Daily Numbers – 01/14/19

No new concert news today, so let’s talk big numbers.

We all know that album and single sales are in the dumpster while artist complain that they are underpaid for streams. So, how do those musical artists afford all that bling? Other sources of income – from touring to endorsements to private concerts. For some artists, the numbers are staggering.

Here is an article about Celine Dionne being sued by her manager. She received a $500M deal in 2017 for touring and performing. She has already earned $385.1M from her first Vegas residency and will earn about $254.5M from her current one. Her 2018 summer tour was good for $56.6M. That’s enough to buy a few trinkets.

Speaking of people who earn a lot..Kylie Jenner was paid an impressive $250K for one instagram post. That’s enough for a nice lunch for a few minutes of work. The bankruptcy judge for Fyre Festival is trying to unravel where the money went (since it didn’t go to paying the local caterers). In addition to Kylie’s $250K, $1.6M was spent on paying models and social media influencers to talk up the festival. That’s actually kind of economical for advertising considering all the other money spent. They spent that much on private planes. $115K bar bill + $270K in alcohol. That was probably just for Billy to schmooze. They still haven’t accounted for $14.6M of the $26M because Bill doesn’t take notes and he’s not talking.

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