Dalton Rapattoni – American Idol 2016 – Season 15 Contestant

Dalton Rapattoni American Idol 2016 Season 15 Contestant - Pictured: Contestant Dalton Rapattoni auditions in front of the judges at AMERICAN IDOL. © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Becker / FOX.

Dalton Rapattoni American Idol 2016 Season 15 Contestant

Dalton Rapattoni is a 19-year-old singer from Dallas, Texas, who was once a prominent member in the band IM5. Learning to play guitar after his grandmother signed him up for lessons at age 11, Dalton currently works as a vocal coach and as a member of the band Fly Away Hero. According to his biography on the IM5 wiki, Dalton enjoys listening to music, watching Doctor Who, playing video games and performing. During his time with IM5, Dalton built a strong following for himself, even spawning an Urban Dictionary and some (terrifying) Slash RPF along the way.In 2012, Dalton was discovered in a national talent search by American Idol creator, Simon Fuller, blogger Perez Hilton, and tour director, Jamie King. Along with David Scarezone, Cole Pendery, Gabe Morales and Will Behlendorf, Dalton was put together in a Disney boy band called IM5. Together, the band released multiple music videos and singles and performed as the headliner at different Radio Disney Live events. On Youtube, their music videos for their singles Zero Gravity and It’s Gonna Be Me (an N’Sync cover) have racked up over 4 million views combined. During his time in IM5, in addition to bettering his performing skills and establishing a strong fanbase, Dalton also struggled with Bipolar Disorder. At one point it got so bad he had to be hospitalized. However, Dalton left IM5 in 2014 and eventually went on to reunite with Fly Away Hero, which was a band he had worked with previously. Along with his new bandmates, Fly Away Hero released an EP titled Lost and Found.

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Dalton auditioned for American Idol this past summer. Advancing past the preliminary auditions, Dalton performed The Phantom Of The Opera, from The Phantom Of The Opera for the celebrity judges. After receiving his golden ticket and leaving the audition room, Keith Urban was so impressed that he contended that he will be in the top 12. According to The Idol Pad, Dalton survived Hollywood Week and performed at the Showcase Round. Singing the previously covered song with IM5, It’s Gonna Be My, by N’Sync, Dalton gave a strong enough performance that he was then admitted into the American Idol top 24.

Instruments Dalton Plays: Guitar


Overall Thoughts: Dalton is definitely a contender. In addition to being the first name I found in my spoiling this season, I think there is something about him that people are going to love and want to vote for. Dalton is a unique performer, but he does have a lot of creativity and vocal strength backing it all up. Also, the fact that he is coming into the competition with an already strong fanbase (the Slash RPF is a little excessive and creepy though) makes me think he is going to end up in the top 10 at the very least. Still, so far I think he is one of the better and more talented guys, so I think he will deserve his placing. My advice to Dalton is to keep showing off his creativity, but other than that I think he will do fine on his own.

Song Suggestions:

  • Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance), by Green Day
  • Mr. Brightside, by The Killers
  • Uprising, by Muse

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