar, and the group is flanked by the band and background singers to make it seem less pervy. 

Dana Monique – Leave the Door Open  by Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak – Team Nick Jonas

She loves her granny, who is following Dana’s journey despite battling cancer. The Team Nick singer is the first artist to perform this song on The Voice. Nick thinks she perfectly blends the throwback with the contemporary. Bruno does the same, so he’s a good fit for her.  But there is a reason why the song hasn’t been sung on The Voice, or any singing show. The melody has a bunch of LA LA LA LA LAs in it, and doesn’t have the makings of a vocal tour de force.  In the end, it’s not a good song choice. “You deserve a standing ovation,” says John. “A star is born tonight,” Nick insists.

Cam Anthony – It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men  – Team Blake Shelton

Blake thinks Cam has a heart of gold, and it comes through. Cam chose the song. It reminds him of his grandfather and uncle, who passed away in 2018.  He begins a cappella. His intonation is perfect. Really, Cam is a superb singer. His phrasing is gorgeous. So simple, yet evocative. He should have been chosen to close the show with that performance.  John is shouting, he’s so impressed. He calls sthe song a test for a vocalist. “You knocked it out of the park.” Kelly calls it incredible. “That was brilliant,” she says. “This guy’s a superstar,” says Blake. 

Kenzie Wheeler – He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones – Team Kelly Clarkson

Kelly notes that Kenzie suggested the song. Her grandma used to play it in her car. It’s her favorite. The verse is a little low for him. Kenzie is never pitchy, but he is a little bit here. He picked the song because he loves it, but he could have picked better songs for his voice, I think. OMG. He’s doing the talking part. Those old country songs with the talking parts. He belts out the last chorus, which is the best part of the performance. Nevertheless, Kenzie will sail into the finals. Nick loves that Blake is so jealous. Kelly calls him her favorite country music singer ever, even out of the greats. Oop. It might be a little awk when her country winner Jake Hoot joins her on stage tomorrow night. 


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