The Bachelorette 2020 Week 9 Recap and Live Blog

 “The Bachelorette,” TUESDAY, DEC. 8 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) NOAH, TAYSHIA ADAMS, BENNETT

The episode opens with the result of the two-on-one date between Bennett and Noah. One will go home before the rose ceremony. Bennett calls the younger Noah immature, comparing him to a 14 year old. Tayshia calls it all “teenage boy drama.”

Tayshia is irritated

Then, Tayshia spots the box of “gifts” Bennett gave to Noah. She’s really irritated! She pulls Bennett aside. She genuinely cares for Bennett. But she wonders if he is questioning her integrity. She’s offended that he basically put words in her mouth, insisting she’d never pick Noah. Bennett sweats like Rudy Giuliani right here as Tayshia tells him off. Good thing he’s not a Just for Men type of dude.

To prove that he’s not questioning Tayshia, Bennett launches into the EQ lecture he gave Noah, and basically proves her point, mansplaining that he “can’t imagine this strong…woman would ever pick him.” She looks completely unconvinced. What’s funny, is that Bennett totally lacks the EQ he’s preaching.

When Tayshia pulls Noah aside, she wonders why he’s always the center of drama. He complains that Bennett is condescending. He reveals the gifts Bennett gave him. And he worries that Bennett will treat her condescendly if she chooses him. Tayshia isn’t ready to make a decision, even though she seems partial to Noah.

Will Bennett or Noah get the rose?

Back in the room, Noah admits that Bennett has the highest IQ of the Bachelors, but definitely not the highest EQ. He accuses Bennett of lacking self awareness. Noah is making total sense here. Bennett says, snootily, the he KNOWS he’s different than everyone in the house. Hoo boy.

Tayshia returns, picks up the rose. She has enjoyed getting to know Bennett, who makes her feel amazing. But his condescension worries her. “You question my intentions.” She has enjoyed getting to know who Noah is inside. But she wonders if Noah is ready for marriage. She turns to Bennett “Unfortunately, I can’t give you this rose.” She walks him out. Noah’s all smiley.

“Holy cow!” says Bennett, who can’t believe Tayshia is rejecting his awesomeness. He doubles down on his belief that she’d never choose a guy like Noah. “That was a curveball, not what I was expecting,” Bennett says as the car drives away.

“Don’t be smiling,” warns Tayshia as she joins Noah back in the room. “That wasn’t a victory for you by any means. I did have feelings to Bennett.” I KNEW IT. She doesn’t give Noah the rose either. He’s got to wait until the rose ceremony.

Tayshia hands out a few roses 

Time for the cocktail part and a little schmoozing! Noah apologizes to his fellow suitors that they got “tied up in the BS.” As if. Riley pulls Tayshia aside first. He claims that it’s the 1 week anniversary of the two being “boyfriend and girlfriend.” He brings her a nice dessert to share.

Zach is next, bearing a framed picture from last week’s wedding photo shoot. He wants her to know that he’s ready! Whatever it takes! Time to make out. He’s already got a rose, so. Tayshia also makes out with Ben and Brendan. She’s totally over the earlier drama.

JoJo shows up to announce that it’s time for the rose ceremony. Oh right. Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher is hosting while Chris Harrison takes his son to college, and puts everyone around him at risk for Covid-19! Meanwhile, Noah and Ed are frustrated they didn’t get any one on one time with Tayshia. Only five rose sit on the table. Guys are freaking out.

Who stays? Who goes home?

Brendan gets a rose, so does Riley. Blake gets a rose, as well as Ivan. AND NOAH GETS A ROSE! The producers told her to do it. Has to be. Demar, Ed, and Spencer head home. Ben and Zach got roses last week. Down to 7 guys. Noah is relieved to get a second chance. 

A new day brings new dates

The next morning, JoJo arrives to announce that Tayshia is “falling in love.” and next week is hometown week! “It’s time to check in with your feelings!” she says. At that, Zac begins crying, in front of the guys. His family means EVERYTHING TO HIM.

Ben gets a one-on-one date.  JoJo meets the couple. She has set up an “oasis” that they need to hunt down on scooters. They find a clue in a wading pool full of tennis balls. They make their way to a pinata. After they’re all broken, they find another clue. They sit to chat. This “oasis” is not very impressive. Ben got a rose after last week’s art project date. He stripped naked to impress her. He’s afraid to share things! But he trusts her. She won’t give him the rose until he reveals even more.

Ben has a shocking secret

During dinner, she pushes him to open up. She thinks he comes across as “too perfect.” She senses hurt. She wants to know everything! Growing up, Ben had everything he needed materially, but wanted emotionally. The military gave him more cover to hide. Tayshia wants to know about his family. He’s close to his sister. In 2018, he left the army. He broke his back and could barely walk. He didn’t know how to ask for help. His sister was the only one he confided in.

Oh. There it is. Ben tried to commit suicide TWICE. His sister didn’t know. “I guess she knows now,” he says. He didn’t want to burden anyone with his problems. The sister saved his life, but she has no idea. Aggressive therapy helped him out of a dark place. “You’re an amazing person,” Tayshia gushes. Of course, Ben gets a rose. TIME FOR SOME MAKING OUT.  Time for music from Adam Hambrick as the couple dance. SUPER FUN FACTS: Adam has written hit songs for a slew of country artists. He is childhood friends with American Idol 8 winner Kris Allen, who inspired him to chase his own musical dreams. 

To tell the truth…or not

Zac, Brendan, Ivan, Noah, Riley are invited to a group date. Blake finally gets a one-on-one, much to his relief. 

The group date involves hooking the guys up to a polygraph test. JoJo is along to help. Tayshia takes the test first. Are you truly falling in love? YES. Are you falling in love with more than one person? YES. Do you regret sending anyone home? She says NO and the FALSE buzzer goes off. Oops. Do you think your husband is in the group of men left. YES. 

Ivan is next. Has he ever been aroused around Tayshia? Does he want children? YES Noah lies about missing his moustache and whether anyone has ever faked an org**m with him. Is Brendan ready to meet Tayshia’s family and vice versa? His yes answer sets off the lie detector. Zac answers TRUTHFULLY that he’s cheated on someone. Uh oh. Tayshia is disappointed. “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” she says. Riley notes, as an attorney, that lie detector tests aren’t always accurate (especially fake-a** setups like this one). Weirdly, the lie buzzer goes off when he gives his full name. Riley answers truthfully that he’s not sure he’s ready for family week. 

Tayshia has SO MANY QUESTIONS. Is Zac a cheater?


It’s time for the cocktail party. She pulls Zac aside to confront him about his cheating. Her ex cheated on her. She can’t tolerate it. Zac explains that he was in love with his first girlfriend. But he met another girl and french kissed her at a bowling alley. It was his first girlfriend in six grade. Uh. If I were Tayshia, I’d be mad that he trolled  me like that. She’s laughing though, and admits that she’s falling in love with him.

Tayshia tells Noah that after his polygraph, she’s feeling much better about him. Brendan admits that at face value, he’s excited about the family meetings. But he’s proposed before, and he wants this time to be the last time. As a divorced woman, Tayshia can relate. 

Riley also has a secret

As for Riley, and his name: Before meeting up with Tayshia, he wanders off to cry. The story is that his name used to be Dwayne Henderson Jr. He was close to his father, until they had a falling out. Growing up, his father had sole custody of him and his brother. He resented his mother, based on things his father told him. After reconciling with her, he legally changed his name, for a fresh start. I’ve heard of men changing their last name after falling out with their dads (happened in my family!) But his entire name? Tayshia calls Riley an “incredible man,” before diving into a make out session. 

OK. That “lie detector” was laughably stupid. Tayshia and JoJo ran the test from a laptop without a technician. The green and red lights going off during the test are not how lie detectors work. Probably, the producers knew all the answers ahead of time, and used the “lie detector” as a device to set up a dramatic narrative. 

Time to give out the date rose. Tayshia feels every conversation she had with each suitor was “impactful.” She says the rose holds “so much meaning.” So, she’ll need a little more time to figure it all out. All roses will be given out at the rose ceremony.

An eliminated suitor confronts Tayshia

As Tayshia leaves the house, she’s confronted by…BENNETT! Dun Dun DUNNN. He wants to speak with her. She doesn’t seem unhappy. They chat at her place. He’s still sweating, as he apologizes over and over again for “making her think he questioned her integrity.” He confesses that he loves her. “I’m speechless,” she says. He wants to come back. Actually, I think his ego is bruised. He seems very manipulative. She admits that she wasn’t planning on saying goodbye to him. “I’m very confused,” she says. “I haven’t had emotions like this, ever over a girl,” he claims. 

She’s overwhelmed and won’t decide until tomorrow. She’s convinced Bennett is sincere. It means everything to hear those words “I love you.” What will she do? She’s worried about how the other guys will react…and of course, we won’t find out until next week.  

Next week, The Bachelorette airs Monday and Tuesday, including the Men Tell All.


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