The Voice 17 Recap Top 10 Perform (Live Blog VIDEO)

The Voice 17 Recap Top 10
THE VOICE — “Live Top 10 Performances” Episode 1718A — Pictured: Ricky Duran — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 17 Recap Top 10

The Voice season 17 LIVE FINALS continue tonight! The Top 10 will perform for coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly ClarksonJohn Legend and Gwen Stefani, for YOUR VOTES.

For Voting Rules CLICK THIS LINK. Click on the STREAM links to vote for your favorite.

On tomorrow’s (Nov 26) Top 11 results show, a Top 10 will be revealed.

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REMINDER: Tomorrow night’s The Voice results show begins a 9 pm.

Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – God’s Country by Blake Shelton  – Rose brings her parents to rehearsal. She cries from happiness. Mom says Rose has been singing since 6 months old. She also loves country music, thus she’s covering Blake’s biggest hit to date. Blake resists giving his gal pal tips, he’s afraid Rose will sing it better. She probably will! Surrounded by a choir, Rose sings soulfully against a stomping beat. Yep. She’s kicking Blakes butt. Heh. Her big strong voice is a declaration. She really can sing anything. And she knows how to make a low note count. The coaches are on their feet. Blake is bowing! “That song is hard!” says Rose. “That made Blake’s original sound like the demo,” jokes Carson. “You were killing it,” says Blake. He’s rethinking the entire arrangement. Kelly calls it a “great song ” and is amazed by Rose’s range. “Tasteful, classy, played to who you are as a singer,” says Kelly. Gwen calls it “meant to be.” Oh. The song choice was Rose’s mom’s idea. Huh. – STREAM

Marybeth Byrd – Team John Legend – Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez – John’s team rehearsed at his house. They also celebrated Thanksgiving with his family. Marybeth wants to show vulnerability this week. In a 3 year relationship, the show is flying out her boyfriend this week. Big pop songs are not my favorite for Marybeth. Her tone is so sweet, she doesn’t need to shout notes to be effective. She goes big on the last verse, and it loses something. But not too much. She’s so young and is still figuring herself out, I think. Kelly liked how the song built. “You have a way with consonants,” she says, referring to her phrasing, I think. Gwen was floored by her rendition, “It could have definitely been your song.” John admires her subtlety. “It was such a great build in the story.” This is true. Marybeth is a good story teller above all else. She could have shouted her way through the song, but built a narrative with subtle phrasing.    – STREAM

Kat Hammock – Team Blake Shelton – You’re Still the One by Shania Twain – The Voice discovered Kat on Youtube. She sang a lot at church too–they created a good luck video for her. Blake continues to gush about her tone. He loves her! He gives her some tips on breath control. Kat is staying in tune mostly, even when she bends notes. As long as she keeps her phrases short, she’s OK. The sleepy rendition could use more dynamics, but compared to her past couple of performances, this is an improvement. Gwen calls her “magical.” She love the way air moves through her voice and she bends and scoops the melody. Heh. After Gwen calls her the most original singer on the show. John, jumps into mention Will. Because, seriously. She doesn’t possess his musicality. Blake calls this week “his new favorite performance.” He’s running out of compliments for her. “If the angel that people put on top of a Christmas tree bust out into a song…that’s what it would sound like,” he gushes. –  STREAM

Blake and his mother made another holiday movie. It’s called “It’s Time For You to Come Home.” A little break from the Top 10–country singer Kane Brown sings his new song “Homesick.”

Shane Q – Team Kelly Clarkson – Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean  – Shane was in the bottom 2 last week. Kelly thought it light a fire under him. She says perform like that always. But HOLY COW THIS SONG CHOICE WHAT. Does he want to go home? Apparently, his dad loves the song, but that’s no reason to sing it. The show is flying dad out to Los Angeles. Kelly wants to blues up the song. I don’t think Kelly is down with this choice. “You’d think with him in the bottom 2 last week, he’d pick a safe song. But that’s not Shane!” She says. She knows the song is 80’s cornball drivel. This is….bad. The deer in the headlights is back. He shuffles meekly on the stage, as he mewls the inane lyrics. He’s out of breath. He needs to stick to ballads. Shane will be back in the bottom this week. With two heading home, it’s hard to imagine he’ll escape again. John says he got “some Michael McDonald vibes…really well done,” he says. Kelly thinks he chose the right song at the right time. Hm.  –  STREAM

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – That Ain’t My Truck by Rhett Akins – His cousin was killed in Afghanistan nine years ago. He picked the song in his honor. All his heros are in the military. He got a shout out from military supporters in Alabama. Kelly thinks Jake could be a massive country star. She gives Him tips on phrasing and using his “growl.” If he doesn’t use it she’s going to “throw my shoe at your face.” Jake turns out an enjoyable rendition of the song. I mean, if mid-tempo country songs are your thing! Still, his tone is so radio ready. His voice cracks a little in spots, though. A few notes are out of his range. He places the growl, right where Kelly asked. Shoes will stay on feet tonight.  Gwen call it his best performance. She believed him as a true country star. Blake has to admit….Kelly is doing an incredible job with him. Hell has frozen over! responds Kelly. She swears she’s not doing anything. “It’s like we’re watching your show.” She follows that up with “Don’t get a big head!Kelly always keeping it real.

Joana Martinez – Team Gwen Stefani – Impossible by Christina Aguilera – She’s the youngest of four siblings. “It’s either going to be a really good kill or a really bad kill. But it will be killed, she tells her siblings on the phone about her upcoming performance. The song was written by Alicia Keys. Gwen believes the performance should be about vocal olympics, revealing them at the right time. She advises Joana to be THEATRICAL. This is a good song choice for the young singer. Her attempts to show “theatricality” feel a bit…inorganic. But vocally she’s showing off that warm alto without oversinging. Papa in the audience looks proud. John says “You’re owning this moment.” He loves the high notes she’s hitting. Gwen: She’s only 16! yada yada. “You manhandled the stage.” – STREAM

Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – Rolling in the Deep by Adele – “Music is the life blood of any place I live,” John tells his team as they sit around his living room. His first job was in a music store. After college, he worked as a management consultant. Katie worked as a telemarketer. John feels this is her moment, and she’s seizing it. Katie becomes emotional about how bad she felt about herself at one time. But now she feels, “I can be me.” I was so sick of this song at one time. “Rolling in the Deep” has been sung to death on singing shows. Nevertheless, this is a powerful rendition. It’s too growly for my tastes. But I appreciate that Katie gets up there and does her own thing without holding back. Blake started creating conspiracy theories in his head, “She can’t be that good! This is a set up deal!” Kelly says, “You are so unique. You light a fire, you make everyone happy.” She loves the growl. John’s visiting family only wanted to meet Katie! At Target in Palm Springs, a lady approached him to talk about….Katie!  –  STREAM

Hello Sunday – Team Kelly Clarkson – Stone Cold by Demi Lovato – Kelly thinks Demi’s song is dark for 14 year olds. YES. However, one of the girls has Diabetes. She has to check her blood 6 times a day. For her, the song is about overcoming. Her friend is always there to support. The duo’s rehearsal has Kelly in tears. Contrary to conventional wisdom, 14 year old can connect emotionally, Kelly says. “We can show America we’re kids, but we go through things too.” The band is overpowering! The gal on the left who shared her diabetes story, is really feeling the song. Her solos really stand out. The harmonies not so much. Also, it gets pretty shouty at the end. The song ends as they dissolve into tears and hugs. Kelly is crying too. She calls it “so beautiful.” and “well done.” Apparently their session that day was very emotional. –  STREAM

Oh. Will has the pimp spot!

Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton –  Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King (Cream) – The song speaks to him. After losing his parents, performing it was a form of healing. Blake suggests he find a place to hit a big note. “This is The Voice!” Blake reminds him. Also, Blake reminds viewers that Ricky is an incredible guitar player. “He’s literally is going to fry the face off of your skull.” His dad introduced him to blues music. They used to play a lot of Albert King together. Ricky is a talented guitar player. He and the blues are a natural fit. His vocals are sturdy and strong. But I keep waiting for some excitement. A great blues performance sets the stage on fire, and I just don’t feel that passion from Ricky. John calls him incredible. He wanted him on his team. “I’m truly a fan of yours.” Blake wants everyone at home to watch the performance again, and try to find anything that’s NOT MAGICAL. “This guy deserves to be in the finale!” he says. –  STREAM

Will Breman – Team John Legend – My Body by Young the Giant  – John accompanied his team members on piano as they rehearsed at his house. The song brings Will back to high school. He performed in a metal screamo band. I’m pretty excited for this performance. It’s a PERFECT song pick for Will. Joyful, and celebratory, the rolling melody allows the exuberant singer to it give his all. At one point, he screams “LET’S GO!” It’s not an incredible vocal moment. But it’s so genuine. He feels this. Ricky could take a few lessons here. Will ends the song, running around the stage as if he can’t imagine being anywhere else. So that was pretty great. “You just let me know where you’re playing, I’m going to show up,” says Kelly, “It was like your show and everyone opened up for you. Gwen says, “The music lives inside of you…you have to get it out!” Exactly. That’s why he’s great! It’s John’s favorite performance, “You just slayed it…masterful.”  –  STREAM


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