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The episode begins with teams learning they must travel to Ballenberg. Today marks Rachel’s 32nd leg of The Amazing Race, meaning she has the record for the most legs a contestant has raced on the show. Tyler & Korey are the first team to arrive at Ballenberg, but it doesn’t open until the morning. All the teams will be on equal footing for this leg as a result.

As teams gather outside Ballenberg, Rachel & Elissa try to do damage control with Leo & Jamal. Rachel & Elissa confess that they did have a Big Brother alliance with Nicole & Victor and they warned them they were U-Turn targets, but they didn’t tell them that Leo & Jamal were the ones targeting them. Leo & Jamal say they told too much to Nicole & Victor anyway. Rachel & Elissa want to prove to Leo & Jamal that they are trustworthy, but Leo & Jamal admit in their confessional that they would be willing to U-Turn Rachel & Elissa if they need to.

All the teams gather inside Ballenberg, and they are surprised to see Phil there. He tells them all the new twist: A U-Turn vote. All the teams will publicly vote to U-Turn another team. The teams are shocked to learn about this game-changing twist. Before they vote, Phil informs them there will be no more non-elimination legs. They all will take turns voting by a random order. By random draw, Rachel & Elissa are the first to vote. Rachel & Elissa vote for Colin & Christie. Nicole & Victor vote for Leo & Jamal. Nicole whispered to Victor to vote for Rachel & Elissa instead, and she’s unhappy with Victor voting for Colin & Christie. Colin & Christie vote for Rachel & Elissa. Leo & Jamal vote for Colin & Christie. Becca & Floyd vote for Colin & Christie. Tyler & Korey vote for Nicole & Victor. Chris & Bret vote for Rachel & Elissa. Colin & Christie and Rachel & Elissa are U-Turned. Rachel tells Chris & Bret that they made a bad game decision in having them be the ones to go up against Colin & Christie. She says it was a million dollar decision as they may have just spared Colin & Christie from elimination by making a personal decision.

Afterwards, teams rush to a clue box and get their clues. They learn they have a Detour to complete: Make Hay or Cow Festival. Make Hay requires teams to cut and rake grass and Cow Festival requires teams to dress up a cow with a headdress. As teams rush to their Detours, Nicole & Victor have a Speed Bump to complete first. They must take down flags and fold them. While they are working on the Speed Bump, Nicole is still complaining about Victor’s decision to vote to U-Turn Leo & Jamal instead of Rachel & Elissa. They eventually complete their Speed Bump and make their way to the Cow Festival Detour.

Rachel & Elissa are completing the Cow Festival faster than Colin & Christie, but Colin & Christie are not too far behind. All the other teams are at the Make Hay Detour. Chris & Bret admit in a confessional that their move to U-Turn Rachel & Elissa may cost them, but they don’t seem to care. Becca & Floyd are the first team to complete the Detour, putting them in the lead. They get their next clue and learn they must proceed to Oberschwanden to get their next clue. Right afterwards, Chris & Bret, Tyler & Korey, and Leo & Jamal complete the Make Hay Detour too.

Rachel & Elissa are having success leading their cow to the festival, but Colin & Christie are struggling with getting their cow to move in the direction needed. “There were definitely thoughts of ‘my cow is broken’ going through my mind,” Colin jokes in a confessional. Rachel & Elissa get their cow at the designated area and complete the Detour. However, they left behind their clue where they first dressed up the cow, but they decide to move on to the next Detour instead of going back for it. Colin & Christie complete their Detour too, and they make their way to the next Detour too. Rachel asks Christie if she can read their clue, but Christie tells her no. She tells her and Colin’s cameraman that they aren’t going to be helping the team that’s gunning for them. Rachel & Elissa decide to just watch and copy everything Colin & Christie is doing, even though they know it’ll put them behind.

Tyler & Korey and Becca & Floyd arrive at Oberschwanden. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must use a crossbow to shoot an apple off of a scarecrow’s head. Chris & Bret join them at the Roadblock too. The team members participating in the Roadblock for their respective teams are Tyler, Becca, and Bret.

Colin & Christie manage to complete the Make Hay Detour before Rachel & Elissa. They now can proceed to the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Leo & Jamal have gotten lost on their way to Oberschwanden. Back at the Roadblock, Bret is the first to shoot an apple. He and Chris can now take a boat to the Pit Stop: Grand Hotel Giessbach. They are in first place, but Tyler shoots his apple shortly afterwards. He and Korey can proceed to the Pit Stop too.

Rachel & Elissa have completed the Make Hay Detour as Nicole & Victor finally arrive at the Roadblock. Leo & Jamal are still lost trying to find Oberscwanden, saying they’ve wasted forty minutes driving in the wrong direction. Colin & Christie arrive at the Roadblock too. Victor and Colin attempt the Roadblock for their teams.

Rachel & Elissa arrive at the Roadblock minutes before Leo & Jamal. Rachel and Jamal choose to do the Roadblock for their teams. Five teams are still competing in the Roadblock as Tyler & Korey and Chris & Bret are making their way to the Pit Stop. The next to shoot an apple is Becca, and she’s followed by Colin. Becca & Floyd and Colin & Christie can make their way to the Pit Stop too.

It’s now a footrace for first place between Chris & Bret and Tyler & Korey. Chris & Bret got off their boat first, but they went in the wrong direction. As a result, Tyler & Korey manage to land on the Pit Stop mat first. Tyler & Korey are Team #1! They win a trip to Cambodia. Tyler & Korey have already left the Pit Stop by the time Chris & Bret greet Phil as Team #2.

Victor is the next person to hit an apple, meaning Rachel and Jamal are the last two competing in the Roadblock. Jamal hits his apple before Rachel hits hers. Leo & Jamal can now make their way to the Pit Stop, but Rachel hits her apple soon afterwards. Rachel & Elissa are in last place, but they may still have a chance.

Colin & Christie greet Phil as Team #3. Christie feels like they won the leg by finishing in the Top 3 with a U-Turn used against them. While they are still on the mat, they are joined by Becca & Floyd. Phil asks if there is any tension, and Becca said she hated the U-Turn vote. Colin & Christie say they don’t take the move personally. Later, Nicole & Victor greet Phil as Team #4 and they are joined on the mat by Leo & Jamal. Leo & Jamal hug Nicole & Victor and tell them there are no hard feelings, even though they were surprised by Victor voting to U-Turn them. However, in their confessional, Leo & Jamal admit they are coming after Nicole & Victor now.

Rachel & Elissa are the last team to arrive. Phil gives them the bad news: Rachel & Elissa are eliminated. They are disappointed, but they take their elimination fairly well. Rachel is grateful for getting to run 32 legs of The Amazing Race, and Elissa points out how they have great lives with healthy babies. Rachel says they have nothing to complain about. She adds that she has gained a lot of memories from racing around the world that she can tell her grandchildren about someday.

Episode Summary

1st place: Tyler & Korey (Won a trip to Cambodia)

2nd place: Chris & Bret

3rd place: Colin & Christie

4th place: Becca & Floyd

5th place: Nicole & Victor

6th place: Leo & Jamal

7th place: Rachel & Elissa (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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