The Masked Singer 7 Recap Week 7: Group C Premiere RESULTS

 CR: Michael Becker / FOX. 

The Masked Singer season 7 continues, featuring panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger, and Nick Cannon as host.  Fifteen contestants are divided up into 3 groups: The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly. 

This week, the final five costumes are introduced as part of Group C to perform for studio and panel votes. The masks include: Prince (Good), Baby Mammoth (Cuddly), Space Bunny (Good), Queen Cobra (Bad) and Jack in the Box (Bad). ONE contestant will be unmasked. And if the Spoiler is true, all hell will break loose


Clues: The Prince makes a grand entrance. 80s exercise routine. Mars, Teddy bears, Lily Pad Leap. Big diamond ring. “Lean Green workout machine.” 2006.

Performance: La Copa De La Vida by Ricky Martin – Prince can sing. He sounds a little like Ricky, but it’s not. He’s got some frisky dance moves as well. Prince is in it to win it and he’s very entertaining. He ends the performance shoving a pie into a camera. That must have been fun to clean up. “I performed in front of many people before. I’m happy to be back on a team.” Ken guesses Enrique Iglesias. Robin guesses Derek Jeter. Jenny guesses Alex Rodriguez. Celebrity bestie: Jamie Lee Curtis

Promo says 30 minutes until unmasking. I say 30 MINUTES UNTIL MY BLOOD BEGINS TO BOIL.

Baby Mammoth

Clues: Ice age. Pink hair. Silver medal 2, Cheer megaphone.

Performance: Walkin’ After Midnight by Patsy Cline – This person sounds like she’s over 50 at least. She really can’t sing. But she’s got personality. She might be an actress. The voice is so distinctive, that the internets will probably guess this one pretty quick. “I could do anything I wanted except poop on stage….poop in the circus…Although I have gotten a lot of silver, I want to go for the gold.” Jenny guesses Nancy Kerrigan. Nicole guesses Kathleen Turner. Robin guesses Rachael Ray

Queen Cobra

Clues: Trash pile, a bag of money, pirate, batman, coffee, two cobras Bradley Cooper.

Performance: Good as Hell by Lizzo – Cobra could be a singer. Maybe! She sounds familiar. And she’s got some range going. “I am here to keep you all on your toes and guessing. Get ready for some action.” Jenny guesses Brandy and Monica. I don’t think so. Ken guesses Anne Hathaway. Uh no.

Jack in the Box

Clues: Here’s a clue: GO F* YOURSELF TREASONWEASAL.  F* off F* way off F* off as far as you can go and then F* off some more. The Murdochs are trash. “Four seasons” is a clue. Also weddings. As in marrying your cousin? It’s obvious Jack in the Box is former Trump lawyer and all around garbage guy, Rudy Giuliani

Performance. Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood and the Destroyers – That blew. Robin guesses Robert Duvall. Don’t insult Duvall like that Ken guesses Elon Musk. LOL NO. Jenny thinks it’s someone respected. HELL TO THE NOPE. She guesses Joe Pesci.

Space Bunny

Clues: Space Boost. Electricity. Basketball. Dog. 

Performance: Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte – This performance was previewed WAY BACK in the FOX 30 minute preview special. It’s a very fun performance. And Space Bunny can carry a tune. We needed some levity right about now. “I shoot for the moon in anything I do.” His repartee is pretty amusing. I think he’s an athlete. Robin guesses Sean Paul. Nicole guesses Lebron James.


We know who goes home because of spoilers. Bye bye Jack in the Box. The only question is how the show edited the results. Spoilers said Ken Jeong walked off the set after Rudy Giuliani was unmasked, and then Robin Thicke  followed him to make sure he was OK. Official: Jack in the Box is eliminated. Final Guess: Jenny: Joe Pesci. Robin: Robert Duvall Ken: Elon Musk Nicole: Al Roker. LOL NO.

After Giuliani is unmasked, KEN LOOKS WAY MAD. But he doesn’t walk off immediately. He stands, silently with this arms crossed. Rudy is presented as a nice old man who said yes to Masked Singer because of his granddaughter. When she grows up, she’ll find out that Grandpap tried to overturn a free and fair election, and made a fool out of himself in the process. Attempting to rehabilitate this lying sack of crap is a disgrace.

Ken doesn’t walk off until Giuliani’s sing-out. He says “I’m done” and he walks off. The edit doesn’t even show Robin following him. But cut back to the panel and only Nicole and Jenny (Nutty Jenny appeared by video at a Qanon anti-vax rally last weekend, so she’s probably loving this) are up on their feet dancing. So at least according to this edit, Ken didn’t walk off until the end. The edit really downplayed what spoilers described. Or maybe the spoilers exaggerated what really happened.

Deadline, who posted the original “spoiler” cited sources, but surely somebody from FOX leaked the info to publicize the season. Also misleading: Deadline said it happened on the “premiere.” But really, it was group C premiere, 7 weeks into the season. Keeping eyeballs on the show was obviously the point. But even American Idol is beating Masked Singer in the ratings now. Lying down with a dog gets y’all nothing.


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