The Bachelorette 2020 Week 8 Recap and Live Blog

Tonight, an anxious Tayshia has unexpected feelings. She is attracted to multiple men. Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher arrives to help Tayshia navigate her unsettling emotions, as well as fills in for Chris Harrison when he leaves to accompany his son to college.

Tayshia is feeling unsure. So she summons JoJo, who brings the champagne, for advice. The two have a chat. Tayshia is falling for multiple guys, and she doesn’t know what to do. JoJo warns her not to self sabotage. Don’t overthink it, she says. Tayshia married and divorced before, so she’s wary. 

JoJo Fletcher takes over for Chris Harrison

There are 12 bachelors remaining. Gathered in a room, Chris drops by to talk about this week. There are three dates–two one on one dates, and one group date. Chris won’t be dropping off the date card. He’s stepping away for a few days to take his son to college (actually, it ended up being a couple of weeks, because Chris had to quarantine before he could return to the set).

Chris introduces JoJo as his stand in and the bringer of date cards. The first card announces a one-on-one date for Zac C. He wants her to understand who he is! Apparently, he’s got some secrets to confess. Tayshia says Zac isn’t the typical guy she goes after. But she is “intrigued.” The two will dress up in wedding outfits and pose for photos. Which…why? Franco Lacosta will transform the date into a “fantasy wedding day.” Franco warns that the “camera doesn’t lie!” 

Tayshia and Zac play wedding dress up, He shares a dark secret

Tayshia is looking forward to playing “dress up” with a wedding dress. But then, the experience may bring up negative thoughts about her failed marriage. While Zac looked through tuxedos, he couldn’t stop thinking of Tayshia! He chooses a white number with a pink boutineer. She’s wearing a slim fitting strappy lace dress with a longish train. Franco insists on a veil. Then things get kind of awkward! I mean…fake wedding photos are pretty weird. But in the end, Tayshia could see herself at an altar with Zac.

After they change into outfit after outfit. They’re at their reception! Or something. Tayshia changes into a flouncy light pink dress. Eventually, the two sit on a blanket and share their thoughts. Tayshia calls the experience “surreal.” Oh. Zac confesses that he married and divorced too. She likes that he’s divorced, because he may have a better idea of what he wants at this point in his life. Zac calls her “breathtaking.” 

Does Zac get a rose?

Tayshia likes that Zac is a “total surprise” to her. Also that he’s older, and more established. The two have dinner in front of a fire, agreeing that the day was fun. Now, she wants to know more about Zac. He grew up in an “amazing home.” In college, he wasn’t feeling well. A check up revealed a brain tumor, which sent him immediately into surgery. The surgery introduced him to drugs at 23 years old. He married, but he continued to drink, do drugs. After a DUI arrest, his wife left him. The aftermath left him in a dark place. When he showed up at the bank with a check he stole from dad, the bank teller called home.  

At that point, he ended up in rehab for 4 months. Years later, he sits on the board of the rehab. “THAT’S A LOT” says Tayshia, who appreciates his honesty. “Zac Clark who pleasantly surprise me,” she says. “Your story is what makes you special.” Tayshia presents Zac with a rose. Let the making out begin! They end the night riding on a mini ferris wheel.

The group date gets naked in more ways than one

In the meantime, Noah is back at the house complaining about possibly going on a group date. Spencer, Ivan, Ed, Blake, Brendan, Riley, Demar, Bennett, Ben and…Noah are chosen for the next group date. Eazy gets the second one-on-one.  

The group date theme is “express yourself.” The men enter a room where an artist is busy figure drawing using NAKED live models (black boxes strategically placed). The artist, Natalia, explains that the group will be drawing the naked couple in an embrace. The guys are relieved that they won’t have to disrobe.  

Bennett kicks Noah out of his seat next to Tayshia. Noah says he moved because he didn’t want to cause a scene. The guys begin drawing with charcoal, and it’s all pretty terrible. Next, the guys are blindfolded and work with clay. Bennet takes the opportunity to sneak a kiss with Tayshia. He’s hoping to piss off Noah. Blake fashions a pen*s with clay, and nobody is surprised. Bennett builds three houses, basically bragging that he can afford it. Noah and Bennett bicker some more. Tayshia notices and is annoyed.

Every Bachelor has a story

Self portraits are next. The bachelor who creates the most vulnerable work will win extra time with Tayshia. Noah does a yin/yang themed picture. Brendan creates a simple frame. It’s a work, he says, that leaves room for the love of his life to share. Tayshia is impressed. Bennett worked with needlepoint that’s supposed to prove that he’s NOT privileged. Ivan creates a puzzle, which illustrates the questions around his father’s health. His biggest fear is losing him. The last puzzle piece says “wife, kids.” It’s a thing he hopes his dad will see. Blake draws a turtle dove because they are monogamous. He describes a failed childhood with crazy things like cops at the house. Riley got a phone call from his mother after years of estrangement. She wanted to know what kept him going. He described a family.

Everybody has a story. And now Ben. He’s hesitant to reveal his feelings. He walks away for a minute, returning wearing only a robe. He drops it, exposing his naked body. “This experience is about taking my walls down…figuratively and literally I’m going to let my guard down. This is me showing up for you. I’m so excited to share that with you.” Uhm. He substituted a stunt for honesty? Tayshia buys it, though. She’s in tears. In the end, as a thank you to everyone for getting real, she doesn’t pick a winner. 

At the after party, Tayshia continues to praise the men. She’s hoping they continue to be VULNERABLE. Riley grabs Tayshia first. He’s ready to peel back some layers! When his parents divorced he took his father’s side. When his mother reached out after many years, they reconciled. Tayshia calls Riley “incredible.” Making out ensues. Ivan and Brendan are next for make out sessions. In his time with Tayshia, Ben admits to feeling closed off. Oooh. He’s got a secret too. In his 20s, he had bulimia. He only told his sister, she helped him recover. He’s a nutritionist now. That confession earns Ben some making out. 

Tayshia has had it with Bennett and Noah

Back at the party, Bennett complains about being robbed at the last rose ceremony. Noah doesn’t appreciate the veiled snarking from him. They all hope to be the lucky guy to receive the date rose. In the end, she gives the rose to Ben. For getting naked and opening up, finally. 

Next, Tayshia announces that she WILL get to the bottom of the rift between Bennett and Noah. After she leaves, the two bicker some more. Spencer thinks Bennett talks down to a lot of people, because of his Ivy league education and wealthy upbringing.

A SHOCKING Development 

Now, it’s time for Eazy’s one-on-one. Tayshia is looking forward to “progressing” their relationship. The producers set up the date like a scary movie. It’s completely dark as Eazy approaches Tayshia’s house. She scares the crap out of him. The two will go “ghost hunting” on their date. Tayshia brings tools, including a heat gun that detects spirits. Apparently, the resort land belonged to an oil baron. His wife and their baby died shortly after the baby’s birth. The baron went mad. Lore says the family roams the resort to this day. The two roam around rooms in the dark screaming.

“I think I just peed my pants,” says Tayshia. Producers set up fake baby noises and what not, of course. Ha ha. I’m betting this entire story is completely made up. This date mimics those “ghost hunter” reality shows. In the end, the two are laughing. The haunting is supposed to be a metaphor for fearing love…or something. Next, the two go out to dinner.  “That was a cute-a** date,” says Eazy. He claims he really wasn’t scared, that when he screamed, he was matching Tayshia’s energy. Sure Jan! Eazy confesses to Tayshia that he’s falling in love. Back at the house, the guys say Eazy has the most chemistry with Tayshia. He’ll definitely come back with a rose!

Tayshia appreciates how open Eazy is. “You deserve so much,” she says. And she doesn’t give him the rose! “I’m not there where you are. I don’t know if I can get there.” She doesn’t want him to continue to pour out his love, because she may never be able to return his feelings. SAD. Dumb move revealing that he loved her. She walks him out. Bye bye Eazy. He seems like a pretty nice guy.

Security comes in to take Eazy’s bag. They guys freak out. In the meantime, Eazy is in shock. “I thought that…this would be the love of my life,” he says as the car rides away from the resort. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been more disappointed.”

Tayshia confronts Noah and Bennett

Now, it’s time to deal with Bennett and Noah’s “petty drama.” JoJo drops by to say the cocktail party is postponed First, Tayshia wants to deal with the drama. Bennett and Noah claim there is no drama. Tayshia wants to see them both. There will be one rose. One will stay, one will go home.

Noah thinks Bennett is intimidated. He’ll go home, but will cause hell on the way out. Bennett is supremely confident that he’s staying. He brought Noah a present. He brings a red bandana “I hope there’s no bad blood.” He brings his moustached socks. “The only place where you should wear a moustache is on your feet.” And he brings a book on emotional intelligence. Because he believes Noah has very little. Bennett is being incredibly condescending. He continues to browbeat Noah, who is kind of a d*ck, but I’m feeling kind of sorry for him. Because Bennett is a jerk. She should send them both home. 

Finally, Tayshia enters the room. She has feelings for both of them. But she’s frustrated. She’s over the drama. Bennett swears he has no bad feelings toward Noah (but he does). Noah calls him out on that, describing all the ways that Bennett has criticized Noah. “This sounds like teenage boy drama,” says Tayshia. She thinks they should have solved their problems already. She notices the box. WHAT’S IN THE BOX she asks…and we’ll find out what happens next week. The Bachelorette has turned in to the movie Seven.





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