The Glee Project – Pair-Ability – Videos and Recap

Matheus is eliminated.

Next week, Max Adler, who plays bully Karovsky, will teach the remaining 7 kids the finer points of getting hit in the face with a slushie!

Darren Criss is back to mentor the remaining 8 contestants in the finer points of duet singing on The Glee Project.

The homework assignment paired up Hannah/Damien, Marissa/Cameron, Samuel/Lindsay and Matheus/Alex to sing the love song “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. After Darren critiqued the performances he picked Marissa as the winner of the challenge. The perk? A personal mentoring session with Darren and the duet partner of her choice.

Although Marissa sang her homework duet with Cameron, she picks the hot and confident Samuel to be her partner, leaving Cameron a little hurt. I don’t blame Marissa. Cameron definitely has some issues, which become clearer as the episode progresses. Darren and casting director Robert Ulrich pair up the rest of the kids and assign them songs.

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This week is going to work a little differently. Instead of one group video, each duet pair will star in individual videos. This turns out to be a pretty wonderful idea. Mostly.

Damien and Matheus team up to sing “That’s Why the Lady is a Tramp” and it’s a big swingy romp. The duo manage to pull off a comical/endearing performance that recalls old Gene Kelly/Donald O’Connor movies. Good stuff.

Alex shows off his ability to hit really high notes..badly. And for some reason, this throws Matheus off his game a bit.

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Alex comes up with a super creative way to sing “Nowadays”–a girl duet-with his partner Hannah. He dresses in drag! Uhm. No. No. No.

Seriously Alex? Do you even WATCH this show? I do not get why Ryan Murphy hasn’t sent this dude home yet. Don’t get me wrong, I think drag is a legit art form, but putting on a dress to sing a girl song here is a lazy way to go about it. Kurt Hummel wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress. I’m just sayin’.

Darren mentors Marissa and Samuel who are assigned “Don’t You Want Me Baby”. You may remember Darren and Lea Michele rocking this duet in the “Blame it on Alcohol” episode. Darren tells the pair to lose themselves in the song. They take Darren’s notes very well.

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Marissa and Sam’s duet is pretty awesome.

Next, is Cameron and Lyndsay who sing “Baby It’s Cold Out There”. Lyndsay is so intimidated by Marissa and Sam’s chemistry, that she feels she has to bump it up a notch or two. At the very end of their pleasant duet, she plants a kiss on Cameron, who was not expecting it.–9l6nXY

Here comes the weird part. Cameron totally freaks out. He calls his MOTHER, upset. He feels like he just cheated on his girlfriend. Uh. Cameron. It’s called ACTING. You’re going to have to kiss a few girls and maybe even a BOY if you star on Glee. This is the reason Marissa dumped him as a partner–he’s totally repressed.

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The bottom 3 reveal will be configured a little differently this week. Samuel and Marissa are put on the call back list immediately. The remaining 3 pairs have to perform for Ryan Murphy, casting director, Robert Ulrich and choreographer Zach Woodlee.

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Tensions and anxiety are high as the contestants prepare for their last chance performances. Alex and Hannah are assigned “Valerie” by Zuntones/Amy Winehouse, Cameron and Lindsay sing “River Deep Mountain High” by Ike and Tina and inexplicably, Damien and Matheus are assigned “These Boots are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra. Hello. Set up to fail!

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Alex and Hannah are up first. The performance isn’t great, but it’s a big improvement over “Nowadays”. Ryan laughs out loud at the thought of Alex in drag. He thinks they are both cute.

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Damien and Matheus are next. To their credit, they make the most of a tough situation, actually kinda sorta pulling off this ridiculous song choice. Ryan says it started off a train wreck, but the two managed to pull it together. Ryan has some concerns with Matheus’ performance. Damien pipes up to say how some others in the group have been putting the little guy down. Matteus tells the story of Alex criticizing his singing. Ryan is concerned with this bit of news, and it appears that Alex may be eliminated for his bad attitude.

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Cameron and Lyndsay are last. Cameron seems a little more comfortable with Lyndsay, even if he’s not totally rocking the chemistry. Ryan wants to know more about why Cameron was upset when Lyndsay kissed him unexpectedly, and he says that his Christian, sheltered upbringing has left him naive and unable to cope in the situation. Ryan finds this charming for some reason, and thinks Cameron might be perfect for the Christian student he’s been wanting to cast for a while now.

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It’s time to choose the bottom 3. Lyndsay is declared safe first. Hannah is next. She’s surprised. Damien is safe–Ryan loved his exuberance and enthusiasm. Cameron, Matheus and Alex are left in the Bottom 3.

Ryan was not that impressed with Cameron, feeling Lyndsay out performed him. Matheus needs to come out and be the “smooth crooner” says Ryan, He finds Alex to be interesting, but then calls him out on his attitude with Matheus. Alex issues a half-hearted apology, because he knows his ass is on the line. Afterward, Matheus is tearful as Alex accuses him of ruining his chances.

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But, as usual, the person who appears to be going home…is safe. “Cameron is back, ” he says when he finds out he’s on the call list. Alex is shocked and relieved to find himself also on the call list. And it’s Matheus who ends up leaving the show. Once again, I’m perplexed by Ryan’s decision. Alex had the weakest performance this week (and last week!) with songs that weren’t much of a challenge.

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Recently, Ryan said in an interview that one of his eliminations was a huge mistake, and I’m wondering if he meant Matheus? Hm. Whoever it is might have a cameo on the show, says Ryan.

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