The Masked Singer 2 Spoilers: Week 1 Clues and Guesses

THE MASKED SINGER: Thingamajig in the “Season Two Premiere” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Sept. 25 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.. © 2019 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.
THE MASKED SINGER: Thingamajig © 2019 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

The Masked Singer season 2 premiered on Wednesday (Sept 25) and it’s time for the guessing games to begin! Two contestants were eliminated by the end of the first show. Ice skater Johnny Weir was Egg and Ice Cream who is professional gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

But, there are six remaining singers who will move on to the next round. Who could they be? I am only 100 percent sure of one. The Rottweiler IS American Idol alum Chris Daughtry, natch. Heh. It’s worth noting that Chris starred in the FOX live Easter special The Passion. And he also participated in a pilot that did not get picked up. AND he recorded the theme song for the FOX flop reality show Utopia. THERE’S HISTORY THERE. 

For a few characters, I’m not sure of their identities at all. But I take some wild guesses with the help of the internet. PLEASE post YOUR guesses in comments!


Clues: “Like the butterfly, for the past year I’ve been waiting patiently in my cocoon for the promise of metamorphosis. After achieving success in many stages of life. I found myself terrified in the one place I used to call home. And now with this mask, I’ve found the courage to be reborn. To admit I’m powerless in order to take back my power. And with this flight I release my past and everyone who has clipped my wings. I’m here to take you to church. Can I get an Amen.” Butterfly poses for photographers. A shot of London appears when Butterfly talks about being “terrified…place I used to call home.”  Also. religious symbols like water baptism and the cross are represented in the clip.

Predictions: Michelle Williams the singer from Destiny’s Child s a popular guess on the internet.  She worked on the West End in London and competed on the UK dance competition, Strictly Come Dancing (DWTS is an offshoot of Strictly). She’s also very religious. 


Clues: “Hello all, how do you do? What’s a thingamajig? What does it do? A puzzling question comes to mind, but I’m a gentle giant, the feathery kind! What’s that he has? A magic case? Come on you all, keep up the pace! I’m here because I love to sing, though you may think that’s not my thing. So please accept this side of me. I’m more than fashion shoots and dreams. And that’s the key. And why it’s me. Because I’m all the things, you see! All the stars led to this gig. I’m the singing, dancing, thingamajig. He’s TALL TALL TALL. He’s probably a basketball player. “Feathers” are a motif. And wings. He carries a briefcase that he pulls magic tricks. out of. He mentions “fashion shoots” then pulls athletic sneakers out of his case. And then walks across the laces like a tight wire? Hm. He looks through a magnifying glass. A cupcake with the number 4 on top appears. 

Prediction: An athlete. He’s built like a basketball player.  Since I know nothing about basketball, I took a look at twitter and Vic Oladipo has come up a lot. He played for the Orlando Magic. And he actually released songs on The Feathery Music label. Hence, all the feathers in the clues clip. So Oladipo actually IS a singer. There you go.


Clues: “No man, I have never in my life Been as excited as I am now becoming the skeleton. Which, by the way, I chose because I have no fear of death and I don’t overeat. I’ve been around the block a few times, but I’m far from dead. Throughout my life, so many doors have opened for me. And my key to success is always say yes. Just like a skeleton, I’ve always provided support. And I’m tired of playing second fiddle.  So tonight’s going to be a wild and crazy party. Because I finally get that spotlight all to myself. I’m going to knock them dead. Party on dudes.” There’s showbizzy music in the background. He holds out a ring of skeleton keys.  There are actual fiddle players referring to “second fiddle.” He opens a door and to two dudes partying wearing Christmas sweaters next to a Christmas tree. 

Prediction: A comedian. Martin Short is a popular guess, but he’s a very good singer y’all. Skeleton, not so much. Dana Carvey maybe? He played “second fiddle” to Mike Myers in the Wayne’s World movie. Skeleton mentioned that he wasn’t afraid of death. Dana endured a botched heart operation. The doctor operated on the wrong artery in double bypass surgery.  Another SNL alum Dan Aykroyd is an interesting guess, but Skeleton is long and lean…and Dan is a big guy. But maybe! He did play “second fiddle” to John Belushi in the Blues Brothers.

ETA: After listening to the video posted in comments featuring the slowed down vocals, please forget EVERYTHING I’ve said before. The Skeleton is most definitely, absolutely 100% Paul Shaffer, who was David Letterman’s second banana and band leader for over 30 years. He also led the SNL house band in the 70s, hence the references to that show’ s iconic sketches. Additionally, he worked with the Blues Brothers. And he’s as Vegasy and corny as they come! But in an ironic way, of course. Heh. I call this one SOLVED.


Clues: “Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to spin your wheels. I’m becoming a lady bug because after a lifetime of drama, I could really use a little love and a lot of luck. Being born into the limelight , the media was always keeping up with every piece of gossip and family feud. No matter how hard I try, I couldn’t win. But now, after years of spinning my wheels, The chance to be anonymous makes me feel like I’ve already won a prize. I’m here to perform on my own terms without fear of being judged. Wish me luck! The action takes place in a retro television and there are tons of references to game shows. “Spin Your Wheels” and “Family Feud.”  “KSOR TV” is written on one of the cameras. ” There is a Brady Bunch style shot with a skull, police care, stuffed poodle with mail in it’s mouth, a pumpkin, a ham, a baseball bat, a police car and a photo of a bridge. 

Predictions: Ladybug had the weirdest clues clip, with the spinning wheels and old fashioned TV studio and….ham? I’m seeing Kelly Osbourne daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. Her childhood was a trainwreck. But the retro clues lead me to believe Ladybug is an older woman. I’m stumped. BTW “KSOR TV” is actually connected to the internet game Pokemon (???).


Clues: “Every top dog knows you’ve got to look your best to perform your best. And the first time I touched the pigskin under the Friday night lights, I learned preparation is key. Being a hungry competitor is actually how I rose to fame. It happened almost overnight. I chose the Rottweiler because I actually was bitten by one as a kid. Now, this is an opportunity to embody my fear. And to show the doubters IT’S NOT OVER. This pretty pup’s got chops and I’m ready to take a bite out of this competition. 

Prediction:  WE GOT THIS ONE DON’T [email protected] ME ABOUT IT OK. The Rottweiler is American Idol season 5 alum Chris Daughtry.  In my recap, I described his voice as “odd” but I think it was more that it was familiar. It took a commenter noting that the vocal sounded just like him. I went back to listen and was like HECK YEAH THAT’S CHRIS. I went back to review the clues video, and the deal was sealed: There is a shot of an LP with LIVE stamped on the label. Chris loves the 9o’s band Live and performed their version of “I Walk the Line” on Idol. He also performed with the lead singer Ed Kowalczyk on the final. Also, he uses the phrase “It’s Not Over”–the name of a Daughtry hit. AND he mentions being a “hungry competitor” who “rose to fame” and it “happened almost overnight.” Obviously he means his rapid rise after finishing fourth on Idol. By fall, “It’s Not Over” was a huge radio hit. I was a little confused by the blue roses, but apparently, it matches one of his tattoos. The “fantasy football” clue doesn’t make sense? Chris played football in high school, but admits that he wasn’t very good. What to look for: Chris loves comics and superheroes. He’s drawn a few comic book covers. I call this one SOLVED.


Clues: “I love getting dolled up as your favorite tree. But when the season is over, there’s no use for me. It’s here I sit wishing the world wouldn’t ignore that I’m more than just one thing that you know me for. Such a shame that I spend so long in exile. When I could dish out more talents and make the world smile. I’m more than an expert in delicious treats, if you recall. I’m like the old-school entertainers who could do it all. So that’s why I’m here to jazz up my career. And inspire you to think of me more than once a year. I know first impressions are of great importance. So I’m ready to wow with my first live performance.” Visual clues include cooking gear, a shot of Tree in an old school portable television. Fixation on the number “30.” 

Prediction: Literally have no idea. Darlene Love does a Christmas show once a year. But she sings better than the tree, and there is no evidence that she cooks. Carnie Wilson, Beach Boy Brian Wilson’s daughter and a member of the 90s trio Wilson Phillips maybe? She likes to cook–she came in second on Chopped All Stars and owns a bakery. And not only does she sing, but she also hosted an afternoon talk show for a few years and has been on a ton of reality shows. I have no idea how the Christmas clue fits for her, however. She did record a Christmas album. IDK.


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