The Voice 12 Recap – Battle Rounds 3 Live Blog (VIDEOS)

THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" -- Pictured: (l-r) Autumn Turner, Vanessa Ferguson -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Get ready for The Voice season 12 Battle Rounds Part 3. The coaches will be joined by superstar advisors to help prepare team members to Battle. Two singers duet, only ONE advances to the Knockout rounds. That is, unless, another coach steals them. Each coach gets two steals.

Adam Levine will be joined by John Legend. Luke Bryan joins forces with his buddy Blake Shelton. Celine Dion teaches Team Gwen Stefani a thing or two about singing. And, DJ Khaled helps Alicia Keys prepare her team.

Click this link for tonight’s The Voice 12 Song Spoilers.

Josh Hoyer vs T. Soul – Team Blake Shelton – In the Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett – T. Soul sang “Take Me to the River” during his Blind Audition. Oh man–he’s probably the winner here. T notes the  long connection between country and soul. He knows his stuff. Blake wants T to dial back the runs and not over do it. Josh is a little intimidated. In the final rehearsal, Blake says “lock in the harmonies.” Because it was a bit out of tune.  – Download from iTunes

T. Soul is simply a standout. He’s just got that extra something. He’s more than just a standard soul singer. Having said that, Josh is a solid vocalist, but he lacks T’s spark. It’s a good song choice for both singers.  Alicia felt they both brought the energy, harmonies, joy. “You lit up this place.” Gwen compliments the duo’s stage presence. Adam calls them both “so natural.” Blake was impressed with Josh’s stage presence. Blake thought T Soul did a great job modulating his runs. Blake Chooses T. Soul Josh is Eliminated

Autumn Turner vs Vanessa Ferguson – Team Alicia Keys – Killing Me Softly with His Song by Roberta Flack/Lauren Hill –  Autumn works as a figure skating coach. Vanessa is a full time musician who has traveled the world. I’m rooting for Vanessa here. Alicia thinks Autumn is more pop, Vanessa more soulful.  The experienced Vanessa is already familiar with the song. Alicia advises them both to put their own stamp on the song, but without changing up the classic melody. It’s tricky. – Download at iTunes

The arrangement starts off like the Roberta Flack version, and then shifts into a reggae-fied vibe similar to Lauryn Hill;s. Gwen can’t imagine how Alicia will choose. Adam wants Autumn on his team if she loses. Really? They’re going to fight over Autumn? She does have an impressive range, but is otherwise quite ordininary. Alicia Chooses VanessaAdam and Gwen steal Autumn. Gwen thinks she can help Autumn with style and personality tips. Oh noes. Do not dress her like a cow. Blake makes a Guy Fieri joke. “I like Diners and French fries” Autumn snarks back. “I choose Adam.” She probably realizes that whole “I’ll fix your style” deal was bad stuff. Autumn chooses Adam

Johnny Hayes vs Julien Martinez – Team Adam Levine – Hard to Handle by Otis Redding/Black Crowes – Johnny couldn’t get a button push in season 11 but when he returned for season 12 with “Try A Little Tenderness” the coaches were impressed. Julian almost didn’t get a turn. A rock scream got the attention of Adam and Blake at the very last minute. Johnny gets to sing another Otis Redding song. Hm. John tells Julien to stop thinking so hard. Johnny gets too excited which leads to timing issues. Adam gets behind the drums during the final rehearsal to help Johnny stay in the pocket. Julien realizes that he has to forget about what he learned in theater.  – Download at iTunes

Julien is super-growly, like he’s trying too hard to rock hard. Johnny’s performance  has a more effortless quality. They both look like they’re having a good time up there. I get the feeling Julien would not have chosen this song for himself. Johnny loses control toward the end, but he’s a compelling enough performer to get away with mistakes. Blake felt Julien shied away from the bigger moments of the song. Johnny took the Battle, he says. Alicia felt Julien got lost in the music–in a good way. Gwen thinks Julien was exciting to watch, but Johnny is already a star. Adam Chooses Johnny. Julien is Eliminated

Caroline Sky vs Stephanie Rice – Team Gwen Stefani – The First Cut is the Deepest by Cat Stevens/Rod Stewart/Sheryl Crowe – Caroline is only 16. Stephanie is the LGBT singer who was rejected by her family after coming out. She impressed the coaches and audience with an emotional performance of Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece” in the Blinds. Caroline performs with her family and obviously knows the classics. She’s intimidated by Stephanie’s experience. Caroline is reticent vs Stephanie’s unabashed emotion. Gwen and Celine manage to draw Caroline out of her shell–all the growls come out!  –Download at iTunes

Caroline’s tone is delicate, but beautifully nuanced. Stephanie has more power but her phrasing is limited. I didn’t expect to like Caroline as much as I do right now. She’s got potential–could be a grower. Stephanie’s vocals are so stylized, they’re a little distracting. But I think Stephanie is a keeper, she’s got a back story that’s hard to resist. I bet she moves forward. Adam would choose Caroline because of her potential. Blake thinks Stephanie has a clearer version of her artistry. He’d pick her. Alicia felt Caroline had the better performance, but is very interested in Stephanie’s journey. Gwen Chooses Stephanie. I would have chosen Caroline. And Blake steals her. He loves his quirky girls. “You went from Team Gwen to Team Gwen,” quips Carson.

Kawan Debose vs Malik Davage – Team Adam Levine – Love Me Now by John Legend – Kawan found his love of singing at performance arts school. Malik on the other hand, came up in a tough neighborhood and found his inspiration in his daughter. They have the daunting task of covering one of John’s songs. John is a little annoyed–they aren’t prepared. In the last rehearsal, they were still having problems. Adam and John read them the riot act. The two aren’t working well together at all.  –  Download at iTunes

The duo seems to have gotten their act together. But they are generating little excitement on the stage. There’s no chemistry. They’re both good vocalists, but something feels missing in this performance. I’m bored. Blake didn’t think it came together until the end. He’d give the battle to Kawan. Gwen was drawn to Malik’s urgency. Adam thinks they brought the performance to a better place. But he lectures them a little more on the importance of learning to collaborate. Whoever wins the battle will probably lose in the Knockouts. Adam doesn’t seem happy. Adam chooses Malik.

Montages! UPDATE: The Voice uploaded full performances. For last Tuesday as well! Click Here

Enid Ortiz vs Valerie Ponzio – Team Blake Shelton – Love Triangle by RaeLynn – Blake Chooses EnidDownload at iTunes

Hanna Eyre vs Sheena Brook – Team Adam Levine – Try by Pink – Adam Chooses HannaDownload at iTunes

Jozy Bernadette vs Troy Ramey – Team Gwen Stefani – Angel Eyes by Jeff Healey – Gwen Chooses TroyDownload at iTunes

Hunter Plake vs Jack Cassidy – Team Alicia Keys – Dancing on my Own by Robyn – Hunter and his wife lost their home in a flood. Jack Cassidy is a member of the famous TV Cassidy family. Partridges! Alicia put them together because they’d compliment each other. Hunter is more emotional, Jack is the stronger vocalist, says Alicia. She tries to pull Jack out. DJ tells him to “go to church.” In the last rehearsal, Alicia feels Hunter performs well with a microphone. – –  Download at iTunes

I think Hunter is both a better and more connected singer than Jack. His ability to crawl inside a song is effortless, where Jack struggles more with expressing his feelings. Gwen thinks Hunter should make a record. Adam was completely drawn in by Hunter’s emotionalism. Blake felt Jack opened up later in the song. He liked them both a lot. I smell a steal! Alicia wants to “untame” Jack. Alicia Chooses Jack. Adam and Gwen Steal Hunter. Adam didn’t turn on the Blinds–Gwen did. That made up Hunter’s mind. Hunter Chooses Gwen

Advance to the Knockouts

T Soul – Team Blake Shelton
Vanessa Ferguson – Team Alicia Keys 
Autumn Turner – Team Alicia Keys – Stolen by Team Adam Levine
Johnny Hayes – Team Adam Levine
Stephanie Rice – Team Gwen Stefani
Caroline Sky – Team Gwen Stefani – Stolen by Team Blake Shelton
Malik Davage – Team Adam Levine
Enid Ortiz – Team Blake Shelton
Hanna Eyre – Team Adam Levine
Troy Ramey – Team Gwen Stefani
Jack Cassidy – Team Alicia Keys
Hunter Plake – Team Alicia Keys – Stolen by Team Gwen Stefani


Josh Hoyer – Team Blake Shelton
Julien Martinez – Team Adam Levine
Kawan Debose – Team Adam Levine
Valerie Ponzio – Team Blake Shelton
Sheena Brook – Team Adam Levine
Jozy Bernadette – Team Gwen Stefani

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