Beyond The Edge Week 6 Recap and Live Blog

Pictured: Jodie Sweetin, Mike Singletary, Metta World Peace, Craig Morgan, Colton Underwood and Paulina Porizkova. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS 

The celebrities are sad to say goodbye to Lauren. Eboni will miss Lauren’s motivation and encouragement. Eboni is also struggling with tooth pain, and she wonders if she will eventually want to leave the competition. The next morning, Eboni stays in bed with the hopes of feeling better. Colton and Paulina have also formed a bond. She says Colton is a very nice person. Paulina says she didn’t realize the challenges were built for younger guys, but Colton says Paulina doesn’t give herself enough credit. In addition, it’s Mike’s birthday. He’s never been away from his family on his birthday, and he’s feeling homesick. Colton tells him he hopes they can get Mike a win for his birthday today. Later, Colton talks about his football experience. He misses competition, and he feels reenergized with getting to compete on Beyond the Edge.

Eboni’s toothache gets worse, and she requests to see a medic. She leaves camp to go see a dentist. Afterwards, Mauro informs the remaining celebrities they will compete in two teams of three for today’s adventure. Craig and Ray choose to be captains.

Blue Team – Craig, Colton, Paulina

Red Team – Ray, Mike, Jodie

For today’s adventure, they must uncoil rope from a post and hang it on a hook. Next, they must trek through swamp and jungle terrain until they reach a cliff. Two team members must climb up to find two supply boxes. They must zip-line the boxes to their teammates. Then they must rappel to the bottom and make a one mile trek to the river to collect four more boxes. They then must cross the river to the final stage. They must count count light colored stones and dark colored stones to figure out a combination to open a lock. They must then fit all their supply boxes into the crate and then pull the crate to a post. The first team to pull their crate to their post will win the challenge. The winning team will receive $50,000 to be divided among themselves for their charities.

The adventure begins, and the Red Team takes the early lead. On the run to the cliff, Colton carries Paulina on his back. Ray notes how exhausted Mike looks already. He says Mike already gave everything he had. Colton and Paulina go up the cliff and Craig receives the boxes at the bottom. Ray and Mike climb up the cliff and send their boxes down to Jodie. The Blue Team ends up passing the Red Team at the cliff. They get their first two supply boxes down before the Red Team.

As Mike is rappelling down a cliff for the first time, he says he will never forget his 63rd birthday. The Blue Team reaches the Decision Point first, but they choose not to take the clue for the puzzle. The Red Team eventually reaches the Decision Point too, and they are surprised the Blue Team left them the clue. The clue will tell them where to place one of the boxes inside the crate.

The Red Team must go through a harder path with brambles to reach the next stage while the Blue Team gets the direct path. The Blue Team is the first to count through their colored stones while the Red Team is still making their way through the brambles. The Blue Team struggle counting the stones. They can’t figure out the right combination, but they realize there’s still a rock left in the bag. The Blue Team finally unlocks the crate and begin trying to fit in all their boxes in the crate. They haven’t put all the boxes in by the time the Red Team arrives.

The clue ends up being useful as the Red Team takes the lead away from the Blue Team. However, it’s a very close finish as they pull their crates to their post at the same time. Mauro says it’s a photo finish, but it is the Red Team that wins the challenge. Ray, Mike, and Jodie win $50,000! They also win a massage reward. Colton is still at the lop of the leaderboard with $44,000. Eboni is in last place with $20,000.

Later that night, Eboni returns to camp. She learns she has a cavity that can be lethal due to infection, and the doctor informs her she must leave the jungle. She says she will join them at the Lanterns meeting at the very least. They all greet Mauro afterwards. He tells them they all get an additional $2,000 for making it to this Lanterns meeting. He asks Eboni how she’s feeling. She says it’s worse than she thought it was. She’s sad she will have to leave.

Mauro asks about Mike’s birthday. Mike gets emotional discussing how he misses his family, but he’s glad to get to share his birthday with the people there. When discussing the challenge, they all agree they have a competitive edge to them. Colton jokes he was bred for competition due to having athletic parents. Ray gives kudos to Mike and Jodie for never giving up, which helped them win the challenge today.

Eboni says she’s sad she missed out on the adventure, but she’s glad for all the friends she’s made here. Finally, Mauro asks if anyone wants to ring the bell and go home. Due to the doctor’s orders, Eboni must leave the competition. She will ring the bell tonight. She doesn’t want to go home, but she doesn’t have a choice. Eboni must leave Beyond the Edge. Eboni gives hugs to everyone and says goodbye before ringing the bell.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Beyond the Edge. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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