The Amazing Race 35 Recap – Week 8 Live Blog (RESULTS)

The Amazing Race 35
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The Amazing Race 35 Recap: Week 8 Live Blog and Results

A new episode of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The next destination is Ljubljana, Slovenia. This is the first time The Amazing Race has traveled to Slovenia. Greg & John are the first team to pick up their tickets at a travel agency. They take a 4:00 pm flight, which is earlier than the 7:30pm flight the other teams will take. The other teams take the tickets for the 7:30 pm flight, but Todd & Ashlie wonder if they can be on standby for the earlier flight that’s already fully booked.

Greg & John board the first flight, and Todd & Ashlie and Rob & Corey manage to join them after waiting on standby. They are the first to arrive at Vienna, Austria. They must now board a train that will take them to another train that will take them to Slovenia. Due to delays, there are only five minutes to board the connecting train. If they miss that train, then they could lose their potential eight-hour lead over the other teams. They see updates, and their current train is further delayed. They have less than a minute to catch the next train, so they decide to play it safe and go back to the train the other teams will be boarding. All teams will be on the same train to Slovenia.

Trains, Planes, Automobiles

The teams arrive at Ljubljana. They must make their way to Congress Square, pick up their car, and then drive themselves to an airfield to find their next clue. Joel & Garrett and Rob & Corey are the first to arrive. There’s a Roadblock to complete. One team member must board a glider and fly over Lake Bled. They must look for a clue made up of 4 numbers. The answer will be 1991, the year Slovenia gained independence. Garrett and Rob begin the Roadblock. Todd & Ashlie and Greg & John arrive next. Todd & Ashlie’s clue says Ashlie must do the Roadblock due to height restrictions (Todd is too tall). John does the Roadblock too. Robbin & Chelsea and Morgan & Lena arrive next, with Robbin and Lena doing the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Steve & Anna Leigh are lost.

Garrett is the first to complete the flight, but he answered 1199. He is incorrect and must redo the task. Rob answers 1991 next, and he’s correct. He and Corey get their next clue. They must now proceed to Planica Nordic Centre. Ashlie, John, and Robbin answer correctly and can depart the Roadblock too. Garrett begins his second attempt while Lena is still in the air. Steve & Anna Leigh have yet to arrive at the airfield. Anna Leigh is frustrated, and Steve tells her to “simmer down.”

Express pass up for grabs

Todd & Ashlie are the first to arrive at Planica Nordic Centre. They learn there’s an Express Pass up for grabs. They must climb up to a ski jump and complete the challenge. They decide to go for it, but they miss the marked staircase and go around it. Meanwhile, back at the Roadblock, Lena incorrectly guesses 1976. She must redo the flight. At that moment, Steve & Anna Leigh finally arrive. Anna Leigh says she is too frustrated and won’t enjoy the flight, so she tells Steve to do the Roadblock. Garrett completes his second flight and correctly answers 1991. He and Joel can proceed to Planica Nordic Centre. Lena completes her second flight too, and she answers correctly. Only Steve & Anna Leigh remain at the Roadblock.

Rob & Corey arrive at Planica Nordic Centre. They see there’s an Express Pass available, and they decide to go for it. They see Todd & Ashlie are at the wrong area, so they race up the staircase. Todd & Ashlie see them, and they decide to race Rob & Corey. Back at the Roadblock, Steve correctly answers 1991.

Greg & John and Robbin & Chelsea arrive at Planic Nordic Centre. At the same time, Todd & Ashlie decide to go back and forget about the Express Pass. Greg & John, however, decide to go for it and get there before Rob & Corey. However, they turn around since Rob & Corey are too far ahead. Greg & John join Todd & Ashlie and Robbin & Corey at a practice skiing area. They must use the skis to reach the clue box.

Field Work Detour

Greg & John get their clue first. They learn they have a Detour to complete: Field Work or House Work. Field Work requires teams to collect hay. House Work requires teams to assemble a home for a family of bees. Greg & John first choose House Work, but on the way they switch to Field Work. Robbin & Chelsea and Todd & Ashlie choose Field Work too. Meanwhile, Rob & Corey reached the top of the hill and earned the Express Pass. They must zip-line back down to the bottom of the hill.

While the teams in the lead get started on the Field Work Detour, Joel & Garrett and Rob & Corey get their next clue. Morgan & Lena and Steve & Anna Leigh are right behind them too. However, Steve & Anna Leigh decide to go for the Express Pass, not noticing the sign that tells them that the Express Pass has already been claimed. Rob & Corey arrive at the Field Work Detour. They don’t plan to use their Express Pass. Instead, they’ll try to get the task done quickly. Meanwhile, Joel & Garrett are the first team to begin the House Work Detour. Morgan & Lena arrive at the Field Work Detour too.

The next clue…

Todd & Ashlie are the first to complete the Field Work Detour. They must now drive themselves to Neboti?nik Skyscraper to find their next clue. Rob & Corey complete the Detour next, and they are followed by Greg & John. Meanwhile, Steve & Anna Leigh reach the top of the hill and learn the Express Pass has already been claimed.

Morgan & Lena complete the Field Work Detour as Steve & Anna Leigh join Joel & Garrett at the House Work Detour. Robbin & Chelsea are the next to complete the Field Work Detour. They can proceed to Neboti?nik Skyscraper. Joel & Garrett complete the House Work Detour. They leave, but they left a notebook behind. Joel realizes this on the way to the skyscraper, and they go back to get it. They manage to retrieve their notebook before Steve & Anna Leigh complete the House Work task. Steve & Anna Leigh do manage to complete it soon afterwards, but they are still in last place.

Racing to first place

On the drive to Neboti?nik Skyscraper, Morgan & Lena and Robbin & Chelsea get lost. This could help Steve & Anna Leigh stay in the race. Todd & Ashlie are the first to reach the top of the skyscraper. They get their next clue and learn they must proceed to the Pit Stop: Dragon Bridge. Greg & John are right behind them; both teams race to get first place. Meanwhile, Rob & Corey begin the walk up the spiraling staircase inside the skyscraper. They get the next clue before another team arrives.

Greg & John arrive at the Pit Stop first. Todd & Ashlie join them moments afterwards. Phil gives them the good news. Greg & John are Team #1! They have won a trip to Namibia. Todd & Ashlie are Team #2. While they are still on the mat, Rob & Corey join them as Team #3.

Joel & Garrett are the fourth team to get their clue from Neboti?nik Skyscraper. They also greet Phil at the Pit Stop as Team #4. Robbin & Chelsea arrive at the skyscraper next, and they are followed by Steve & Anna Leigh. This means Morgan & Lena have fallen behind to last place. Steve & Anna Leigh see Morgan & Lena as they board the elevator back down.


Robbin & Chelsea greet Phil as Team #5. Steve & Anna Leigh and Morgan & Lena ask locals for directions to Dragon Bridge. They’re scrambling as they know this will determine which team will be eliminated. Steve & Anna Leigh arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #6. They get emotional as they expected to be eliminated. They leave the Pit Stop mat as Morgan & Lena arrive at the Pit Stop. Phil gives them the bad news. Morgan & Lena have been eliminated from the race.

Leg Summary

1st place: Greg & John

2nd place: Todd & Ashlie

3rd place: Rob & Corey

4th place: Joel & Garrett

5th place: Robbin & Chelsea

6th place: Steve & Anna Leigh

Eliminated: Morgan & Lena

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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