The Voice 11 Live Blog and Recap Live Playoffs VIDEOS

THE VOICE -- "Live Playoffs" Episode: 1113A -- Pictured: (l-r) Austin Allsup, Courtney Harrell, Sundance Head, SaRayah, We McDonald, Christian Cuevas, Ali Caldwell, Darby Walker, Aaron Gibson, Brendan Fletcher, Josh Gallagher, Billy Gilman -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 11 Live Blog and Recap Live Playoffs – VIDEOS

We’re LIVE BLOGGING the The Voice 11 LIVE Playoffs here. If you’re wondering who is singing what, Click for The Voice Song Spoilers.Tonight, the Top 20 sing. Fans vote for their favorites in real time using twitter and The Voice official app. Two singers will advance to the Top 12 immediately. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus will choose one team member to round out the finalists. By the end of tonight’s show, your Top 12 will be revealed.  Crazy, ain’t it?

For more on how to vote, click this link, or head over to



Team Alicia Keys is first. A video package that covers all five of her artists precedes the performances.

Christian Cuevas – Team Alicia – Yesterday by The Beatles – Christian accompanies himself on acoustic guitar. The performance is a little mellow. Turning the song into a soul raver would have had more impact than keeping it folky. –  Download from iTunes

Kylie Rothfield – Team Alicia – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by Rolling Stones – I love Kylie, but I’m not convinced this was the right song.  She should have stuck to her bluesy roots–kept it slow and hot, rather than going frenetic – Download from iTunes

Time for a commercial break. OK. It’s a little crazy up in here. Voting has begun on Twitter or The Voice phone app. 

Wé McDonald – Team Alicia – Home from The Wiz – OK. On paper this was a GREAT song choice. But it’s not Wé’s finest moment. She’s a little pitchy. I think she’s a little nervous. The band is SO LOUD. I wish the arrangement was stripped down. It really could have been a show stopper. Wé needs to advance in any case. Her deep alto brings something different to the competition. – Download from iTunes

Josh Halverson – Team Alicia – Cupid by Sam Cooke – Hm. I HATE this song choice for Josh. He’s better doing gritty and emotional tunes. This isn’t one of Sam Cooke’s better songs. Fluff. These kids are singing for their lives tonight. SONG CHOICE –  Download from iTunes

Sa’Rayah – Team Alicia – I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James – This is a perfect song choice for Sa’Rayah. But there’s something about her delivery that leaves me cold. She’s a riff machine, basically. Her phrasing is odd. She’s all gestures without authentic feeling. I know, that might not be a popular opinion, but I’m sticking to it –  Download from iTunes

Time for another break. So far….a HOT MESS. The voting is confusing, the performances are rushed. Me no likey. Back from break VOTING CLOSED FOR TEAM ALICIA. But we aren’t going to find out the results YET.

Team Blake Shelton is next. Video package first! Voting is open

Dana Harper – Team Blake – Maneater by Hall & Oates – This song choice is a real head scratcher. Not one of my favorite Hall & Oates songs, to say the least. The evil women trope just doesn’t do for me. There are tons of better songs from the duo. The performance? It’s pretty boring – Download from iTunes

Austin Allsup – Team Blake – I Ain’t Living Long Like This by Waylon Jennings – Austin puts on a really good show. An engaging performer, Austin was smart to go upbeat this week. That’s some sh*t kicking goodness right there – Download from iTunes

Jason Warrior – Team Blake – One Dance by Drake – If Jason didn’t choose this song himself, it was probably Gwen. Cause there is no way in hell Blake knows this song. It’s a left of center pick–veering away from the old school gospel Jason typically favors. He’s singing the crap out of this song in any case. He ends like James Brown…on his back. OK THEN.  Download from iTunes

Sundance Head – Team Blake – Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban –  Good song choice for Sundance. Keith’s version is hella sexy, but Sundance brings a soulful groove. There’s no denying his big powerful voice. –  Download from iTunes

Courtney Harrell – Team Blake – It Must Have Been Love by Roxette – I am not feeling this song choice for Courtney. Nope. She needed a song that would really allow her to show off her pipes in a meaningful way. Shouting through a mediocre song just isn’t enough. –  Download from iTunes

ALICIA KEYS RESULTS! – Miley would choose Christian and Wé. America SAVED Christian Cuevas and Wé McDonald. Alicia word salad: Blah blah blah truth blah blah blah honesty blah blah blah God. Alicia chooses Sa’Rayah.  Predictable results. I am sorry to see Kylie go. Bad song choice tonight, but I’m not convinced a different song would have changed anything.

Voting is closed for Team Blake! Team Miley Cyrus is next. Video package first.

Sophia Urista – Team Miley – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy by Rod Stewart – HA HA. I knew Sophia would be first. She’s obviously canon fodder. This is like bad 80’s karaoke. BYE SOPHIA. She’s got an interesting tone, but this cheese ball song does nothing for her. Not even Glee’s Darren Criss tweeting on her behalf can help the cause.  Download from iTunes

Commercial break! Still with me kids?

Darby Walker – Team Miley – Those Were the Days by Mary Hopkins – What’s up with these weirdo 70’s tunes for Darby. Melanie last time…now an obscure gimmicky Mary Hopkins song. Her phrasing is wobbly and weird. She’s going for a Marlene Dietrich vibe, but it’s just bizarre. She ends on a Yoko Ono like high trill. I think they were shooting for some 70’s punk vibe…or something –  Download from iTunes

Aaron Gibson – Team Miley – Round Here by Counting Crows – Not my favorite Aaron performance, but it is a good song choice and he gets the job done. Cutting straight to the heart of a song, I love his straightforward delivery. His emotion and raspy vocal tone is embellishment enough here.  –  Download from iTunes


Belle Jewel – Team Miley – Runaway by Del Shannon – She kinda had me when she slowed up the verse. But she picked up the microphone to sing the upbeat chorus. This arrangement is a hot mess, and Belle is having trouble staying in key. Nope.  Download from iTunes

Ali Caldwell – Team Miley – Times Have Changed by Irma Thomas – This is a great old song. I actually had trouble finding the lyrics on Google. THIS is how to sing a song and make every vocal embellishment MEAN SOMETHING. She hits a big emotional note, and the crowd goes crazy. Best of the night so far, hands down. –  Download from iTunes

Voting for Team Miley will end after the break. And we’re back! Team Blake Results! America saved Sundance Head!!!! America also saved…Austin Allsup. Blake complains that everything is happening too fast. Nooooo kidding. He thinks any of the three could win the competition. Blake saves Courtney Harrell. I would have preferred he saved Jason. But the singer was destined to be a disposable steal.

We’re moving right on to Team Adam Levine.

Brendan Fletcher – Team Adam – To Love Somebody by Bee Gees – Brendan has evolved into one of my favorite singers. This is a good song choice for him. His rasp is deep and imbued with a well of emotion. Beautiful rendition of a classic. He reminds me a little of the late American Idol singer, Michael Johns. –  Download from iTunes

Simone Gundy – Team Adam – Diamonds by Rihanna – La’Porsha Renae killed this song dead on American Idol. But it’s a deceptively difficult song to sing. It doesn’t have much melody. It could come off like a dirge if not sung well. Having said that, Simone hits some high spots here. Her performance really picks up in the second half. –  Download from iTunes

Josh Gallagher – Team Adam – Colder Weather by Zach Brown Band – Is there room for three male country singers in the finals? I have a feeling Billy is going to blow him away with “Crying.” Josh is solid, delivering a credible and emotional rendition of this country hit. –  Download from iTunes

Riley Elmore – Team Adam – Luck be a Lady by Frank Sinatra – Adam loves this guy. If he isn’t voted through, Adam will probably save him. He’s got a decent tone, but he does not swing. Not in the least. Like Idol’s  John Stevens before him, the 16 year old needs a few more years to develop his chops. But he’s the sort of cute guy that appeals to both young and old women. He’s not ready, but I’d be shocked if he didn’t move on. – Download from iTunes

Billy Gilman – Team Adam – Crying by Roy Orbison – Billy has made it very clear that he wants to move on as a pop singer. Yet…he’s singing a country song tonight. It’s probably smarter not take a big risk right now. Stick to what fans know and understand. Billy can twang and exercise those huge pipes. Big notes galore. STAR SEARCH MOMENT –  Download from iTunes

Whew. Twenty performances. Now, it’s time for Team Miley Results. Alicia says she’d choose Darby and Ali. America saved…Aaron Gibson. Yay! America also saved…Ali Caldwell. After some blah blah, Miley chooses…Darby Walker. After Miley called her “mini me” that choice was a given.

While you’re still voting on Team Adam, watch a political ad from Hillary Clinton

Time to reveal Team Adam. Blake would choose Billy and Riley. Wow. Adam is asked to stretch. Amazing. Minutes to spare tonight. America saved…Billy Gilman. America also saved…Josh Gallagher. OK I was NOT expecting that. OMG SHOCKED ADAM PICKS BRENDAN FLETCHER. Riley is sent packing. I am PLEASANTLY shocked people.

The Top 12

Christian Cuevas – Team Alicia America’s Choice
We McDonald – Team Alicia America’s Choice
Sa’Rayah – Team Alicia – Alicia’s choice.
Sundance Head – Team Blake America’s Choice
Austin Allsup – Team Blake America’s Choice
Courtney Harrell – Team Blake – Blake’s Choice
Aaron Gibson – Team Miley – America’s Choice
Ali Caldwell – Team Miley – America’s Choice
Darby Walker – Team Miley – Miley’s Choice
Billy Gilman – Team Adam – America’s Choice
Josh Gallagher – Team Adam – America’s Choice
Brendan Fletcher – Team Adam – Adam’s Choice

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