The Voice 20 Recap: Blind Auditions 5 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" Episode 2005 -- Pictured: Savanna Woods -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Pictured: Savanna Woods — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 20 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Nick Jonas rejoins the panel after a season off. Carson Daly returns as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition 5 performances right here.

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Savanna Woods – Zombie by The Cranberries – 26 – Stanwood WA – Born into a musical family, Savanna has been singing and writing her entire life. Her mom has muscular dystrophy and needs to be taken care of. Over the past three years, Savanna has travelled all over the world and posted her experiences. Her take on the song isn’t particularly original, but she has an appealing raspy rock tone. Nick turns right away, Kelly at the very last minute. Nick finds out Kelly turned and he’s all WUT!!! He loved the juxtaposition between big vocals and a laid back vibe. He mentions working with Thunderstorm Artis, also a folky, laid back artist. Kelly loved the powerful moments in the chorus, but also her pretty head voice. “Bottom line, I think you’re cool as hell,” she says. “Patty Griffin and Nirvana had a baby, and I really liked it!” Nick stresses that he turned first. And then he starts with that Hollywood shtick which was past its sell date a few episodes ago. In the end Savanna chooses Kelly. Which is why Nick was so bummed when he realized she hit her button. – Nick and Kelly turn, Savanna picks Kelly

Rachel Mac – Let Him Fly by Patty Griffin – 15 – Romeo MI – She lives with her dad, who introduced the young artist to music. She has a great relationship with her mom, however. Her dad remarried. One day they came home, and his wife cleaned out the house and left. The experience left Rachel scarred. Dad was a worship leader, so she sang at the church. She’s also involved with her high school marching band. She’s excited to audition, because SHE LOVES BLAKE SHELTON. Oh. She’s got a very grown up sound, with an unusual tone and interesting phrasing. She does this trembly thing with her voice that could be annoying, but somehow it’s not. Great range, too. But only Nick turns. Pitch problems probably got in the way. When Blake turns his chair, she loses her mind “Sorry Nick!” she says. She totally stans him. The school report that she wrote in 5th grade flashes on the screen. Oh man, Nick is so aware that she’s disappointed. John criticizes her wide vibrato, but I kinda liked that. Nick jokes that he wrote his own report about Blake.  – Only Nick Turned

Almond&Olive – Wildflowers by Tom Petty – Chicago IL – It’s a duo!. They are a male/female act, but they are NOT a couple. The woman in the pair is married to a lady. They played on the road non-stop as an acoustic folk duo for the past couple of years. The lady plays a banjo, the guy an acoustic guitar. Hm. The harmonies need to be delicate, but they aren’t quite there. Somebody should have taken a solo. Nobody turns. Kelly had a hard time hearing the harmonies, she says. Blake notes the harmonies weren’t “totally lined up.” Yeah, for an act like this to work on The Voice the harmonies need to be PERFECT.  – No Turns

Lindsay Joan – Nightmare by Halsey – 22 – San Diego Ca  – Lindsay and her mom used to watch The Voice together years ago. She started doing musical theater at 6 years old. After high school, she moved to New York. She joined a national tour of the musical Kinky Boots.  OK. She doesn’t really have a musical theater type voice. But she brings the drama of the theater with her, along with a huge vocal range. When she hits some really big notes, Blake and Nick hit their buttons. Kelly says she should have turned. Lindsay says, “You changed my life, in so many ways.” And speaking of power points, she did one of Kelly in the 4th grade. John loved her high notes. Blake mentions that he’s been doing the show  for a long time. He appreciates her charisma, calling her unstoppable. Nick is looking forward to song selection. He feels he can help her with confidence. Ultimately, Lindsay chooses Nick, the pop guy. “All I listened to growing up was Kelly Clarkson and the JoBros,” she admits.  – Nick and Blake turn, Lindsay chooses Blake

Rio Doyle – When We Were Young by Adele – 16 – Adrian MI – She has early memories of her mom singing with her band. At 15, she got into a band of her own. She opened up for her mom sometimes. Sadly, in 2016 mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which she continues to fight. Rio’s tone is very…unusual. I’m not sure I like it. Also, she’s too young to sing this song! John hits his button pretty early on. And that’s it. John can’t believe he’s alone in turning. Nick didn’t turn due to a few pitchy moments. Kelly felt that she swallowed some words. I feel how Rio stylized the song somewhat off-putting. John sings his little ditty, about how he was her only choice – Only John Turned

Jordan Matthew Young – “I’m No Stranger to the Rain” by Keith Whitley – 34 – Austin TX –  He worked for a family business, which built custom homes. He grew up “swinging a hammer.” When he joined a rock n roll band, it completely changed his life. Jordan has an outlaw country vibe going, and a comfortable sound. His tone saves him here, because he doesn’t have much range. Finally, Blake hits his button, followed by Kelly and then, surprisingly, Nick. John jokes, “Don’t pick Blake! Too obvious.” Blake thought he started off shaky, but when he found his footing, he had to hit his button. Blake dissects his sound precisely. I’m not even sure why the others bothered to turn. Oh. Probably to play some shtick with selectively edited video from Blake’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani. Nick’s pitch is pretty confusing. But it comes down to urging Jordan to make a “disruptive” choice. Oh. He says out loud that his choice is between Nick and Blake, specifically saying “Thanks but no thanks,” to Kelly. Pretty rude, actually. She won’t be stealing him, for sure. He picks Blake – Kelly, Nick and Blake turn. Jordan chooses Blake.

Tyler Kohrs – More Hearts than Mine by Ingrid Andress – 27 – Nashville TN – This country music singer was adopted by his parents. Growing up, he listened to country music with his mother. Tyler, an Asian man, tells a story about singing a lyric about “white trash,” and somebody in the audience yelling “You aren’t even white!” Geez. The performance is pleasant, but not very dynamic, so no turns. Tyler had talked earlier about lacking confidence. That probably affected his performance. Kelly loves his spirit, but noted pitch problems. Blake suggests he learn to calm down, and then come back. John urges him to keep taking risks – No Turns

Zania Alaké – Sweet Love by Anita Baker – 34 – Detroit MI – Zania is raising a 3 year and 2 year old as a single mom. She works as a banker, but really loves music.  Zania grew up in a creative household–her mom was a modern dancer. Oooh. Look at mom. She’s so elegant. For the past five years, Zania has worked with a funk band, and more recently with an R&B group. John turns immediately, for Zania’s jazzy, slowed up version of this 80’s classic. Nobody talks enough about Anita Baker, a truly great singer. Anyway, Zania sounds a little nervous and pitchy, but her tone is husky and gorgeous. Kelly turns next.  Kelly calls her voice classic and timeless “filled with butter.” John grew up on Anita Baker, he says. He felt she did the song justice. And unsurprisingly, Zania picks John. And cue “Welcome to Team Legend” – Kelly and John turn, Zania picks John

Savanna Chestnut – Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins – 25 – Americus KS – The town she grew up in has a liquor store, a gas station and that’s about it. So, she didn’t have many musical opportunities growing up. She sang in her grandparents bar. She grew up in a trailer home. At 18, she moved to Nashville. When she gigs, she plays bars and fairs, and it’s a  pretty good living, according to Savanna. She countrifies “Hold Me Now” and it doesn’t sound hokey. This is a very smart song choice. However, she won’t get a turn until she takes the song somewhere. Blake does turn, however. Kelly, I bet, is waiting for a big note, or for her to open up. Blake Shelton hunts on her Uncle’s land, it turns out. “It was a little linear for me,” says Kelly. I NAILED IT. Blake warns Savanna that he’s going to push her. That’s good, because so far she’s a better arranger than singer. – Only Blake Turned

Nadianicole – I Wanna Be Down by Brandy – 20 – Fort Lauderdale FL – Her parents are originally from Jamaica. She grew up on R&B and reggae. She performed and sang in school, and earned a scholarship at a performing arts high school in New York City. This edited down performance earns no chairs. She was pretty good, though. Nick felt the performance had shaky moments. John noticed that she was behind the beat. Kelly actually liked that she changed the pocket, but still felt some nerves. – No Turns

Anna Grace – 20 – Milwaukee WI. – My Future by Billie Eilish – We previewed this performance last week HERE. At 17, she got sick. She started shaking and her heart rate increased. Admitted to the hospital, the doctors told her parents that Anna had gone into septic shock, and that she might not make it. That brush with death gave her courage to follow her dreams. The doctors took out her gallbladder, and she was in and out of the hospital with infections for months. Sidenote: Some years ago I had internal pain that sent me to the hospital, and when the doctors realized my gallbladder was infected, it was like everyone’s hair suddenly caught on fire. I had an operation the next morning. Internal infections are serious stuff, people. When she got better, Anna taught herself instruments, and worked on her craft. Anna loves Brynn Cartelli, and would love to work with Kelly. Brynn dials in to wish her luck. BTW, Brynn has a single coming out this Friday! Kelly, John and Nick turn right away, and then Blake at the last minute. It’s a 4 chair turn. Anna’s tone is so rich and warm. And she has great musical instincts. Kelly begins coaching Anna with her breath control. Blake promises that he won’t allow “outside influences” to interfere, whatever that means. In response, Nick shows off some dumb made up memes the staff came up with. And in the end, Anna picks Kelly. She’s shocked, “I thought you were going to pick John!” – 4 chair turn, Anna picks Kelly

The Voice returns with the final Blind Auditions NEXT MONDAY March 22.




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