The Masked Singer 3 Recap – Super 9 Results – Live Blog (Videos)

The remaining contestants, the Super 9, if you will, perform tonight on The Masked Singer. The remaining masks are: Night Angel, AstronautRhino, Kitty, Banana, Frog, Turtle, Kangaroo and White TIgerKen JeongJenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon serves as host. 

 Tonight, ONE celebrity will be eliminated, leaving eight to move on to the next round. 

The Masked Singer 3 Predictions: Who is Astronaut, Rhino, Night Angel?
The Masked Singer 3 Predictions: Who is Kitty, Banana, Frog?
The Masked Singer Predictions: Who is Turtle, Kangaroo, White Tiger?

My predictions have not changed. Also, was I was previously unsure about Kitty, but nailed that prediction down with this week’s hint. 

The show opens with a super-cheesy group number. The Super 9 sing the Jackson 5’s ABC. Nick calls them the cream of the three groups.

Tonight’s guest host is Snoop Dogg. Nicole is particularly happy about having Snoop on the panel.  OH WAIT APRIL FOOLS. It’s not Snoop. It’s “Eric from San Bernardino.” Ok then.

The celebs are introduced according to group affiliation, while waving colored flags. The performance order is by group. A, B then C. A vote after each group performs will determine a bottom 3. 


Clues: He had to become one with the title, like a method actor. He’s working on his choreo. SUPER CLUE: Shellboy comic book.

Performance: Higher Love by Steve Winwood – Turtle is bringing the vocals this week. CONFETTI MAN. Nicole calls him a “natural.” She loves his falsetto. Things he is not: I’m not known for just one thing. Robin guesses Drew Lachey from 98 Degrees.  Ken guesses Brian Littrell, Nicole disagrees. She thinks NICK Lachey. Jenny guesses Chris Evans. Nah. The singing is too pro. 

Prediction: Jesse McCartney is Turtle. He is a singer, songwriter and actor. So, yes, he is not just one thing. Plus, Shellboy refers to his work voicing Nightwing/Robin in Young Justice.


Clues: She came her to show her strength and come back from rumor mongering. “I’ve been put through hell this past year,” she says the song choice is her response to all the haters. Her clue: A kangaroo doll. 

Performance: Not Ready to Make Nice by Dixie Chicks – Kangaroo needs better breath control. Also, she doesn’t sound very mad? Maybe it’s the costume. More confetti!  Nicole thinks she sounded nervous, but calls her brave. What she’s not: Maybe I’m a kangaroo, but I’ve never lived in Australia. Jenny guesses Amber Rose. Hm. Nicole guesses Leann Rimes, Robin guesses India.Arie. NO way. It’s funny. The rumored celebrity is a reality star, not a singer.

Prediction: Kangaroo is Jordyn Woods. The rumor mongering has to do with a blowup she had with the Kardashians

White Tiger

Clues: Tiger is NOT a singer! But he loves to perform. Extra clue: He does a dance move and tosses a basketball?

Performance: I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt by Right Said Fred – This may be the end of the road for Tiger. He’s the only bad singer remaining.  Nicole says, “When we sing, we just gonna pick any note!” Something Tiger is Not: He’s not just brawn, but brains too: He wrote a bestselling book. Ken guesses JJ Watt. Jenny is sticking with Rob Gronkowski. Nicole guesses Joe Manganiello from Magic Mike

Prediction: White Tiger was unmasked tonight! See below.

Time to vote! The celebrity with the least amount of votes is….WHITE TIGER! He’s in the bottom 3 On to group B


Clues: She struggled with her self image, and even on Masked Singer, she initially felt like the odd kitty out. She loves letting her freak flag fly. Super Clue: Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. 

Performance: It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion – Kitty has a Broadway voice. Something Kitty is Not “I was not streaming when Robert Redford helped me get my first role.” Nicole guesses Nicole Richie. Jenny  guesses Vanessa Hutchins. Robin guesses Emma Roberts. Ken guesses Avril Lavigne

Prediction: Kitty is America’s Got Talent singer Jackie Evancho. She was was cast in The Company You Keep by Robert Redford. Also, her first post AGT record was a Christmas EP. Case closed!


Clues: He was just a party boy looking for a good time. He suffered a traumatic injury. Super Clue: You might be a kindred singer if you rocked one of these. A mullet!

Performance: Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd – Banana has rock voice suited to southern rock. He ends, shouting, BANANA. One thing he is not: Blue collar has many many meanings, I’m a funny guy, but I’m not stand up funny. So, not a comic. Jenny guesses Bret Michaels. Ding. Ken guesses Brad Paisley. Ha ha ha. No. Nicole is sticking with Brad Paisley. NOOOO. Robin guesses Billy Ray Cyrus. And then giggles remembering his disastrous 2013 VMA performance with Miley. 

Prediction: Banana is Bret Michaels, based on past clues.


Clues: Super clue: A Knight in Shining Armor. Ken you can stop being wrong, wrong wrong.

Performance: Jump by Kriss Kross – Frog is a decent singer, but he is the best dancer of all the remaining masks. Something he is not: I’m actually not a trained dancer at all. Jenny thinks he could be an actor who has major swag. Ken is still mad at being called out. He guesses Cisco. Robin thinks it’s Omarion. Jenny thinks it’s Little Romeo.

Prediction: Frog is Bow Wow. The character he played in Like Mike played on the fictitious team, the Los Angeles Knights, hence, the medieval knight clue.

Time to Vote! The Group B singer with the least amount of votes is…BANANA

Night Angel 

Clues: The fake English accent she goes in and out of…is not effective. Super Clue: A tricycle? A trio! 

Performance: Rise Up by Andra Day – The singing is REAL off key. How much does the costume contribute to that? She does hit some whistle notes, though. Ken has no jokes, that’s how much he loved that. Robin likes that she does well on both upbeats and ballads: What she’s not: I’m not just a voice, I’m a mogul. Robin guesses Tamar Braxton. Robin sang with her. Jenny guesses Brandy. Ken guesses Tisha Campbell.

Prediction: Night Angel is Kandi Burruss. The tricycle hint points to the girl group trio, Xscape, she performed with. Or her high school, Tri-Cities. Plus, she has made her mark in business, TV and music.


Clues: He tried to be everything people wanted him to be. Super Clue: Music has been my passion since I was a child. You may even have an album of mine. Plus, a slot machine.

Performance: What a Man Got to Do by Jonas Brothers – Rhino throws in a dance step or two, as he countrifies a Jonas Brothers pop hit. Jenny is wearing fake armpit hair for April Fool. “More fur, more fun,” says Nick. OOOOkay. What Rhino is not: I’m not nearly as tall as you think I am. Nicole guesses Vince Gill. Nopety nope. Robin guesses Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses. Jenny guesses Derek Jeter. Robin points out Jeter doesn’t have a hit album. “I want to be in the big leagues at the highest level.” That’s a hint!

Prediction: Rhino is Barry Zito. “Big Leagues” refers to his former baseball career before he pursued music. Barry was born in Las Vegas, hence the slot machine hint. 

Nick sounded SO convincing when he announced he was quitting the show. After a bunch of April Fools jokes.


Clues: On his old planet, he was forced to start over again. Super Clue: A broken record. He broke a world record. 

Performance: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley – Last performance on April Fool? RICK ROLLED Y’ALL. Ha ha. Here’s a thing. I love this song.  Astronaut needs to work on his pitch and breath control. What Astro is not: I’ve never had traditional voice training. Uh. He could use some. Jenny guesses David Archuleta. HA HA HA HA HA HA. No Effing Way. I know that voice. Also, David can actually sing. Ken guesses JC Chasez. Nicole guesses Ryan Tedder

Prediction: Astronaut is Hunter Hayes. He holds the world record for most live shows in 24 hrs in different cities.

Time to Vote: The singer in the bottom 3 is….Rhino

White Tiger, Banana and Rhino hit the Bottom 3! I predict Tiger will be taking it off. Or, he should be. The panel makes the decision. 

And leaving the Masked Singer is WHITE TIGER. Final guesses: Robin guesses Rob Gronkowski. Nicole guesses John Cena Ken guesses JJ Watt Jenny guesses Rob Gronkowski 

And the White Tiger is Rob Gronkowski, formerly of the New England Patriots!!! No kidding. He loves dancing, that’s why he said yes to the Masked Singer. 

  • Pat of Butter clue from the package – The Pats!
  • The photo of the cow skiing: Gron-COW-SKI
  • White Tiger shooting baskets in his package is a clue to Rob’s appearance in Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” video
  • The Horse Pinata in White Tiger’s package is a nod to Rob’s racehorse. 
  • The Wild World of Cats book in White Tiger’s package hints to Rob’s alma mater team, the University of Arizona Wildcats.

Next week the first half ot the final 8 compete!. 


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