The Voice 2 – The Final – Recap and Videos

The Voice Final 4 compete tonight in the final performance show.  Tomorrow night at 9/8c pm, the winner of The Voice will be revealed.

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I’ve been so resistant to The Voice ever since the blind auditions ended, that I can barely remember the contestants week to week.  I can barely spell the contestants names correctly.  So it’s a good thing we’re down to 4 contestants so I can somewhat keep things straight.  Needless to say, I won’t be sorry to see The Voice end tomorrow night with the crowning of Tony Lucca.

Yeah…I just can’t see how he’s NOT going to win.  He had the most “original” performance of the night. Although the arrangement was not his. And, I’m sorry, tweeting out the information about the original artist and dropping it in a few places on The Voice site is NOT sufficient. Right now, there are millions of casual viewers who think that Tony Lucca is one brilliant musician for coming up with such an original flip of Jay Z’s “99 Problems”.  It could have been mentioned in the video package, on stage, during the judges critique. I’m going to be cynical and say the omission was deliberate in order to burnish Tony’s cred.

Still, Adam at least made an effort to take a risk–picking a song a little bit out of the box. The other 3 played it safe, and I think it will cost them the competition.

And how about that Christina Aguilera? Is she a hoot? She and her horrible outfit, and completely irrational hatred of Tony. Did something happen during their Disney days that neither is fessing up to?  But maybe Christina has a point, especially if Tony’s Jay Z cover was directed at her, per a gossip report in RadarOnline.  I’m beginning to think Mark Burnett and company planted the story to create some buzz. Hm.

Christina handed over one of Josh Groban’s most beloved songs to her team member, Chris Mann–“You Raise Me Up.” OY.  Not only was it the most predictable song choice possible for the pop opera singer, but Chris brought nothing new to the song. He really came off as a second rate Josh. That’s no way to win a contest.

Cee Lo Green remains the Worst Picker of Songs EVER, however.  Frakking “Freebird” was the best he could come up with for Juliet Simms? Even if he were sticking to the classic rock genre, there are a ton of better songs. Juliet was under the weather and it showed, but I thought she did pretty well with what she had to work with.  I still don’t think it’s enough to beat Tony.

 Blake Shelton  also picked a trite song for his team member Jermain Paul who has no chance of winning. But when he is eliminated tomorrow, he’ll go out knowing he left on the heels of his best performances in the competition.


Recap and chit chat starts off the show. Blake thinks Jermaine is a superstar. Christina isn’t feeling well.  She thinks all 4 deserve to be there. Cee Lo says Juliet Simms is the best because she’s lasted this long. Alrighty. Adam says, “Good luck everyone,”

Jermaine PaulTeam Blake – I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly – Jermaine Paul – Jermaine connects personally to this song. It’s all about his dream He cries as he talks about it. Jermaine puts about 100 notes too many in his performances. Ugh. I would be so happy if I never heard this song on a competition reality show again. SO PLAYED OUT. Jermaine is staying on key tonight, more or less. He’s holding some big notes at the end. I will say this is the best I’ve heard him all season. He’s singing his little heart out  He’s got the St. James Concert Choir singing background. Christina: I stood up. You sang with so much heart and emotion. That song was made for you. You shined like a superstar. Cee Lo: Perfect song choice. I like the way you collaborated on your look. There’s so much depth in that simplicity. Adam: You’re so powerful. You are an incredible singer. So elegant. Blake: My heart is in my throat right now. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that song until tonight. I learn things from you.   1-855- 864-2301 Text 1 to 97979

Jermaine is crying backstage with twitter chick. His parents thank God and are so proud.

Each of the contestants will perform one of their coaches’ songs as a thank you. This is, supposedly, a surprise.

Juliet Simms – “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley – Cee Lo is looking a little shellshocked. Maybe this really is a surprise.  Juliet heads down to the judges’ chairs to serenade Cee Lo. Honestly, I found that a little boring. Juliet really shines on the big songs. Mid-tempo is not her friend. Juliet thanks Cee Lo for turning around his chair for her. She loves him. 1-855- 864-2302 Text 2 to 97979

Chris Mann and Christina Aguilara – “The Prayer” by Andre Bocelli and Celine Dion – Chris says singing with Christina will be the biggest moment of his life.  She seems a little nervous to be singing a classical song.  Christina’s dress is so unflattering, it’s distracting me. Clothes that fit are a good idea.  I wouldn’t call this “singing together” exactly.  She’s yelling past him, mostly.

Tony LuccaTeam Adam – “99 Problems” by Jay Z – He credits Christina with changing the course of his run.  He would not have sung the Brittany song otherwise. Adam wants to “stir the post” a little bit, so he has Tony sing a song about “99 problems but the bitch ain’t one”  But he doesn’t sing the word “bitch” so what’s the point? Lolz at Tony sticking his microphone out into the audience where a drunk sounding woman was only too happy to sing the word.  Misogyny aside,   Tony is SOOOOO going to win. He flipped this Jay Z song into a honky tonk  country stomper and is the only contestant so far to significantly rearrange a song.  ETA: AND Tony totally “borrowed” the arrangement from this guy.  Not that anyone will notice.  Not sure how I feel abut the song itself, but it was a confident performance.  Blake: That was a lot of fun. Cool version of that song  Christina: I thought you sounded great. The lyrical connotation was derogatory towards women, but it was fun.  Cee Lo. I thought it was hard. I liked it. Adam: I’m so proud of you Tony. The intent behind the song–the use of the word “bitch”– isn’t directed at women, he explains to Christina. It’s at life in general. She doesn’t seem to be buying it.  Adam rips of his shirt to reveal a sparkly “Team Christina” shirt.  1-855- 864-2303 Text 3 to 97979

Now I’m thinking this RadarOnline report about Christina blowing her top at Adam over Tony’s song choice at least has some truth to it. Read it at RadarOnline.

Chris Mann signs “Voice Within”   By Christina Augilera –  I don’t have much to say about this.  I find most of Chris’ performances snoozworthy.  Christina runs up on stage to hug Chris. “This is a real man…that respects woman!” says Christina.  Oh BURN.  Chris thanks Christina for giving him the opportunity to be himself. 1-855- 864-2304 Text 4 to 97979

Juliet Simms and Cee Lo Green – “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf Juliet feels like Cee Lo looks right into her soul.  During rehearsal, Cee Lo gives Juliet a pep talk. She’s just as good as the competition! She’s better! I’d be enjoying this performance a lot more if Cee Lo wasn’t in it.  He’s kinda struggling with the classic rock thing. The song isn’t in his range,  particularly in his lower register.  Juliet, on the other hand, sounds awesome.

Tony Lucca and Adam Levine – “Yesterday” by the Beatles – They are both “fervent fans” of the Beatles.  A very simple, acoustic version of the Beatles classic. They wisely stay true to the original.

Jermaine Paul sings “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton – This is literally one of his best performances all season. He’s not oversinging. And it’s cool to hear him sing something outside the R&B genre.

Chris MannTeam Christina – “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Grobin – Could this song choice be more predictable? Not to mention the comparisons to Groban–that are bound to be unfavorable. Wait…are all of these songs being signed for the deaf? Or is that just part of Chris’ performance. Not a really big fan of this song. Oh look. Christina is crying. Oh now Chris is tearing up a little. He performed that with a high school choir. That was OK. He’s no Groban. Cee Lo: You are by far, the most incomparable artists I’ve ever heard. Cee Lo wants him to sing at his wedding (Is that a compliment?).  Christina: It was so beautiful. I love my team. You’re amazing. She says he comforted her during their duet–as she sang with a cold.

Jermaine Paul and Blake Shelton – “Soul Man” by Sam & Dave – Blake says he’s seen Jermaine loosen up quite a bit during the course of the competition. Woah. Check out Blake getting his Blues Brothers on. This is pretty good.  Super entertaining! Best of the coaches duets, for sure.

Tony Lucca sings “Harder To Breathe” by Maroon 5 – And he flubs the lyrics! Oops.  Good song pick for the electric guitar playing dude.  Tony thanks his coach, “this has been like nothing else…a chance of a lifetime.”  He thanks all 4 of the judges.  LOL at Christina texting during Tony’s performance.   She really hates that guy!

Juliet SimmsTeam Cee Lo – “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skinner – I’m sorry, but this song became such a cliche back in the day, that’s it’s hard for me take seriously.  Yep. This song? Still a cliche, complete with the rock dude on stage with her, and the smoke blower. Gah. Couldn’t Cee Lo have come up with something a little more original or compelling?  It’s the freaking finale, after all. Cee Lo remains the WORST PICKER OF SONGS EVER.  Adam: Envies the grit in her voice. Christina: You were amazing. Cee Lo:  With Juliet Simms on my team I have…..”No Problems” (written in big black letters on his shirt).

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