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THE BIGGEST LOSER -- "Live Finale" Episode 1713 -- Pictured: Roberto Hernandez -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The season finale of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation airs tonight on NBC. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Tonight is the season finale of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation. Last week’s episode ended in a cliffhanger as Roberto and Stephen were named finalists and Felicia was eliminated. Who will get the last spot as a finalist: Colby or Jacky? And who will walk away the winner of the season? Let’s find out!

The episode begins with Bob welcoming a studio audience to the live finale. He says that we will see some unbelievable transformations. At the end, the three finalists will weigh-in one last time to see who will win $250,000 and the title of The Biggest Loser. He always says that they will be doing someone they have never done before. They will spring one last temptation of the finalists, and it could turn the entire game upside down. We all know Roberto and Stephen are in the Final 3, but who will join them? Will it be Jacky or Colby?

We flashback to last week’s weigh-in. In order for Colby to be a finalist, he needs to lost at least 7 lbs. Colby’s current weight is 229. He lost 9 lbs. Colby is the third finalist.

We return to the live show. Bob also says that the thirteen eliminated players will compete for the $100,000, and claims that this year’s at-home challenge is the closest and most competitive yet. We next see a recap of the entire season before Jen and Dolvett are welcomed onto the stage. Jen discusses investing in these people and wanting them to succeed. Dolvett talks about how he wasn’t their friend until they became their own friend.

Next Bob welcomes four eliminated players to the stage: Survivor’s Richard and The Voice’s Erin and mother and daughter duo Vicki and Lauren. Bob talks to Erin first, and Erin discusses how she learned she has the power and responsibility to change her life. After Bob asks, she sings a little bit of “Out of the Darkness.” She explains that she wrote that song a few years ago about how she was her own worst enemy. She plugs the song and says that it is now available to download on iTunes, and Billboard will be premiering the music video. Bob talks to the other three next. Richard mentions starting mental health counseling, and that it was a great start and he is a happy guy. Vicki says her husband is loving her new body, and Lauren announces she will competing in the CrossFit Open next week.

It’s time to begin the weigh-in for the eliminated contestants. Lauren and Richard will be the first two to step onto the scale. But first we see a video package about how Lauren wants to be a good role model for her son and a video package about Richard’s progress throughout the season. Afterwards, it’s weigh-in time. Richard’s current weight is 269. He lost 45 lbs overall. Lauren’s current weight is 167. She lost 67 lbs overall. Lauren is currently in the lead, but Vicki and Erin will be the next two to step on the scale. We see video packages of Vicki and Erin’s time on the show before they are weighed. Erin’s current weight is 151. She lost 87 lbs. Vicki’s current weight is 176. She lost 61 lbs. Erin is now in the lead for the $100,000.

Britney and Toy and Rob and Sarah are the next two duos to walk onto the stage, and Bob talks to each of them. Rob says he is grateful for what the show has done for his family. Bob says Sarah looks absolutely amazing and he did not recognize her at first. She discusses how empowering the process has been and says that if she can do it, anyone can do it too. Bob said he loved getting to know Toy and he appreciated how she opened up about her son’s tragic passing. Toy says she is enjoying life and her family has been a great support system. Britney was the first person eliminated, but she says she is proud of where she is now.

Before the weigh-in continues, Dolvett talks to two people in the audience. They are a married couple, and the wife lost 100 lbs and the husband lost 106 lbs. Dolvett asked how they did it, and they say it was thanks to a program by former The Biggest Loser contestant Lisa Rambo. Dolvett presents them with vouchers for Planet Fitness as a gift.

Next we see video packages for Toy and Rob before they learn their results. Toy’s current weight is 232. She lost 84 lbs. Rob’s current weight is 210. He lost 116 lbs. Erin is still in the lead. Britney and Sarah are the next two to step on the scale. After the video packages, we find out Britney’s current weight is 220. She lost 33 lbs. Sarah’s current weight is 148. She lost 119 lbs. Sarah has overtaken Erin and is now in the lead.

Jen talks to two people in the audience who have also been inspired by The Biggest Loser. They are best friends named Rebecca and Tyler. Rebecca lost 85 lbs in a year, and she says achieving little goals every day helped with reaching the ultimate goal. Tyler lost 50 lbs, and a before and after picture is shown revealing he now has six pack abs. They also get Planet Fitness vouchers as a reward.

Whitney, Felicia, Hope, Luis, and Jacky are the last five to step out onto the stage. Bob mentions how Chicago has a lot of temptations when he visited Luis and Roberto there. Luis says it’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get up. Bob talks about Felicia and Dolvett fighting a lot, but Felicia doesn’t want to talk about Dolvett. “Tonight’s about me,” Felicia says. Dolvett said he is not surprised by Felica’s remark and said Felicia taught him patience is a virtue. Bob talks to Hope, and she says she didn’t think everyone got to see the real her since she was eliminated early. She’s really glad Colby has a lot of fans though. Bob talks to Whitney, and she says the entire process if a lifelong journey.

We next see the video packages for Hope and Whitney. Hope wants a baby, and Whitney learns she is a lot stronger than she previously thought. They step on the scale and learn their results. Whitney’s current weight is 197. She lost 56 lbs. Hope’s current weight is 192. She lost 40 lbs. Sarah remains in the lead, but will Felicia or Luis overtake her? We see video packages for Luis and Felicia. Clips include Luis’s competitive nature and Felicia’s rocky relationship with Dolvett. Felicia’s current weight is 178. She lost 56 lbs. Luis’s current weight is 169. He lost 139 lbs. By a very close margin, Luis has overtaken Sarah’s percentage of weight loss and is now in the lead. Either Luis or Jacky will win the $1oo,ooo. Before we find out, we see a video package of Jacky’s journey on the show. Jacky needs to lose at least 138 lbs to overtake Luis. Jacky’s current weight is 187. She lost 117 lbs. Luis wins the $100,000 prize.

We next see a segment about Bob. This was Bob’s first season as the host, and we see various clips of him giving humorous soundbites. Afterwards, it’s time to bring out the three finalists. Luis won the at-home prize, but will Roberto win the grand prize too? We see a video package about Roberto’s time on the show before he walks out onto the stage. Bob talks to him, and he says it was tough to lose Luis when he was eliminated. He also discusses how he almost went back to just sitting on the couch when he returned home, but his son motivated him to keep working out. He also shows off a tiny little shark toy that his son gave him to represent how strong Roberto is.

Stephen is the next finalist to be brought out. We see a video package of his time on the show before Bob welcomes him out to the stage. Bob tells him that he knew from the first day that Stephen would be a finalist. Stephen said he didn’t think he would have made it this far, but says he now believes in himself. Dolvett said by week 2 or week 3 that he finally saw Stephen focus on himself and that he looks amazing. Stephen gives Jacky a hug too before he tells Bob that no matter what happens tonight, he is no longer a quitter in life.

Colby is the last finalist to be brought out. We see Colby’s video package before he walks onto the stage. Bob talks to him, and Colby says The Biggest Loser has changed so many people in different ways. He says it has allowed people to get healthier and have a platform to reach millions of people. Bob reminds Colby that Colby said he would be a finalist from the very beginning. Colby says he feels good about his chances at winning, and says that his mom prepared him to never surrender. Jen says that Colby’s optimistic attitude had a positive effect on everyone. Colby restates his “You can’t buy thin” quote before Bob sends him backstage before the weigh-in begins. However, there is still that last temptation Bob alluded to earlier.

The three finalists are standing on the stage, but they cannot see one another as they are standing in between dividers. Bob reveals to them the final temptation: $50,000, but it comes with a three-pound disadvantage. Bob asks them their thoughts. Colby said a friend of his started chemo today, and there’s a bigger picture than winning. Roberto says the decision is an easy one, but Stephen’s is thinking about it. He’s considering his options, but says his only chance to win is playing a perfect game. Bob tells them they have 30 seconds to make their decision before the clock starts running. It seems like no one will take the money as the crowd counts down the clock, but Colby takes the $50,000 at the very last second. He talks about the bigger picture again. He said he met someone who revealed to him that he was suicidal, but he changed his mind after watching the show. He was inspired by the makeover episode this past season (that was the episode Colby revealed his father killed himself). Colby says knowing he had that effect on someone is enough of a win for him.

It’s time for the final weigh-in. Colby steps on the scale first. His current weight is 217. He lost 122 lbs.

Stephen is the next to step on the scale. He needs to lose at least 109 lbs to still be in the running. His current weight is 176. He lost 133 lbs.

It’s now down to Stephen and Roberto. Stephen was an original member of Team Dolvett and Roberto was an original member of Team Jen. Roberto needs to lose 150 lbs or more to overtake Stephen and win The Biggest Loser. Roberto’s current weight is 188. He lost 160 lbs.




And that wraps up the season finale of The Biggest Loser! Thanks for reading and feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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