The Voice 17 Recap: Live Finals Top 13 Perform (Live Blog VIDEO)

THE VOICE  — Pictured: Marybeth Byrd — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice season 17 goes LIVE FINALS begin tonight! The Top 13 will perform for coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly ClarksonJohn Legend and Gwen Stefani, and YOUR VOTES.

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On tomorrow’s (Nov 19) Top 13 results show, a Top 11 will be revealed. 

The Voice 17 Top 13 Song Spoilers – What Will the Contestants Sing?
The Voice Season 17 Live Finals Top 13 Contestants Ranked!

It’s “dedication night” on The Voice. Each artist will dedicate their song to an important thing or person in their lives.

Joana Martinez – Team Gwen Stefani – Get on Your Feet by Gloria Estefan – She calls herself “Team Gwake” because she started on Blake Shelton. A second generation Cuban American, she’s covering Gloria Estefan and  dedicating it to her hometown Miami. Gwen says the performance needs to be about working the stage. Will engaging the audience be distracting?  Not really. It’s not a super electric performance, but she’s getting through it decently well, with a few pitch problems here and there. The young singer is at least showing the audience a different side. Blake knows her talent and determination. He says, now with the right coach, she’s settling into the correct lane now.  Gwen is so proud that she pulled it off. “I’m shocked. You’re incredible.” Shocked, because she’d never done a song like that before.  –  STREAM

Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton – You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne – The entire team traveled to Nashville with Blake. Check out photos from the event at Ole Red. He assures his team that they will always have a home at Ole Red. Ricky chose the song as a dedication to his girlfriend, who supported his move to Austin from Massachusetts. His girlfriend had a stroke? Wow. She was in surgery, but has since recovered. Ricky is thinking of moving to Nashville. This song is a good pick for Ricky, but maybe TOO on the nose. Can he bring something different to the song? He sounds so much like Ray. He’s playing it safe. In any case, the singer’s raspy, soulful vocals are effortless. He’s got a confidence and ease on stage that draws the audience in. John thinks he carries himself like an artist. “You were born to be there.” He notes how natural he is. Yes! Now pick more adventurous songs! Blake reveals that folks are talking about Ricky, wherever he goes. “You always deliver a solid performance,” says Blake. – STREAM

Max Boyle – Team Kelly Clarkson – Unaware by Allen Stone – Kelly is SO thrilled that she stole Max from John. Max’s family loves the song, so he’s singing it with a special dedication to his niece and nephew. He’s the youngest in his family–they are like his little brother and sister. Kelly calls Max the dark horse of the competition. “Could he be any more adorable? Just put ice cream in his hand, your mother will love him,” says Kelly. Hm. He might be trying to do too much with the melody here. Keep it simple–especially when singing live! But overall, his phrasing is so original! And he has a lovely falsetto. He reminds me a little bit of Robin Thicke. BUT NOT CREEPY. Awe, the kids are in the audience. John notes the challenge, “You nailed those notes…you’re so good at this.” Kelly loves his voice, and notes his intimate style. –  STREAM

Myracle Holloway – Team Gwen Stefani – I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston – Gwen saved Myracle, and she’s so grateful. TEARS. She’s dedicating her song to her late grandmother, who helped raise her. Gwen tells a story about Whitney hugging her at the BET Awards. Gwen advises Myracle not change it up too much, because Whitney is untouchable. But, it will sound karaoke if she doesn’t! It’s the exact reason these iconic diva songs usually bomb on singing shows. I like her raspy tone, and she’s handling a difficult song deftly, but this song choice is a snooze. Kelly calls Myracle a “champion.” Gwen reveals that Myracle wanted to change the song at the last minute, but Gwen talked her down!  –  STREAM

Will Breman – Team John Legend – I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz – Will is excited to be working another week with the Sexiest Man Alive. John loves Will’s unique arrangements. He’s dedicating his song to his mom, because she stuck by his side, even with his difficult Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis. John says Will will show America vulnerability this week. The arrangement of this song is so conventional. Will’s quirkiness and willingness to go out on a limb is what makes him appealing. However, while the song begins rather sedately, Will loses his inhibition by the end of the song. It verges on chaotic, but he’s also laser focused. The connection to the song is real. Blake thinks America will vote him through this week. John calls the passion, emotion and connection beautiful. –  STREAM

Kat Hammock – Team Blake Shelton – Danny Boy (Traditional) – Kat made her first trip to Nashville this week. Her grandfather used to sing the song in Gaelic. He passed away a few years ago–she lost all of her grandparents within a few years. Blake gives her good advice–back off on those vocal bends. Yes. Still, SHE SINGS TOO DANG SLOW and has a tendency to go off pitch when she holds those notes. Yikes. That was a super-pitchy performance. She’s an interesting stylist, but needs to work on her vocals. Gwen thinks she’ll eventually get a record deal. Or should! Blake is so proud of her. He calls her one of the most important artists he’s ever worked with on the show. WTF. I don’t get it. She’s an underbaked teen. –  STREAM

Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – I’m Going Down by Mary J. Blige – She’s had her ups and downs in dating, and is blessed to have single girlfriends. She dedicates the song to them. John loves the way Katie combines fire and vulnerability. He is working wonders with Katie. She’s less strident and growly compared to her earlier performances. Finally, in these last two weeks, I kinda get her. She pushed it too hard at a couple of points, but she impressively delivered power along with pain and vulnerability. Not an easy thing! John is on his feet, screaming for Katie. “That felt like the finale for a minute,” says Carson. Kelly says she lost her mic pac, she was rocking so hard. John calls it “the best performance this season.” Carson says if Jhud was in the house, she’d be throwing some shoes.  – STREAM

Cali Wilson – Team Blake Shelton – Butterflies by Kacey Musgraves – Blake says Nashville is like a family, but it can be brutal. She’s dedicating her song to girlfriend Gracie.  She met her at a Nashville show. She helped her through the tough, early years. Blake couldn’t believe he had to save her. Cali delivers a sweet, heartfelt vocal. But the song doesn’t really go anywhere. I do like her tone and phrasing, but the song needed dynamics. If Kelly were coaching her, she’d help Cali craft a compelling performance. Gwen calls it “the record I want to listen to.” Blake appreciates the play between her full voice and falsetto.  –  STREAM

Shane Q – Team Kelly Clarkson – My Wish by Rascal Flatts – Kelly calls him the most talented vocalist on the show right now. Hm. However, she does note he needs to work on stage presence and connection. He dedicates his song to mom. She’s so excited when Shane breaks the news that the show is flying her to Los Angeles. This performance is better than last week. He’s remembering the words, at least. He still looks scared crapless, and uncomfortable in his own skin. He needs to play a ton of gigs to get over that. He barely hits the big note at the end. Blake was surprised that Shane had to be saved, assuming he was a front runner in the competition. Kelly is proud that he opened his eyes and connected. She calls him an incredible vocalist.  – STREAM

Hello Sunday – Team Kelly Clarkson – Mama Knows Best by Jessie J. – The girls are dedicating the song to their parents, who appear pretty invested in their kids success.  Kelly won’t put 14 year olds in stilettos! Well…yeah! These two won the Wildcard sing off last week. They were easily the worst of the three acts. This is a better performance, for sure. Still iffy, with pitch and breath problems. But they’re so cute working the stage, they’ll probably escape the bottom 2 this week. John thinks being on the brink of going home pushed them forward. Kelly can’t understand how talented they are! She wants to sing with them. –  STREAM

Marybeth Byrd – Team John Legend – Go Rest Ye High on That Mountain by Vince Gill – A day before she flew out to Los Angeles, her grandfather passed away. She and grandpa sang the song she’s dedicating to him. “I wouldn’t be on The Voice if it wasn’t for him.” She breaks down during rehearsal. John used to dedicate Bridge Over Troubled Water to his grandmother. He tells her to embrace the grief. Yay. Marybeth is back to singing country. Her rangy vocals highlight her storytelling abilities. She’s channeling her grief without allowing it to completely overtake the performance. Finally, when she finishes, she breaks down. Blake shares that the song brings back memories of his dad. He also remembers Kelly blocked him from picking her! John thinks it’s important that America see who she really is.  –  STREAM

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Danny’s Song by Loggins & Messina – He’s dedicating his song to daughter Macy. He shares how hard it’s been since he and her mom divorced. Kelly advises Jake to change up the phrasing and open up in the second half of the song. (See this is the kind of help Cali needs right now) Aw. He points to his daughter at “Love a girl.” Dang, that’s going to be worth about a kabillion votes. His daughter is adorable. This performance is A HUGE IMPROVEMENT from last week’s uncomfortable performance. He sounds confident and connected tonight. I don’t love country music, but his tone is gorgeous. Gwen calls his performance “magical.” He had Kelly “bawling.” You could sing anything, says Kelly, noting that he sounds like the music she grew up on. –  STREAM

Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera -Rose wonders if the song pick is “cheesy and greasy.” Heh. She knows! Rose dedicates the song to…Gwen!  She’s looked up to Gwen her whole life.  “The hood love you girl!” she says. Gwen likes that Rose wants to have her own lane that sometimes stretches beyond R&B. That’s why I like her, and am disappointed she picked such a predictable song. It’s a good vocal, though. And she really makes the song her own. She hits them big notes! She’s bringing some Aretha realness to this performance. Gwen is so proud that Rose trusts her. “I am so happy we have this moment together,” she says. –  STREAM


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