The Amazing Race: All-Stars Season Finale Discussion and Recap (UPDATED)

It’s down to the Final Three! Brendon and Rachel, Caroline and Jennifer, or Dave and Connor will win The Amazing Race: All-Stars and the $1 million prize. So which team wins? Let’s find out.

The Final Three learn that their final destination will be Las Vegas, Nevada. Once there, the teams must be driven to an unknown location. Rachel is from Las Vegas, so she is beside herself in excitement that this could give her and Brendon an advantage. Dave and Connor also know that Rachel is from Las Vegas, so they’re worried about this possible advantage too. If Brendon and Rachel do win the race, then they’ll feel financially secure to have a baby, which is what the newlywed couple has been saying throughout the race.

The three teams are taken to the side of the highway where they are told by their drivers to “get out and dig.” The teams grab a shovel and start digging in the same area. Rachel is tossing dirt back into Dave and Connor’s hole, which causes a bit of a tiff, especially between Rachel and Connor. Dave and Connor get their box first, with Caroline and Jennifer and Brendon and Rachel right behind them. On the ride over to their next location, Brendon opens the box and finds a ring of keys. Rachel also explains why she snapped at Connor: “The reason I told him to shut up is because he’s so stupid.”

Next the three teams have a Roadblock to complete, and it’s with David Copperfield. They will take part in a magic act. One team member will be locked inside of a crate. They will then use the ring of keys from the box they dug up to unlock themselves after finding the right key (each ring has about fifty keys). Then they will be able to escape from the crate. Connor, Jennifer, and Rachel are the ones who get inside the crate. Dave and Connor and Caroline and Jennifer have to smash their boxes open before they can get started though. However, each team does the Roadblock successfully. After they have all unlocked the shackles tying them up inside the crate, their team members are shown a video of the crate they’re supposedly inside alight in flames and fall in a fiery crash. However, it’s just a trick since Connor, Rachel, and Jennifer show up behind their team members in a firefighter costume one after another. Connor finished the task first. Rachel was second. Jennifer was third.

They must now go to the Boneyard Museum to find their next clue. All three teams get in a taxi. Dave and Connor arrive there first. They learn they must unscrew a light bulb from the silver and red question mark sign by the clue box and go to the Mirage Hotel. Dave and Connor do the task without any trouble, but Brendon and Rachel don’t notice that the question mark sign was right in front of them. They waste a few minutes before they realize it was by the clue box. They leave the Boneyard Museum just as Caroline and Jennifer arrive there. But before Brendon and Rachel depart for the Mirage Hotel, they try to steal Caroline and Jennifer’s taxi since their driver was not doing a good enough job. They plead with the driver for a few tense minutes, but he wouldn’t budge. So they reluctantly get back in their own taxi and make their way to the Mirage Hotel, with Caroline and Jennifer right behind them.

But it is Caroline and Jennifer who arrive at the Mirage Hotel first. Their next task to complete is to be hoisted up into the air on window-washer carts atop the hotel building outside by the sign and screw in light bulbs into the letter “I” of the word ‘Mirage.’ They must also keep track of how many light bulbs they have screwed in. Caroline and Jennifer get started on it right away, but Dave and Connor have arrived too. They estimate that they are just five minutes behind them. Brendon and Rachel, however, are taking a lot longer due to their inadequate taxi driver. Nonetheless, they arrive at the hotel too, but they get confused about where to go. They wander inside the hotel and bicker for a bit until they realize where they actually needed to be. All three teams are now working on the task.

Dave and Connor surpassed Caroline and Jennifer and are the fist team to complete the task after getting the number of light bulbs correct on their second guess (241). They must now make their way to Maverick Helicopters, but Caroline and Jennifer are right behind them. Once there, the team member who did not go inside the crate of the David Copperfield task must skydive to the finish line in Las Vegas Motor Speedway. First they have to locate where the drop point is. Dave and Caroline are the skydivers for the task and get suited up to freefall to the finish line.

Brendon and Rachel complete the light bulb task too. They make their way to the heliport too. Rachel is tearful as she knows her and Brendon’s chances of winning are slim now. She just hopes that the other teams somehow make a mistake.

But they do not. Dave and Caroline both spot the sign that informs them that the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is where the finish line is located. Connor and Jennifer are already there, as well as Phil and the eliminated racers from this season. They will watch the team member skydive into the speedway and join their teammate in a dash to the finish line. It’s clear that it will be either Dave or Caroline arriving at the speedway first. But who is it?

It turns out to be Dave. He joins his son and the both of them sprint to the finish line and become the first parent-child team to win The Amazing Race. Dave is in tears as he is so proud of Connor. Caroline arrives minutes after Dave, and Phil gives them credit for being the second place team in an elite cast of all-stars. Brendon arrives long after Dave and Connor have already been declared victorious (Rachel is already in tears as she waits for Brendon). Since they have not won the race, they will postpone having a baby until Brendon graduates from school.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good season of The Amazing Race. I personally was rooting for Brendon and Rachel to win, but Dave and Connor were a dominant team (although most of the credit should go to Connor since he did nearly every Roadblock). But congrats to Dave and Connor for being the first parent-child team to win and kudos to Brendon and Rachel for being the first team to compete in every leg of The Amazing Race twice (they came in third place in both of their seasons).

Anyway, thanks for reading my weekly recaps of The Amazing Race: All-Stars! I plan to be back for the next season that premieres in the fall. So what did you think of this season? Are you happy with the winners? Post your thoughts in the comments section below, and thanks again for reading!    






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