The Voice 19 Recap: The Top 9 REVEALED – Results Live Blog (Video)

We’re LIVE BLOGGING The Voice 19 LIVE results here. The Top 17 will become a Top 9 by the end of the episode. Here’s how it will work: Host Carson Daly will announce the top vote getter from Team Blake Shelton, Team Kelly Clarkson, Team John Legend and Team Gwen Stefani.

Next, each coach will choose one artist to save. Then, the top vote getter from the remaining artists on each team will face off in an Instant Save performance. The winner of the round, determined by viewer votes, will take the 9th spot.

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The Voice 19 Recap: The Top 17 Live Playoffs Performances (Video)

Blake  noted that taping a live show without an audience almost felt like a run-through. He didn’t mean that as a diss. Kelly wanted to make up for a lack of audience for her team. That’s why she was so rambunctious last night. 

There is no time to lose, says Carson. Team Kelly is first. But first of course….dumb questions to the contestants. Bromides for everyone! Tanner says, “Music is medicine!” And the artist who received the most votes IS…DeSz! And Kelly saves Cami Clune. Kelly said she saved the person whose genre didn’t otherwise have a lane on the show. Kelly’s choice, not a surprise, however.

Now, it’s time for Team Gwen. Joseph Soul is asked the first dumb question. Surprising, because he’s out of here. The highest vote getter is…Carter Rubin! And Gwen saves Ben Adams WHAT THE ACTUAL F*** He’s the artist she stole from her boyfriend Blake. PAYGE TURNER WAS ROBBED. Gwen couldn’t even offer a reason why she chose him. 

Team Blake is next. America saves…Ian Flanagan and Blake saves Jim Ranger. I told ya so! So yeah. GOOD THING GWEN ADDED ANOTHER USELESS COUNTRY ARTIST FML.

Lastly, it’s Team Legend. America saved…John Holiday and John saves…Tamara Jade. No surprises here. 

Singing for the Instant save: Carson brings the remaining singers on stage, team by team. The singer with the most votes will compete for the instant save.  Tanner Gomes for Team Kelly, Payge Turner for Team Gwen, Worth the Wait for Team Blake. GAH. Sid Kingsley was ROBBED ROBBED ROBBED.  Bailey Rae for Team Legend. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. Again. Chloé Hagan ROBBED.

Instant Save Performances:

Worth The Wait – I’m Going to Love You Through It by Martina McBride – Performing first means they probably won’t win. Honestly, this group is way overrated. Also, they are even weaker performing under pressure. There are pitch problems everywhere. Even the harmonies are off tonight. The trio need to work on their stage presence. Blake has a gut feeling they were the lead vote getters of the four performing. Hm.

Payge Turner – Diamonds by Rihanna – It’s another original arrangement from Payge. Her performance is haunting and beautiful. But it’s odd, and I wonder if she’s connecting with the audience. The weirdos only go so far on The Voice. That’s just the way it is. Gwen calls the performance stunning. She calls her a “true real artist.” 

Tanner Gomes – Picking Wildflowers by Keith Anderson – Here he is! Back with his dumb cowboy hat, singing some BRO COUNTRY BRO. WHERE’S YOUR TRUCK. Eh. Not impressed. “He brings the honky tonk y’all” yells Kelly. She notes that he’s a “good person.” Oh. Is Kelly through some shade at Marisa Corvo?

Bailey Rae – Never Again, Again by Lee Ann Womack – Young Bailey twangs her way through another retro country tune. And I’ll bet that John is as flummoxed by her performance as he has been all season. Performing last is going to help her a lot. Also, it’s easily her best performance this season. John says she comes to every performance with a classic style and voice. He calls her retro style “audacious.” 

OK it’s time to VOTE. Y’all have FIVE MINUTES. Go to The Voice app or

How Do I Vote on The Voice 19? Everything You Need to Know

Hm. The Voice isn’t running a voting percentages chyron during the commercial break. Oh well. Aw. Tanner breaks up as he thanks Kelly. Bailey is also very teary. And the WINNER OF THE INSTANT SAVE IS Bailey Rae from Team John Legend. Sigh.

Top 9

Desz – Team Kelly – America saves
Cami Clune – Team Kelly – Coach saves
Carter Rubin – Team Gwen – America saves
Ben Adams – Team Gwen – Coach Saves
Ian Flanagan – Team Blake – America Saves
Jim Ranger – Team Blake – Coach Saves
John Holiday – Team Legend – America saves
Tamara Jade – Team Legend – Coach saves
Bailey Rae – Team Legend – Instant Save Winner


Madeline Consoer – Team Kelly
Joseph Soul – Team Gwen
Sid Kingsley – Team Blake
Chloe Hagan – Team Legend
Worth the Wait – Team Blake (Lost Instant Save)
Tanner Gomes – Team Kelly (Lost Instant Save)
Payge Turner – Team Gwen (Lost Instant Save)

Gwen should have saved Payge Turner. I can barely even remember Ben Adams. Did she and boyfriend Blake work out a deal or something? Did the Top 9 need an extra country artist? I mean really? Bah. And I am surprised and disappointed that Sid Kingsley didn’t get a chance to sing for the Instant Save. That’s the problem with being passed from team to team–ultimately, the coaches don’t get to know you and just aren’t that into you.

The Voice and Google have teamed up for a series of commercials featuring the contestants. Here are The Voice artists singing “Minefields” by Faouzia for a Google Nest spot


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