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The remaining six contestants greet Bob for their next challenge. They will be harnessed while climbing up a moving rope. They must climb as fast as possible in order to not touch the water below them. Once they touch the water, they will be eliminated from the challenge. The last person remaining will win the challenge. The prize for this challenge is a one-pound advantage for the winner and to give a one-pound disadvantage to another player. Jacky struggles right away and falls into the water. She is the first person eliminated. Colby is the next person out. In a confessional, he says he fears he or Roberto will be targeted, so he hopes Roberto will win the challenge. Stephen is the next one to fall into the water, but he’s followed by Roberto. Erin and Felicia are the last two remaining. Erin says in a confessional that she trusts Felicia since they agreed to keep each other safe. However, Erin still wants to win this for herself. In her confessional, Felicia says they were the Top 2 in the last challenge, but she hopes to be the one to win today. She says it’s always tough to go home, but she really doesn’t want to go home one week before the last week of the competition. However, Felicia does eventually fall into the water. Erin wins the challenge! Erin now has a big decision to make. Who will she give the one-pound disadvantage to? We’ll find out at the weigh-in.

While everyone is working out, Erin discusses her options with the disadvantage. Should she target one of the guys since they often put up big numbers or give it to Felicia since she was below the yellow line last week? While working out, Jen wants everyone to give it their all so that a one-pound disadvantage wouldn’t even matter.

Before the next commercial, Bob brings the contestants together for a group chat. They plug the sleep number bed and how it has helped them get a good night’s sleep. Afterwards, Bob has an individual chat with the remaining six contestants. He wants to help them continue to progress in their fitness journeys after their experience on the ranch is over; he wants them to succeed in the real world too. He first talks to Stephen. He asks Stephen about his why. Stephen says he wants to stop feeling sorry for himself. He discusses his family’s health problems, including his son’s diabetes and father’s ALS. He talks to Jacky next, and she tearfully says it is her fault for her daughter’s weight problem. We only see snippets of his conversations with Colby, Felicia, and Roberto before we see his talk with Erin. While talking to Erin, Bob tells her that all those obstacles she faced before The Biggest Loser will still be there when she returns. He asks her what she would say to her late father if she could. She says that she would tell him that she’s finally finding out who she is and he would be proud of that.

Erin talks to the remaining five about the disadvantage. Stephen and Jacky offer an alliance to Erin, and Felicia asks her whom she wants to see in the finale with her. Colby say he will never beg since he never has begged for anything in his life, but he rhetorically asks if she would give the disadvantage to someone it won’t affect or someone it could. Roberto says that if she keeps them safe, they will be on her side going forward.

It’s time for the weigh-in. Who has Erin decided to give the disadvantage to? She says her choice came down to staying loyal to the people she has been close to and it was just a process of elimination. Erin has decided to give the disadvantage to Roberto. Roberto says he is not surprised and Erin made a big statement targeting him. He hopes she made the wrong choice.

The weigh-in begins. Jacky and Stephen are the first two to step on the scale. Jacky’s current weight is 221. She lost 8 lbs. Stephen’s current weight is 219. He lost 9 lbs.

Colby and Felicia are the next two to step on the scale. Colby’s current weight is 238. He lost 11 lbs. With the 11 lbs, he has now lost 101 lbs overall. He’s the first person this season to hit the 100 lbs milestone. Felicia’s current weight is 179. She lost 4 lbs. She’s visibly frustrated and says she doesn’t understand her results since she works hard every time.

Roberto and Erin are the last two to step on the scale. With the one-pound disadvantage, he needs to lose at least 10 lbs to be safe. Roberto’s current weight is 240. He lost 10 lbs. He has also lost 108 lbs overall. He exclaims in joy and gives an impassioned speech to America. He looks into the camera and tells the audience that all it takes is just getting up from the couch and working hard at it. Afterwards, it’s time for Erin to find out her weight loss for the week. Bob tells her she needs to lose at least 6 lbs to be safe. Her current weight is 179. She lost 3 lbs. Even with the one pound advantage she won, Erin still falls below the yellow line with Felicia. Ironically, the Top 2 at the challenge are in danger of elimination tonight.

It’s time for the vote. Who will go home: Erin or Felicia?

Roberto votes to eliminate Erin. He says it was an easy decision since Erin gave him the disadvantage.

Colby votes to eliminate Erin. He says Erin lied to him and Roberto.

Jacky votes to eliminate Felicia. She tearfully explains she just went with the lower percentage of weight loss.

Stephen votes to eliminate Erin. He says he believes she will be tougher to beat in the challenges going forward.

Erin has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser. She’s understandably disappointed, but says that her experience on the ranch has given her what she needed. She learns how strong she really is, which is invaluable to her.

The next day is the beginning of the last week on the ranch. The Final 5 learn about the day’s challenge. They must race up a hill while carrying weight that reflects their individual weight at the start of the season. During the race, there will be various checkpoints where they can drop the weight they lost for that particular week. At the 11th checkpoint, they will drop the final weight and run toward the finish line. During the race, they all reflect on how far they have come as they drop weights at the various checkpoints. It’s a close race toward the finish line between Colby and Roberto, but it is Roberto who crosses the finish line first. Roberto wins the challenge! He now gets to choose his reward. He can either win $25,000 or a two-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Felicia tries to sway him to take the money since he always pulls big numbers. However, Roberto chooses the two-pound advantage. 

Next the contestants sit with either Jen or Dolvett on a couch as they see footage of themselves. They watch their pre-season interviews, working out in the gym, and competing in the challenges. They also see clips from the weigh-ins, eliminations, makeover week, and reuniting with their families. It’s a recap of the whole season.

Next Dr. Huizenga talks to the contestants. He uses a tape measure to show Felicia how she has now lost 50% of the area of her waist. He also reminds Colby how much sugar he used to drink, but now it has shrunk to just two little cubes (and both from the wine he had weeks ago). He also points out how Roberto doesn’t need to take medication anymore. He shows the Final 5 that together they have lost 437 lbs. Bob praises them and says that all it took was a healthy diet and exercise. Afterwards, Jen teaches Roberto and Colby how to cook a healthy chili. She shows them that using turkey meat instead of other types of meats is usually the healthier option.

It’s time for the last chance workout. It’s also the last workout of the season, and it will determine which contestants will be a finalist. Everyone is determined to give it their all while reflecting on how far they have come. Felicia remembers how she was told she would be gone week 1, but here she still is. Roberto says that $25,000 is just money, but glory lasts forever.

It’s time for the weigh-in. Bob congratulates them all. He asks Jacky and Stephen how it feels going through this whole journey together, and Jacky says they wouldn’t have done so well without the other. Bob tells the Final 5 that there will be a double red line tonight. Only three contestants will be moving on to the finale; two will be eliminated tonight.

Roberto is the first to weigh-in. His current weight is 234. He lost 6 lbs. He has lost 114 lbs overall.

Jacky and Stephen are the next two to step on the scale. Jacky talks about watching her journey video. She gets emotional talking about how far she has come. Her current weight is 215. She lost 6 lbs. She has lost 89 lbs overall. Before he learns his weight, Stephen gets emotional. He wants to make it to the finale, but he doesn’t want to knock Jacky below the red line. His current weight is 209. He lost 10 lbs. He has lost 100 lbs overall. He’s also guaranteed a spot in the finale.

Felicia and Colby are the last two to step on the scale. Felicia needs to lose at least 6 lbs to be safe. Her current weight is 176. She lost 3 lbs. Felicia has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser. She’s still happy to have lost as much weight as she has. Also, Roberto is guaranteed a spot in the finale too. That last spot will go to either Jacky or Colby. Colby needs to lose at least 7 lbs to be safe. His current weight…will be revealed next week. “To Be Continued”  is written across the screen before we can see how much weight Colby has lost.

Update time. Erin started at 238, but she now weighs 157. She has lost 81 lbs. Erin discusses finding value in herself. Not only has she managed to affect change in her own life, but she has also affected change in the lives of others around her too. She’s proud of how far she has come, and she knows her dad would be proud too. As for Felicia, she started at 234, but she now weighs 168. She has lost 66 lbs. She discusses how she used to be afraid to walk into stores that didn’t have her size, but now she is able to find clothes that fit her. She’s happy about her lifestyle change and wants to continue staying healthy. She feels like she can accomplish any of her goals, and nothing will hold her back.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back next week for the live finale.


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