The Amazing Race 34 Spoilers: Route Info and Elimination Order

Top Row L-R: Aubrey Ares & David Hernandez, Quinton Peron & Mattie Lynch, Marcus Craig & Michael Craig, Rex Ryan & Tim Mann, Abby Garrett & Will Freeman. Center Row L-R: Luis Colon & Michelle Burgos, Rich Kuo & Dom Jones, Derek Xiao & Claire Rehfuss, Glenda Roberts & Lumumba Roberts. Bottom Row L-R Aastha Lal & Nina Duong, Linton Atkinson & Sharik Atkinson, Emily Bushnell & Molly Sinert from the CBS series THE AMAZING RACE, Season 34. — Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS 

The Amazing Race premieres tomorrow, but spoilers have already been leaked online. Read on if you want to know where the teams placed and traveled to this season, including which teams made it to the Final 3.

The Amazing Race 34 premiere is tomorrow night, and I’ll be back to recap the season. However, the entire season has already been spoiled online. Before I post the spoilers, I must clarify that I did not attain these spoilers myself. The race took place earlier this year, and several fans used live sightings on social media to track the contestants throughout the competition. The spoilers were spread throughout the internet, and I’ll be sharing them here as well. So to reiterate, I do not take credit for discovering these spoilers and cannot verify myself if all of this information is true. This is simply what other fans around the web have agreed to be accurate.

Route Info

Leg 1: Munich, Germany

Leg 2: Innsbruck, Austria

Leg 3: Bologna, Italy

Leg 4: Florence, Italy

Leg 5: Petra, Jordan

Leg 6: Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Leg 7: Dordogne, France

Leg 8: Toulouse, France

Leg 9: Malaga, Spain

Leg 10: Ronda, Spain

Leg 11: Reykjavík, Iceland

Final Leg: Nashville, TN, United States


Elimination Order

12th: Aastha & Nina (Engaged)

11th: Tim & Rex (Golf Buddies)

10th: Rich & Dom (Motivational Speakers)

9th: Abby & Will (Childhood Sweethearts)

8th: Glenda & Lumumba (Newlyweds) or Quinton & Mattie (Former NFL Cheerleaders)

7th: Glenda & Lumumba (Newlyweds) or Quinton & Mattie (Former NFL Cheerleaders)

6th: Linton & Sharik (Father/Daughter)

5th: Marcus & Michael (Military Brothers)

4th: Aubrey & David (Ballroom Dancers)

Final 3

Derek & Claire (Big Brother Couple)

Emily & Molly (Long-Lost Twins)

Luis & Michelle (Married)

The winners cannot be confirmed, but sightings report that Derek & Claire were ahead of the other two teams throughout the final leg. So, it’s possible that Derek & Claire won the race. If Derek & Claire did win the race, then they will be the second Big Brother team to win after Cody & Jessica won The Amazing Race 30.

Of course, the only way to find out if these spoilers are true is to watch the episodes. Tune in tomorrow night for the premiere of The Amazing Race 34, and read a live recap of the show here.

ETA: There was a mistake in the spoilers. Linton & Sharik were eliminated in ninth place on the Oct. 19th episode.

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