The Masked Dancer Recap and Results: Meet Group B (Video)

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The Masked Dancer continues tonight on FOX, and we are liveblogging the performance and results here.

Ken Jeong from The Masked Singer sits on the panel next to former American Idol and SYTYCD judge Paula Abdul, actress Ashley Tisdale and former The Masked Singer contestant Brian Austin Green. Actor and comedian Craig Robinson hosts.

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The short season features 10 costumed celebrities. Tonight we meet the remaining five: Cotton Candy, Ice Cube, Zebra, Sloth and Moth.


Clues: So, the joke is Sloth loves the gym. Except sloths are lazy! There’s a D.R. badge in what looks like a laboratory. Gleem toothpaste, and more laboratory stuff. “No need to call the feds,” he says. 

Performance: What I Like About You by The Romantics. This dude is most definitely not a dancer. There’s a ton of jumping around, and the background dancers pulling him around the stage. He does a lift though. I guess that’s something.  Ken calls it entertaining, funny and skilled. Paula says he’s a trained dancer, because he needs training to dance with abandon. Hm. Each celebrity says one word without modulation. Sloth says “Broadway” with an accent that may be real or fake. Paula thinks it’s Matthew Morrison (there were actually a few Glee-like clues). Morrison a good dancer. Brian guesses Kevin Federline. Ashley guesses Jason Derulo. They all guess celebrities who dance? That dancing wasn’t impressive.

Ice Cube

Clues: The road to arrive at success was long. His mom worked at the white house? His father spent time behind bars. “TV was my only friend.” He made piece with his parents. 

Performance: Bad Romance by Postmodern Jukebox – Ice is ballroom dancing and he’s pretty smooth. He’s very slender. He’s built like a dancer. Brian calls it “super fun.” Ice Cube’s Word up is “90s icon.” He does sound mature. Ken guesses Bill Nye the Science Guy. Brian guesses Bill Marr. LOL NO. Paula guesses Anderson Cooper. Not a bad guess, but I don’t think Anderson would do a show like this. 


Clues: Bong Joon-Ho. He’s “kind of fallen out of the limelight. 11, OS, an Olympic like medal. “Now the president knows my name. (I wouldn’t brag about that.) He’s been out of the limlight for awhile.

Performance: Magalenha by Sergio Mendes – More ballroom dancing. This is a latin dance, featuring a ton of shimmying. But no butt shaking! Ken thinks he’s a trained dancer who is trying to hide it. Zebra’s Word Up is “Comeback.” Brian guesses Ricky Martin. Ken guesses Kevin Richardson

Cotton Candy

Clues: She’s a perfectionist. There’s an egg breakfast. Lollipops? She had to move in with a new family as a child for her profession, and it was hard.  Cupcakes with lips. Oh. we see her rehearsal. She fell off a hoop, which was aloft, and hit the floor. It was a long fall! Amazing she was not hurt.

Performance: Glitter in the Air by Pink – Yes, she’s doing the acrobatics in the air thing Pink is famous for. We have the first real dancer of the night. Yes, obviously trained with those ballet moves. Paula gives her a standing ovation for coming back after her rehearsal accident. Her Word Up is “Prime Time.” Paula guesses Jenna Dewan. Brian guesses Pink. Uh. Too obvious. Ken guesses Julianne Hough. Julianne was sent away to England by her family, along with her brother Derek to study ballroom dance. I thought of her too. 


Clues: Moth is VERY TALL. Clothes is a clue. She made headlines with the president. “I’m a survivor.” She’s using the spotlight to shine on things that matter. If Moth is the celebrity that popped into my head, these clues are really obvious.

Performance: Boot Scootin Boogie – Maybe she had some dance lessons as a kid? But not trained. Brian thinks the costume is deceiving. The heels are big! “She looks like a model.” Her Word Up” is Inspired. Ashley guesses Megyn Kelly. Paula guesses Monica Lewinsky. Brian agrees. Actually…that’s who I thought of immediately. Or Marla Maples, says Paula. But Monica definitely reclaimed her dignity in the last 20 years. Marla, not so much. 


The dancer with the least amount of votes is…Ice Cube! Ashley Tisdale thinks it’s Al Gore. Ken thinks it’s Bill Nye the Science Guy. Paula thinks it’s Tim Gunn from Project Runway. Brian thinks it’s Bill Marr

And Ice Cube is…Bill Nye the Science Guy!  Bill was on Dancing with the Stars a few years ago. He didn’t last too long. Indeed, Bill claims that he “loves to dance.” 


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