The Masked Dancer Recap and Results: Group B Playoffs (Video)

The Masked Dancer continues tonight on FOX, and we are liveblogging the performance and results here.

Ken Jeong from The Masked Singer sits on the panel next to former American Idol and SYTYCD judge Paula Abdul, actress Ashley Tisdale and former The Masked Singer contestant Brian Austin Green. Actor and comedian Craig Robinson hosts.

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The short season features 10 costumed celebrities. Tonight it’s the Group B Playoff featuring the remaining four in the group: Cotton CandyZebra, Sloth and Moth. Tonight’s guest judge is Cheryl Hines from Curb Your Enthusiasm and I Can Hear Your Voice.


Clues: Zebra is probably an older dude. He had a “golden promotion” to ZEO. The mission at Zebra Inc. is to help others. “Dad’s Appliance Shop” is a clue. Maybe he helps people start small businesses? UFC is a clue. And a horse? His childhood was hard, surrounded by poverty and crime. He snaps a vinyl record in half. Cinnamon is a clue. He’s had great mentors and friends. A flying fish clue. 

Performance: All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo – He performs a slow jam. Is it supposed to be some sort of waltz? He’s still playing the comedian. He thrusts into his dance partner from behind. This routine is very very weird! Cheryl calls it very entertaining. Paula thinks he moves like a boxer. Zebra’s Word Up is “Champion.” And he said it with an accent. Paula guesses Floyd Mayweather. Paula may be on to something. Ashley guesses Mario Lopez. He was on DWTS and won? So I don’t think so. Brian guesses Tito Ortiz. I think the fighter guesses are right on. 

Prediction: Tito Ortiz is a good guess. The mixed martial artist fought in the UFC and won championships. He IS a champion. And he is a bit older. He is the CEO of Punishment Athletics MMA equipment and clothing line and he owns a training gym. His childhood WAS rough. His parents were addicted to drugs, and he did them too until an old high school wrestling coach mentored him. He eventually wrestled in college.  Here’s why I’m convinced though, Ortiz supported himself at 7 years old  by selling fish that he caught himself. Hence, the flying fish. In last week’s clue package he held up a sign that said “Zebra for Mare.” Ortiz ran for mayor in Huntington Beach, Calif. And “even the president knows my name..” Ortiz is a vocal Trump supporter. And a Covid denier. So. BOO. 

Cotton Candy

Clues: She’s used to setbacks. She grew up in a life that was carefree and simple…for everyone but Cotton Candy. She had to balance practice with everything else in her life. Chocolate bars arranged on a medical scale is a clue. She missed out on “so many milestones.” An ice wall cracks as she says “I started to feel iced out by kids my age.” She missed her high school prom. “It made me want to scream sometimes.” She leans on a giant lipstick.  There’s an eagle with a USA pin. She holds up her fingers in a victory sign–a clue! 

Performance: Sour Candy by Lady Gaga & Blackpink – This week’s routine isn’t as dramatic as last week. But, Cotton Candy obviously knows how to move. She dances like somebody backing up an awards show performance. Ashley thinks she’s either an ice skater, gymnast or professional dancer. Her Word Up is “Team Player.” Paula is sticking with Jenna Dewan. Ashley thinks Tara Lipinski. Cheryl agrees. Brian guesses Kristi Yamaguchi. Cotton Candy confesses that last week wasn’t the first time she fell on TV. Hm.

Prediction: The “ice” clues refer to an ice skater. The lipstick clue likely refers to ice skater Tara Lipinski. She and her mom left the family to train in Delaware and Michigan. She competed all through her teens, likely missing her prom. At Skate America in the late 90s, she fell attempting a triple lutz combination jump. She had another fall after attempting a triple flip during her short olympic program in 1998. In her first clue package, the witches hat likely refers to a guest starring role in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. 


Clues: Moth Talks is a play on TED Talks. So Moth has done the speaker circuit. EAS is a clue. “Survivor Speaks Be Brave Be Smart newspaper headlines. BYU is also a clue. A chef sprinkles an ingredient. Also, wrinkled dates hanging on a line. 

Performance: Sway by Michael Buble – She performs a Cha Cha this week. Not a trained dancer, but she’s got some rhythm. Moth’s Word Up is “Best Seller.” Probably referring to a book.  Ken guessed Karlie Kloss. She’s married to a Kushner. Interesting guess. Cheryl guesses Meghan Kelly or Omarosa. Brian guesses Elizabeth Smart (She popped into my head too! Not sure about the president clues though). Paula guesses Kathy Griffin


Clues: Security guards bounce around a soccer ball. He moved to a “new place” when he was young “with a new language.”  A security guard holds up a boombox. Eventually, he got a reputation as a “bad boy.” He was afraid to show the people the real me! Sloth jumps out of an airplane. “I took a chance and jumped.” Maximum Velocity is a clue. One of the female guards holds up an “I Love You card and another holds a  clapboard with “18” on it. Oh. Moth is proposing to one of the guards. 

Performance: Where We Belong by Jennifer Warnes – The panel thinks he’s a trained dancer, but I’m not convinced. This time, he uses streamers as props. I mean, there isn’t much to it, although his lifts are graceful. The routine concludes with a mini Sloth jumping out of a box. Paula insists that he knows what he’s doing. Sloth’s Word Up is “Leaning Man.” Ken guesses Jonathan Groff. There were Glee clues last week, so good guess. Cheryl guesses Keegan Michael Key. Ashley guesses Will Ferrell. Oh he did a ribbon dance in Old School. Hm…

PREDICTION: Tons of fans say Sloth is Maksim Chmerkovskiy, former Dancing with the Stars pro. He most certainly is a highly trained dancer. A bunch of clues do fit. Before DWTS, he won a bunch of Latin ballroom dance titles.  He came to America from Ukraine. Maks is known as the “bad boy of the ballroom.” He had a reputation on DWTS for being extremely outspoken.  He played sports, including soccer. He married a fellow DWTS pro, Peta Murgatroyd, and they have a son (Which the mini Sloth references, possibly). I am probably taking the dance routines too seriously. I would have expected a serious dancer like Maks to perform serious routines with impressive moves. But that’s not what the show is about really.


The dancer with the least amount of votes is…Miss Moth! I’m a little surprised. I thought Zebra would bite it this week. His dancing was pretty bad. The panelists ask questions before making their last guesses. Brian guesses Elizabeth Smart. Ashley guesses Jewel. Cheryl guesses Megyn Kelly. Ken guesses Karlie Kloss. Paula guesses Kathy Griffin

And Moth is…Elizabeth Smart! That’s who I thought of by the end of her clue package! Brian called it. He congratulations Elizabeth for her life of advocacy. If you don’t know Elizabeth’s story DO A GOOGLE SEARCH RIGHT NOW. She overcame a terrible experience that could have destroyed her, to advocate and help survivors. Elizabeth gets teary describing how she lost her grandmother recently, and decided to do something fun. 


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