The Four Horseman!

I just could not resist posting this super-crappy cameraphone picture from Season 7 Top 24 finalist Jason Yeager. He just posted a lengthy blog about how he and David Cook, Luke Menard and Michael Johns met and became friends during the course of the competition.

Jason met Luke Menard through Luke’s wife Laura, who was performing in a show with him. This was right after Jason made it through the first audition and Luke was just about to auditon in Omaha. The rest of the “Four Horseman”, as the group would later call themselves, got together during the Hollywood round. All 4 made it to the Top 24 together.

Source: David Cook Livejournal community

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From Jason’s blog:

I showed up in Hollywood week and checked into my hotel room. My roommate had already checked in and his stuff was already moved in. A few moments later the “Song-stealing-greasy-headed-douchebag” as he so lovingly became known to the four of us, (thanks to our wonderful friends at lol!!!!! We instantly became really good friends that whole week. Dave flocked to us during that 1st day…we began talking and hanging and going out to eat. We realized we had to all make the top 50 or it just wasn’t going to be good. Dave, Michael, and myself had all made it through the first cut straight thru to Thurs but Luke had to come back that Wednesday for one last chance to prove himself to the judges. So the 3 of us sat around that entire Wednesday…there was a party for those of us who had made it thru to Thurs but we were just watching as contestants came out one by one. They were made to walk thru the party in front of cameras while we were all celebrating our victory from yesterday. It was really quite awkward. We kept asking each other “Have you seen Luke?” “Did he make it?!” Finally, Luke came out with a smile on his face and we all cheered! : ) Safe for another day….ha ha Well, we all met back up in Hollywood when they cut us from 50 to 24 and the pressure was much more intense. This was the big cut. We all four sat together and watched as each person went up the elevator and watched as each guy came down and we counted the spots left for each of us. What were the odds that all four of us would make it into the final 24?! And sure enough, after much tears and yelling “The Four Horsmen” persevered!!!

Most hilarious: Michael John’s buddies calling him by his Vote For the Worst nickname, “greasy-headed song stealing douchebag”. Oh sure, the conestants nevah read about themselves on the internet!

thanks purple for bringing that over.

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