The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 3 Discussion and Recap

Tonight a new episode of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap of the episode here.

Last week, the teams traveled to London, England and the dating couple Dennis and Isabelle were eliminated. Where will the teams travel to tonight? And will a team be eliminated? Let’s begin the episode.

Nine teams remain in the race. Adam and Bethany came in first place in the last leg and will depart first. They learn their new destination: Shetland Islands, Scotland. First they must take a train to Aberdeen, Scotland. Once there, they must pick up a Ford Focus and drive and board a ferry that will sail through the North Sea and take them to the Shetland Islands. Once there, they must find a person in a puffin costume at the National Lifeboat Institute that will hand them their next clue.

The teams make their way to the train station. On the way, Scott tripped and injured his ankle. Kym and Alli go to a pub while the other teams are waiting by the train station. In the morning, all the teams are on the same train. Later, they board the same ferry too. While on board, all the teams see Scott’s ankle injury.

All the teams are making their way to the Lifeboat Institute where they find the puffin. The first four teams are Amy and Maya, Michael and Scott, Keith and Whitney, and Misti and Jim. They get their next clue, which informs them they must travel to Scalloway Castle for their next clue. Keith and Whitney arrive at the castle first and learn they have a Detour to complete. They can either “Pony Up” and collect peat with the help of a Shetland pony or “Light My Fire,” which requires teams to build a Viking torch.

Michael and Scott, Adam and Bethany, Amy and Maya, Brooke and Robbie, and Misti and Jim are the next teams to arrive at the castle. Meanwhile, Tim and Te Jay are lost. Misti and Jim arrive at the “Pony Up” Detour first and Keith and Whitney are the first to arrive at the “Light My Fire” Detour. Tim and Te Jay finally find the castle, but they’re now in last place.

Misti and Jim and Amy and Maya are working on the “Pony Up” Detour. Brooke and Robbie planned to do the “Pony Up” Detour, but they got lost and found the “Light My Fire” Detour instead and join Keith and Whitney at that task. They are followed by Tim and Te Jay, Kym and Alli, and Michael and Scott. The teams at the torch building task are doing well, but Brooke and Robbie are strugggling.

Back at the “Pony Up” Detour, Misti and Jim are in the lead, while Adam and Bethany, Shelley and Nici, and Amy and Maya are still working. However, it gets difficult when the Shetland ponies refuse to cooperate. Jim especially has trouble with his and Misti’s pony. However, the dentists are the first to complete the task and are now in first place. Their next clue informs them they must make their way to Berry Farm.

Shelley and Nici complete the “Pony Up” task and are now in second place as they make their way to Berry Farm. They are followed by Adam and Bethany and Amy and Maya in third and fourth place respectively. Back at the “Light My Fire” task, all the teams there are doing well, except for Brooke and Robbie.

Tim and Te Jay are the first team to locate the Vikings and complete that Detour first. They are now in fifth place as they make their way to Berry Farm. Misti and Jim, however, have already arrived at Berry Farm. They learn they must herd eight sheep through gates and then into a pen to get their next clue.

Michael and Scott are now in sixth place, followed by Kym and Alli and Keith and Whitney in seventh and eighth place respectively. Brooke and Robbie are in last place, but they’re on their way to completing the task too. Meanwhile, Misti and Jim are struggling with the sheep as Shelley and Nici and Adam and Bethany arrive. Those three teams are all working on the task simultaneously, but it is Misti and Jim who are the first to complete the task. They are given an object that represents the location of the Pit Stop: St. Ninian’s Isle. They locate St. Ninian’s Isle and are Team #1. Misti and Jim have also won a trip to Dubai.

Amy and Maya arrive at the sheep herding task while Adam and Bethany and Shelley and Nici are still working. None of them completes it before Kym and Alli arrive, as well as Keith and Whitney and Tim and Te Jay.

Amy and Maya complete it and are now the second team on their way to the Pit Stop. Soon afterwards, Adam and Bethany complete it and are the third team to make their way to the Pit Stop. They are followed by Keith and Whitney and Shelley and Nici as Michael and Scott arrive at the task. Brooke and Robbie arrive there too as Kym and Alli complete the task.

At the Pit Stop, Adam and Bethany checks in as Team #2. Brooke and Robbie complete the task and are currently in seventh place. Keith and Whitney greets Phil as Team #3 as Amy and Maya are still trying to find the Pit Stop. Michael and Scott and Tim and Te Jay are still struggling with the sheep. Scott wants to take a four hour penalty. But they don’t need a penalty as they complete the task.

Shelley and Nici greets Phil as Team #4. Simultaneously, Amy and Maya are greeted as Team #5.

Michael and Scott are given the wrong location. Instead of St. Ninian’s Isle, they are told by locals at a bar to go to Weisdale. Could this mistake cost them the race? Brooke and Robbie are checking in as Team #6 and Kym and Alli are checking in as Team #7.

Tim and Te Jay finally complete the sheep task and can make their way to the Pit Stop. Michael and Scott learn they went the wrong way when they ask another local at a jewelry store. They turn around as they make their way to St. Ninian’s Isle. So it will be either Michael and Scott or Tim and Te Jay in last place.

Tim and Te Jay arrive in eighth place. Michael and Scott arrive last and are eliminated from the race. They handle their elimination well – much better than Dennis and Isabelle last week.

Episode Summary

1st place: Misti and Jim (Won a trip to Dubai)

2nd place: Adam and Bethany

3rd place: Keith and Whitney

4th place: Shelley and Nici

5th place: Amy and Maya

6th place: Brooke and Robbie

7th place: Kym and Alli

8th place: Tim and Te Jay

9th place: Michael and Scott (Eliminated)

Thanks for reading and join me next week for another episode of The Amazing Race!



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