The Masked Singer Episode 7 Results and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

THE MASKED SINGER: Alien in the “All Together Now” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Feb. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. Cr: Michael Becker / FOX.

Tonight the wacky singing competition, The Masked Singer continues on FOX. We’ll be live blogging all of the performances and RESULTS here.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon is host and executive producer. JB Smoove is the guest judge tonight.

Masked Singer: Clues and Guesses for Bee, Peacock, Rabbit, Alien, Lion and Monster

Based on an international hit which produced the No. 1 top-trending video of 2017 on YouTube, The Masked Singer features celebrities facing off against one another with one major twist: each singer is shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume, complete with full face mask to conceal his or her identity.

The weakest performance of the night is ELIMINATED and REVEALED.

Tonight, all the remaining Masked Singers return to the stage: The Bee, The Peacock, The Lion, The Rabbit, The Alien and The Monster.

Nick reminds the audience that collectively, the final 6 have an effton of music awards! But one person WILL BE LEAVING the competition tonight. 

The MonsterClues – “Being here has given me a chance to share my true voice with the world. I’ve discovered a vulnerable side I never knew I had. When I was just a little monster growing up down south I had to stay inside because it was too dangerous out. Eventually I discovered I had a gift. Pretty soon, I was living the good life. I was even winning awards. But out of nowhere, people started saying that I wasn’t the Real Deal. It took me a long time to realize that I couldn’t let them make me a bad boy for life. So I came out from under the bed and decided to step back into the ring. My spot in the semi-finals is all “teed up.” Tonight, I’m coming out swinging.” Guess: I’m more convinced than ever that it’s T-Pain. He’s been criticized for using auto-tune on his voice (the real deal criticisms) and the constant golf references–he had an accident on a golf cart and knocked out some teeth. Also, T-Pain grew up in Florida.

Performance: “I Love Rock N Roll” – Monster’s song choices are unexpected! He’s chosen several rock songs despite obviously being a soul singer. JB calls Monster a “fabulous performer….I’m blown away.” Jenny says he steps it up every week “You’re one of my favorites.” Robin really liked that too. He’s stumped! Nicole rolled off a few of the early clues. Jennifer thinks it might be Lil Jon. JB thinks Mike Tyson. They are thinking maybe an athlete or comedian. Robin thinks he may be Tommy Davidson from Living Color.  Nicole is stuck on Monster being a boxer.   “I was not on Living Color. But my shoe size is 12,” says Monster. “The panel is off by a mile,” he adds backstage.

The Lion –  Clues: With sexy 40s music playing in the background, Lion says, “Down in the cabaret bars of old Chicago. I hear whispers and gossip as people seek me out. But I like that they still can’t say my name. Here in Hollywood, you can lose yourself in a famous family. It’s not like the bluegrass state I’ve known. Sisters. I know I can’t get too comfortable in the competition. It’s scary. That was true grit and a diamond heart. I’ll separate from the pack and build my own Empire.” Visual clues: The clip is shot like a 30s/40s film noir movie. We see the “Gold in Hailey” headline again. There’s an envelope with “Blue Moon” written on it. Guess: The Lion is TOTALLY RUMER WILLIS! She was born to famous actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in Paducah Kentucky (Bluegrass state). She starred in Chicago the musical on Broadway. She lived in Hailey Idaho. AND she played a recurring role in Empire on FOX. 

Performance: “Diamond Heart” – She’s a very good singer and has the stage presence of a pro. I think the Lion will win. Jenny says, “She always delivers. She’s a true story.” JB calls her a gaudy piece of gold jewelry. Nicole describes her voice as “country bluegrass.” Hm. Jenny thinks she’s Mel B or someone in Destiny’s Child. Oh ha ha. They think the “Gold Found in Haily” hint has to do with Hailee Steinfeld (It’s Hailey Idaho! Where Rumer grew up) JB is such the jokester, isn’t he? *eyes roll*

The AlienCLUES– “Not winning would be CRIMINAL and I know a thing or two about The Law. Welcome to Alien and Alien Associates. Have you been convicted of a crime against fashion? Have you ever fallen off of a runway? Whether you’re from the Bu or the Moulin Rouge, find us at 552 north and 5576 east. We are the world’s best law firm. All calls are $19.56 per minute.” Guess: This is Latoya Jackson. Michael had a song called “Smooth Criminal” and the references she made after performing about best selling books? LaToya wrote a couple of books about her family. 

Performance – “Ex’s & Oh’s” – LaToya Jackson is the weakest singer of the performing Jacksons. This is not great. Still, JB calls if “fabulous…you take me to your leader.” Nicole calls it awesome. “You’re stepping up your game.” Alien offers another clue: “I’ve been on the New York Times Best Seller lists twice.”  Jenny thinks it’s one of the Richie sisters. Nicole guesses correctly: Latoya Jackson. JB pooh poohs Ken’s Paula Abdul guess. He says she is a dancer and would have thicker legs. OK then.

The BeeClues – “So far on this show, I’ve been singing hits from today’s music. But now that the competition is getting tougher, I’m going back to what I know best. A few of us queen bees got our groove on back then. So which one am I? Am I bringing a new attitude? Am I Superwoman? Am I proof that we don’t need another hero? Am I giving you the best that I got? Or do I buzz around a different beehive (YES THIS). I’ll let you figure that out while I sing a sexy song from a very close friend.” Guess: We’ve already established that Bee is Gladys Knight. Cute trying to muddy the waters with nods to other classic singers of the old soul era. But that’s not fooling me (or anybody, I suspect). 

Performance: What Does Love Got to Do With It – IT’S SO OBVIOUS THIS IS GLADY KNIGHT C’MON. On this old school soul song, she’s not even TRYING to disguise her voice. Nicole calls it commanding and powerful. “You are obviously a living legend,” says Robin. He says he’s been stuck on Gladys Knight, but he’s not so sure. IT’S GLADYS C’MON. Jenny thinks it might be Anita Baker because of the baking clues (DUMB DUMB DUMB). Nicole is confused. “Have you ever won a grammy,” asks Robin, “Actually, I have TEN,” Bee answers. “I’m not worried about the panel figuring this out,” Bee says (because she knows damn well they have), “I’m buzzing all the way through this competition.”

The Rabbit: Clues – “Nothing’s been more satisfying week after week then showing off what I’ve got. And standing out all on my own. Much of my career was spent in herd others “pulling my strings.” So it’s nice to finally be the puppet master. I prepared for this since hanging tough in the Sunshine State. Being unmasked tonight would break my achy heart. The competition is cooking with some amazing singers.” The Rabbit is DEFINITELY from N’Sync. I think it’s Joey Fatone for reasons I explain here. The band is from Orlando, Florida. The puppet master bit has to do with their No Strings Attached album cover where the group members are held up by strings like marionettes. Additionally, Joey guest starred on Hannah Montana with Billy Ray Cyrus, so the “Achy Breaky” reference from his hit song. 

Performance: “Isn’t She Lovely” – Good Lawd, this is like a speed metal version of the soul classic. Rabbit really is nuts. Heh. Robin loved it! And that he switched the song up rather than singing it like the original. Jenny would buy tickets to a “psychotic bunny concert.” JB is “blown away by this rabbit.” Rabbit admits, “I have 17 tattoos on my body.” Nicole thinks it’s JC from NSync. She jokes that her husband Donnie Wahlberg  hasn’t answered the phone during Rabbits performances. She also guesses Joey Fatone. Someone guesses “Billy Ray Cyrus.” Uhhh. JB jokes at Nick “C’mon not Steve Harvey.” OK, that was actually funny.

The PeacockClues– “I’ve been getting fan mail since I was a wee little peachick. After all, I started my career as a showbiz prodigy. It’s led me down many different magical paths. I performed on stages, screen. I hosted award shows. And I’ve accumulated fans all over the world, including knights, kings and queens. But the crazy thing is, those fans don’t even know I’m here. I am one performance away from the semi-final. And I am more determined than ever to outshine the rest of the singers.” The peacock is definitely Donny Osmond. More references to being a young, precocious performer (He was 5!) He co-hosted the AMAs with another young prodigy Michael Jackson back in the 70s. No doubt Donny has been receiving fan mail–some of those kids grew into middle age writing him, no doubt. The rainbow colors that keep cropping up refer to his big starring role in the  musical “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Performance: “I Can’t Feel My Face.” – Jenny is convinced it’s Neil Patrick Harris. It does not sound AT ALL LIKE HIM. The voice is too soulful. Peacock has some stage moves as he slides onto his knees. Jenny calls him a star. “You were born to be an entertainer.” Robin thinks he’s better singing over the top songs. JB is sure “this whole thing is a cult.” OK then. JB thinks he should be in Vegas. Well, he got that right. Donny has performed plenty in Vegas. They mention the “rainbow flag” Those rainbow colors HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH LGBT YOU ARE VERY COLD. Jennifer mentions Donny again and is now HOT HOT HOT. Somebody mentions Wayne Brady. A half decent guess, I gotta say. Except Peacock says: “My face has been tattooed on a person’s body.” Ha ha. That could be lots of people, sadly. But Wayne, not so much. Donny Osmond? Definitely.

RESULTS: The audience VOTES ARE IN. The Unmasked Singer is….The Alien!

Judge guesses: Sofia Richie says Jenny because of the “Simple Life” and “That’s Hot” references. Sofia has a connection to snakes…or sometion. Nicole thinks it’s LaToya Jackson. And she was paying attention! “She said in the beginning her family was looked at for being “weird.”  She heard the sweet Jackson-type tone in her voice. The badge from The Jackson’s homes state, Indiana. And LaToya had a pet snake.  Plus she Ken believes it’s Paula Abdul. JB guesses the “sexy” Carmen Electra. Robin agrees with Nicole. Latoya Jackson!

AND YES NO SURPRISES HERE THE UNMASKED SINGER THE ALIEN IS LATOYA JACKSON – “You guys were so great. I love all of you!” LaToya says the reason she did it was because of the way people compare her to other members of her family.  She wanted to do it and see how far she’d go. She admits she had pet snakes, Adam and Eve. 

Latoya is a weak singer. The only really weak singer that remained, which is why she was eliminated this week. With talented singers/performers remaining it will be interesting to see how the results play out from here. I’ m going to say it again: The Lion will win it all!


  • The Police Badge referred to the badge LaToya earned while starring in the show “Armed and Famous.”
  • The commercial in Alien’s video package referred to LaToya’s dream of becoming a business law attorney. 

The SEMI-FINALS are next week! TWO singers will be unmasked!


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