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A new episode of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation airs tonight on NBC. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with the contestants meeting Bob at a boutique. He reveals to them that they have made it to makeover week, which they are all excited about. This has been the week Erin and Felicia have especially been looking forward to. Bob then introduces Tim Gunn to the contestants. He says he’s thrilled to be there and he’s going to help them make good fashion choices. He also tells the contestants that their family members will be flown in to see the makeovers.

Tim begins working with the contestants. He hands them different outfits to try on before they see themselves in the mirror. Tim says that makeover week is the week when the contestants finally notice the changes their bodies have made so far instead of still seeing themselves as the person they were in week 1. He tells Lauren that when we feel good about our clothes, then we’re ready to conquer the world. He reveals to Erin she is now a size 10 (she was a size 16 before). Erin says it’s such a transformation and she’s proud of herself. She discusses her father while wearing a purple dress. Purple is a color that stands for pancreatic cancer, which her father passed away from. She’s very grateful to be on The Biggest Loser. Lauren says there’s a huge difference between the person she was at the beginning of the season. She is starting to crawl out of unhappiness. Roberto fells like he can be the person he has always wanted to be. Jacky thinks the outfit looks great despite them not being combinations she would have thought of herself. Stephen has went from a size 54 to 42. Felicia breaks down crying looking at the mirror. Tim asks Colby how he feels about getting a haircut. He says he doesn’t want to lose his beard. He says his father killed himself, and his beard reminds him of his father. Tim is understanding and says he doesn’t have to lose his beard.

Next the contestants go to a hair salon. The hair stylist Ken says he is there to help them look sexy. We next see a montage of the contestants getting their hair done. Colby also decides to trim his beard a bit too. Later that evening, the contestants step out of a limousine one by one and greet Bob and Tim, and either Dolvett or Jen. Lauren is the first to greet them. She tells them this is the best she’s felt she looked in a really long time. Tim tells her she looks ravishing. She also walks down a carpet to look at herself in a mirror before the mirror slides up into the ceiling and reveals a room where her family awaits. Her son didn’t recognize her at first, but gives her a hug. He says he is very proud of his mom.

Afterwards, it’s Stephen’s turn to step out of the limousine. “Look at you, Stephen!” Bob exclaims. Stephen says he feels 20 years younger. Next it’s his wife’s Jacky’s turn. “You look so beautiful,” Stephen says as he greets Jacky. Jacky said the last time she felt beautiful was her wedding day, which was 18 years ago. She says she’s now proud to show what she’s become. Afterwards, the two of them walk down the carpet to look at themselves in the mirror before the mirror rises and they see their family. It’s an emotional moment as they greet their children. Their daughter says she is very proud of them.

Roberto is the next one to step out of the limousine. Jen says Roberto has allowed himself to enjoy it and acknowledge the change. Roberto sees himself in the mirror and he says he is very proud of himself. He says he hasn’t felt this good about his looks since he was a senior in high school. The mirror rises and he greets his family. His kids run up to them and give him a big hug. His wife says she sees a big difference in Roberto and how much more positive he seems. Roberto is excited to be able to play outside with his son when he returns home.

Felicia steps out of the limousine next. “Damn, Felicia!” Bob and Dolvett exclaim. Felicia says she feels confident; she doesn’t want to hide anymore. She looks at herself in the mirror before greeting her family. She says her sister was the one who raised her, and she’s excited to see her again. She says all the hard work paid off for this moment.

Colby steps out of the limousine next. He says he feels more confident now than he did ten weeks ago. He says his outward appearance has now matched the warrior within himself. Jen tells him no one has a heart like him and she’s glad she’s letting it shine. She gets emotional as she tells Colby she is proud of him. Jen adds that Colby is starting to step into his voice and presence. Colby then looks at himself in the mirror before greeting his family. His mother breaks down in tears when she sees him. She says it’s unreal and it feels like a dream. Colby asks about his wife Hope, and they tell him she’s doing well.

Erin is the last one to step out of the limousine. “Oh, my God!” Bob exclaims. “I’ve never felt this good in my entire life,” Erin says. Dolvett says he’s finally figured out how great she is, and it’s allowed her to shine more. Erin sees herself in the mirror before greeting her family. Her mother’s jaw drops before she tearfully hugs Erin and says she is proud of her. Her boyfriend is there too and says he has always seen her as beautiful. He tells her he is very proud of her too.

All the contestants and their loved ones gather together for drinks before Bob gives a toast to Tim Gunn. He then reveals that all the family members will get to go to the ranch and see how hard the contestants have been working so far. The next morning the contestants show up at the ranch with their loved ones. However, instead of working out together, Bob reveals that they will be competing alongside their family members in the last chance challenge. The contestants will start at one end of a field with a sled, and their loved ones will be on the other end with five weights. The contestants will have to run to a family member, who will have to unscrew a weight for them. The contestants will then run back to the sled and place a weight on it. After collecting five weights, the contestants must pull the sled to the other side of the field where they collected the weights. The first person to finish will win a one-pound advantage at the upcoming weigh-in. Competing in the challenge are Felicia’s sister, Erin’s boyfriend, Colby’s mom, Lauren’s son, Jacky and Stephen’s daughter and son, and Roberto’s older son. Felicia and Erin take an early lead with Roberto right behind them. Lauren, Colby, Jacky, and Stephen are in last. Jacky and Stephen are out of it early due to their kids being unable to unscrew the weights fast enough. Felicia has the lead, but Erin overtakes her halfway through. But Felicia and Roberto are still close too. Erin, Felicia, and Roberto get the five weights and are all pulling the sled simultaneously, but Erin keeps her lead. Erin wins the last chance challenge!

Bob gathers the contestants for a heart-to-heart group conversation. He asks them if they feel like they have changed throughout the process, and they feel like they have. Lauren says it was great having her son there with her and says she sees that he gets a lot of strength from her. Roberto says he wants to be a hero for his kids. Colby opens up about his father’s suicide. He tearfully recalls how he tried to wash out the blood from his father’s mattress. Regardless, Colby says he still has faith that everything will be okay. Bob tells all the contestants they deserve everything that they want out of life. He reminds them that life is not easy, but they will be strong when they take on life’s challenges.

It’s time for the last chance workout. Dolvett says it was nice everyone got a chance to dress up, but the only goal here is to lose weight. All the contestants are motivated to work out as hard as possible, especially being so close to the finish line. Later that evening, it’s time for the weigh-in.

Erin is the first to step on the scale. Since she won the challenge, she will be granted a one-pound advantage. Before finding out her weight, Bob compliments her hair. She had it dyed blue before, but it’s now brown. Erin’s current weight is 182. She lost 6 lbs. With the advantage, her percentage of weight loss for the week is 3.72%.

Lauren and Felicia are the next two to step on the scale. Lauren’s current weight is 179. She lost 5 lbs. She said it has been ten years since she weighed in the 170s.  Felicia’s current weight is 183. She lost 2 lbs. Dolvett says she was out of her rhythm two weeks in a row due to winning immunity last week and it being makeover week this week. In her confessional, Felicia says she’s beating herself up and is certain she’ll be below the yellow line.

Stephen and Jacky are the next two to step on the scale. Bob tells Stephen he looks ten years younger. Stephen’s current weight is 228. He lost 10 lbs. Dolvett says the leader within him is finally coming out. Jacky’s current weight is 229. She lost 9 lbs. Jacky is in happy disbelief to have lost that much weight during makeover week.

Roberto and Colby are the last two to step on the scale. Roberto’s current weight is 250. He lost 9 lbs. He breaks down in tears after seeing that. He remarks that he’s without his brother now. Instead of pushing the two of them as a team, he says it was finally time to focus solely on himself. Felicia has fallen below the yellow line, and either Lauren or Colby will be joining her. Colby needs to lose 8 lbs or more to be safe. His current weight is 249. He lost 9 lbs. Felicia and Lauren have fallen below the yellow line. One of them will be voted out tonight. They have a chance to plead to their fellow contestants. Lauren says it would be fair to send Felicia home since she had the lowest percentage of weight loss for the week. Felicia says she is begging to stay. What have they decided?

Jacky has voted to send Lauren home. She says Felicia is one of her closest friends.

Stephen has voted to send home Lauren. He sees her as a bigger threat.

Roberto has voted to send home Felicia. He wants to keep the person who will push him more.

Colby has voted to send home Felicia. He apparently made a promise to keep Lauren safe.

Erin has the deciding vote. She says she sees a lot of growth in Lauren and that she has raised such a cool kid. Erin says Felicia is a strong woman. She says she is voting to keep the person she knows has her back. Erin has voted to send home Lauren. Lauren has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser. Lauren breaks down in tears before getting some words of encouragement from Bob. In her confessional, she says she now sees someone in the mirror she’s proud of and that the sky is the limit.

Update time. Lauren’s current weight is 168. She has lost 66 lbs. She says the whole experience has affected her relationship with her son in the most positive way. She says having confidence in herself will translate to confidence in him.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts of the episode in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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