The Voice 12 Recap – Blind Auditions 3 Live Blog (VIDEOS)

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: Casi Joy -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Welcome back for part 3 of The Voice Season 12 premiere. It’s a SPECIAL THURSDAY EDITION at 8 pm ET on NBC.

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys will be sitting in the big red chairs this cycle, while Carson Daly returns to host.

Click for tonight’s Song Spoilers.

PLUS The Voice Season 12 Contestant Spoilers

Ashley Levin – 23 – Miami FL – Let Him Fly by Patti Griffin/Dixie Chicks – Her parents’ ages are 20 years apart. Her dad, in his 70’s is in the early stages of Alzheimer disease. When her dad was diagnosed she began songwriting as an outlet for her grief. A recent college graduate, Ashley has a degree in music. No turns at first. She’s got a nice tone. Probably waiting for the money note. Gwen and Blake turn at the same time. An especially nice turn of phrase prompts Alicia to turn. Adam compares her to a ray of sunshine. They compare last names. She lives in Nashville now.  Gwen, once again, uses her connection to Blake.  As if she couldn’t just PICK Blake.  Alicia heard the soul in her singing. Adam suggests Ashley choose Alicia to keep the lovebirds from going at it. However, Ashley chooses Team Blake  – Download from iTunes

Brandon Royal – 31 – Orlando FL – Master Blaster (Jammin’) by Stevie Wonder – Brandon is originally from Jamaica, but purposely does not speak with an accent, He says no one would understand him otherwise. As a youngster, he was a member of a boy band. But now he’s a firefighter in Orlando.  He hasn’t had a chance to perform on stage in 5 years! He’s doing the Stevie Wonder song, with a heavy Reggae bent. His vibrato is super choppy. Not a pleasant tone. He’s a better rapper than singer. Gwen turns first, of course.  Then Blake. Alicia compliments him for having “balls.” Blake trying to woo Brandon? Is pretty pathetic. All he’s got is the “I won a lot” card. Gwen feels the different kind of styles in his music. “I want to work with you so bad!” Blake jokes that he wants to “hold his hose.” Uhm. Wisely, Brandon chooses Team Gwen –  Download from iTunes

Adam Pierce – 30 – “A Whiter Shade of Pale” – He loves classic rock. He plays gigs 4-6 days a week. He’s been at it for 12 years and hopes The Voice can be his big break. His wife has been really patient. He hopes to get a turn from Adam, who almost pushes his button. Hm. There are pitch problems and his tone is really harsh and thin. Even the big rock scream at the end didn’t move anyone to turn.   After, Adam regrets not turning. Sort of. The pitchiness was a non-starter. Both Adam and Blake beg him to come back next season. – No Turns

Julien Martinez – 21 – Oxnard CA – Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughn – He’s juggling a lot–college classes, teaching assistant and a music career. He grew up with ADHD. He’s a blues singer with a rich, gritty voice. Nice growl too. And he’s got a few Elvis moves. I wonder if he plays guitar? There are no turns until he ends the performance with a high pitched scream. And then Blake and Adam both turn. Adam congratulates him on not being a giant biker (what he was expecting). Julien teaches meditation and photography. Hm. Adam says his last note “sounded like the birth of Satan.” Blake doesn’t have that manly man rock singer on his team and wants one! However, Julien chooses Team Adam  –  Download from iTunes

Quizz Swanigan  – 13 – North Little Rock AK – Who’s Lovin’ You by Smokey Robinson/Michael Jackson – He performed all over the country as “Little Michael Jackson” his parents gave up their jobs to support his career. They live in Los Angeles now. Wow. He’s so young. So the kid makes a living as a Michael Jackson tribute singer? The question is can he do more? He has a very good voice, but he’s still at the imitative stage of his very young career. Alicia and Gwen turn at the last minute. He not only is a little kid, but he LOOKS like a little kid too. “That voice has a powerful, innocent, fluid thing…I felt your heart,” said Alicia. It’s pretty obvious Quizz loves Alicia. The family comes out on stage. Well. Alicia started young too, and had a momager. “You taught me how to spell BANANAS” Quizz says to Gwen. Nevertheless, Quizz chooses Team Alicia. Of course.  –  Download from iTunes

Casi Joy – 26 – Kansas City MO – Blue by Leann Rimes  –  Click for Preview She lives in Nashville with her boyfriend now, and plays clubs for tips. Her boyfriend is her roadie and more. Blue inspired her to be a singer. Gwen turns first. Alicia is next, She has a smooth scoopy voice and a beautiful yodel. Blake turns and then Adam. He’s so sure he won’t be picked, Adam wanders behind the chairs to sulk. “I am not giving up until Casi is on my team!” declares Blake. Alicia urges Casi to pick her or Gwen. Casi insists she sings all genres. All that fighting, leads up to inevitable. Casi chooses Team Blake – Download from iTunes

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