The Tragedy of Katharine McPhee’s Jewelry-Free Life


Katharine McPhee generally keeps her conservative political views to herself. But once in awhile, she goes all Republican on her Instagram stories, where posts disappear after 24 hours. But not really!

TMZ screen grabbed a trio of stories where the  American Idol season 5 runner-up complained that her rich playground, Beverly Hills, has become so DANGEROUS that she and her fellow ladies-who-lunch can’t EVEN wear their expensive jewelry whilst on their expensive shopping sprees, lest some smelly homeless person ROB them. OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL. 

Katharine’s political affiliations came to light a few years ago when people found her publically available donation information. She gave exclusively to the Republican party, including during the Trump era.

In the first post, the singer reshared a post of a story about an elderly man who was apparently “jumped,” “mugged and beaten up” in Beverly Hills.

Alongside the story, the singer wrote, “This is literally my worry and thought every time I go out now. We need @rickcarusola,” pointing out that it happened in “Bh proper.”

“What’s this world coming to?” she continued.

The tragedy of Katharine’s jewelry-free life

Of course, Kat bandies about the now rendered meaningless pejorative “woke” to blame progressives for cruel jewelry-free life she must lead. “@streetpeopleofbeverlyhills I blame every single woke voter. Seniors getting beat up in [Beverly Hills] while walking. Keep voting for this. What a sad state this city is in.”

Rick Caruso, the billionaire businessman and “former” Republican is running for Mayor of Los Angeles on the Democratic ticket. He’s running against Karen Bass in the primary.

Katharine then went on to share a screenshot of a text conversation she had with her friend Sara Mann.

Don’t wear your Rolex!

“Don’t wear your Rolex,” Mann warned Katharine, per the photo. In response, Katharine said, “No rings no watches.”

“This is the real life text/convos you have with fam and friends about living in La now. We need @rickcarusola,” Katharine wrote on top of the post. Yes, being so afraid of the boogeyman, that you leave your Rolex at home. That’s a conversation so many of us are having right now.

In another post, Katharine shared a photo of herself with both of her hands up to show that she wasn’t wearing any jewelry on her fingers or wrists. “No rings watches or anything out in La anymore,” she wrote alongside a three eye roll emojis, before also tagging Caruso. MY GOD THE POOR THING HOW WILL SHE LIVE.

What folks like Katharine wants, is somebody like Caruso to come in, scrape homeless people and drug addicts off the sidewalk, and put them somewhere else so she doesn’t have to look at them. I’m not saying that ANYBODY in charge right now is doing a great job dealing with homelessness. Real estate is through the roof in Los Angeles. It’s a systemic problem that a fake dem like Caruso is not going to fix.

But Katharine, who is married to music mogul David Foster, wants to be able to shop til she drops, draped in her fancy and expensive jewels. My GOD life is so unfair. Just ask the homeless person who doesn’t have a place to live.

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