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A new episode of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation airs tonight on NBC. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with the contestants meeting Bob at a beach. He tells them all that this week’s temptation is luxury. He wants to teach them to have the right balance between luxury and losing weight. Instead of a challenge, the contestants will all participate in a luxury auction. They each get $500 to spend on the auction and won’t be competing as teams.

First item: Full spa day with a guest. Felica gets it with a bid of $40. She picks Jacky to enjoy the spa with her.

Second item: One-on-one workout with Bob. Jacky gets it with a bid of $70.

Third item: 4 bicycles. Rob gets it with a bid of $50.

Fourth item: Cookware. Roberto gets it with a bid of $130.

Fifth item: A trip to the Bahamas. Stephen gets it with an instant bid of $500.

Sixth item: One pound advantage that grows weekly up to five weeks. It could end up being a five pound advantage. Toy gets it with an instant bid of $500.

Seventh item: Bring a piece of home to them by flying in a loved one for a night at a world class hotel in Pasadena. Erin gets it with an instant bid of $500.

Eighth item: Mystery item. Colby instantly bids $500 despite not knowing what he just bought. It turns out he wins immunity. His weight still counts for his team, but he will be safe this week no matter what.

It’s time for the workout. Jen notices that Colby is holding back a bit since he’s immune this week, but she tells him he still needs to give it his all for his team. Jenn also notices that Erin is distracted due to the anticipation of her boyfriend flying in to visit her. In addition, Jen tells Toy that she shouldn’t use her advantage the first week since its value increases by the week. Jen tells Toy she still needs to work out as hard as ever. Meanwhile, Dolvett laments the fact that two of his team members will be spending a day at the spa instead of exercising at the gym.

Jacky goes to Bob’s place for her individual training session with him. She’s glad that she gets a one-on-one exercise with Bob; she feels like it was worth the money. Afterwards, Bob and Jacky have a heart-to-heart conversation. She opens up to him and reveals how hard it was for her when her father died when she was 26-years-old. As a result, she turned to food and gained the weight. It’s an emotional conversation as Jacky breaks down in tears and Bob consoles her. He tells her she can be a role model for her daughter.

Next it’s time for the last-chance challenge. They will compete for a one-pound advantage. Three team members will compete for the entire team. They must flip a tire down a track and one team member must do fifty step-ups on the tire. They will then have to flip the tire back to the starting point and another team member must also do fifty step-ups. The first team to finish will win the one-pound advantage. Stephen, Felicia, and Roberto compete for Team Dolvett and Colby, Lauren, and Erin compete for Team Jen. Team Jen gets an early lead, but it’s very close at the end when Erin and Roberto do the last set of fifty step-ups. Roberto almost overtakes Erin’s lead, but Erin finishes the fifty step-ups first. Team Jen wins the last-chance workout! Roberto is visibly frustrated losing after he was so close, and he strikes a piece of exercise equipment in anger.

It’s time for the weigh-in. Jen is worried about how the luxuries will affect this week’s results, which include Erin spending a night with her boyfriend and Felicia and Jacky having a spa day. Before they start, Bob asks Toy if she will use her advantage. She says she will not; she wants the advantage to grow. Dolvett says in a confessional that he would have advised Toy to use the advantage due to her previous results at the weigh-ins. Rob also informs them that there will be a yellow line this week instead of a red line. They will be voting to eliminate tonight instead of the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss on the losing team being automatically eliminated.

Colby is the first to step on the scale. His current weight is 278. He lost 4 lbs. This was Colby’s weakest showing, so he’s glad he’s immune for the week. The twin brothers step on the scale next. Luis’s current weight is 250. He lost 10 lbs. Roberto’s current weight is 283. He lost 8 lbs.

Next are Erin and Jacky. Erin’s current weight is 200. She lost 5 lbs. She’s annoyed since she was so close to being under 200 lbs. Jacky’s current weight is 258. She lost 7 lbs. Next are Lauren and Felicia. Lauren’s current weight is 199. She lost 3 lbs. She’s excited to be under 200 lbs. Her mother Vicki gets emotional as she tells Lauren she’s very proud of her. As for Felicia, her current weight is 195. She also lost 7 lbs. She’s excited to be under 200 lbs too. So far Team Jen has lost 1.60% of weight; Team Dolvett has lost 1.69% of weight.

Vicki and Rob are the next two to step on the scale. Vicki’s current weight is 202. She lost 3 lbs. Rob’s current weight is 268. He lost 10 lbs. Team Jen has lost 1.81% of weight; Team Dolvett has lost 2.45% of weight. The last two are Stephen and Toy. Stephen’s current weight is 259. He lost 10 lbs. Toy is nervous as she’s about to be weighed. Bob tells her she needs to have lost 5 lbs to stay above the yellow line. Her current weight is 278. She lost 4 lbs. If Toy had used her one-pound advantage, she would have been above the yellow line. Team Jen’s percentage of weight loss for the week is 2.09%. Team Dolvett’s percentage of weight loss for the week is 3.22%. Toy and Vicki are below the yellow line. Team Dolvett has won the weigh-in! Team Jen will now have to vote to eliminate someone from the team.

Lauren votes to eliminate Toy.

Erin votes to eliminate Vicki.

Luis votes to eliminate Vicki.

Colby votes to eliminate Toy.

Since it’s a tie, the one with the lower percentage of weight loss will be eliminated. Since she lost the lowest percentage of weight, Toy is eliminated from The Biggest Loser. Earlier Vicki had said she asked her teammates to eliminate her, but Colby denied her request. He admits that his decision to eliminate Toy was a strategic one.

The next day the remaining contestants compete in another challenge. They learn they can spend a day on a private yacht and read letters from home. If they choose to spend a day on the yacht, they won’t be using the gym for the day. One by one, team members must pull a rope from the ocean to collect an oar attached to a buoy. Once they collect all five oars, they must get on a boat and paddle to the finish line. The first team to cross the finish line will win the challenge. It’s a close competition, but Team Dolvett takes the lead when Vicki struggles with the rope. Team Dolvett are already in the boat by the time Colby collects the fifth and final oar for Team Jen. Team Dolvett struggles paddling, which gives Team Jen a chance to catch up. However, they are hit by a big wave and put farther behind Team Dolvett. They are unable to catch up when Team Dolvett crosses the finish line first. Team Dolvett wins the challenge! Bob asks what they have decided, and Jacky enthusiastically tells him they are choosing letters from home. Various members on Team Dolvett have yet to hear back from home. However, this means they will not have access to the gym today.

Team Dolvett board the yacht and read their letters from home. Rob gets emotional hearing from his family, including Sarah (who was eliminated last week). Jacky gets emotional too, especially after hearing about her son starting kindergarten. Roberto breaks down in tears as he says he feels like he should be there with his children right now, but asserts he is on The Biggest Loser for them.

Meanwhile Jen teaches her team how to make healthy snack options. She shows them a healthy nutrition bar with only three ingredients with no added sugars. Afterwards, it’s time for the workouts. It’s also the next day since Team Dolvett is exercising in the gym too. Jacky believes she can give it her all even more now since she is no longer distracted about wondering about her family back home. Erin says that once she’s under 200 lbs, she will perform a song she wrote that means a lot to her. Last week she hit 200 lbs, so she will finally be in “one-derland” this week. Everyone is working really hard too. They are all extra determined now that they all have passed the halfway point of the season.

Next Bob brings all the contestants together for group discussion. He asks them about their “why?” and how they are addressing it here. Felicia opens up about her bad relationship with her stepfather. She recalls times when he treated her badly, including taking money away from her and throwing food she prepared across the room. Felicia feels like her mother was never there for her, which resulted in her turning to food. Bob talks to Lauren next. Lauren begins talking about her son and how meaningful he is to here, but refuses to talk about his father when Bob brings him up. We hear a confessional of Lauren talking about her son’s father. He refused to be a part of her son’s life, and she feels guilty not giving her son a father. Vicki opens up too and is saddened by how hard Lauren is on herself. She tells Lauren needs to treat herself better. Colby chimes in and says everyone needs to have self-belief.

It’s time for the weigh-in. Once again there will be a yellow line. Vicki and Felicia are the first two to step on the scale. Vicki’s current weight is 198. She lost 4 lbs. Felicia cheers excitedly. It’s also her birthday. As for Felicia, her current weight is 191. She lost 4 lbs. The next two to step on the scale are Rob and Lauren. Rob’s current weight is 262. He lost 6 lbs. Lauren’s current weight is 194. She lost 5 lbs. Team Jen has currently lost 0.80% of weight; Team Dolvett has currently lost 0.79% of weight.

Roberto and Luis are the next two to step on the scale. Roberto’s current weight is 276. He lost 7 lbs. Luis’s current weight is 244. He lost 6 lbs. Stephen and Colby are the next two. Stephen’s current weight is 253. He lost 6 lbs. Colby’s current weight is 271. He lost 7 lbs. Team Jen has now lost 1.95% of weight. Team Dolvett has now lost 1.82% of weight.

The last two to step on the scale are Jacky and Erin. Jacky’s current weight is 251. She lost 7 lbs. Team Dolvett’s total percentage of weight loss for the week is 2.83%. To keep Team Jen safe, Erin needs to at least lose 5 lbs. Erin’s current weight is 199. She lost one pound. Team Jen’s total percentage for the week is 2.04%. Team Dolvett has won the weigh-in! Erin has fallen below the yellow line along with Vicki. Erin still keeps her promise and sings her song to everyone. Lyrics include getting “out of the darkness,” which brings people to tears. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Lauren votes to eliminate Erin.

Luis votes to eliminate Vicki.

Colby votes to eliminate Vicki.

Vicki has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser. Vicki tearfully says it’s all right and that she’s just happy to have made it this far in the competition. Vicki is proud of herself for challenging herself to do this.

Update time. Toy’s current weight is 259. She has lost 57 lbs. She says her journey on The Biggest Loser was necessary. She discusses holding onto the pain of losing her son was hurting her, and it was freeing to finally be able to talk about it.  As for Vicki, her current weight is 177 lbs. She has lost 60 lbs. Vicki says her time on the show was tough and painful, but feels like she is now in a great environment working out with her children. She says she learned that she has to be her biggest advocate.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts of the episode in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap!

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